The Complete Snugpak Travelpak 2 Sleeping Bag Review

Complete Snugpak Travelpak 2 Sleeping Bag
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Why do you need the Snugpak travelpak 2 sleeping bag?

We all love our beds for sure, but as we can’t take them with us on our trips, sleeping bags were invented. Likewise, as not everyone wants to be lugging a bulky sleeping bag on their back while on a hike, the people at Snugpak, created the travelpak 2.


The Snugpak travelpak 2 sleeping bag is everything you want your sleeping bag to be – warm, light and compact. It is great for travellers like you who like a great adventure but without the hassle of carrying a heavy sleeping bag in your backpack. In our review below we’ll tell you more about this little piece of heaven that you can take with you on your trips. Read on!

Are the Snugpak travelpak 2 dimensions really travel size?

The Snugpak travelpak 2 dimensions are 220 x 75 x 38 cm. These dimensions prove to be comfortable enough even though it is a mummy style sleeping bag. So now you don’t have to compromise on warmth just because you hate confining mummy style sleeping bags.


It is great for backpackers and hikers as it weighs a mere 1kg in weight. This is made possible by the use of lightweight polyester fabric and fill. The fill is also highly compressible and packs down into a small 19 x 19 cm for easy storage. It’s so compact that you can even simply stow it over your backpack. For its size and weight, the rating out of 5 is 4.3.


What is great and not about the Snugpak travelpak 2?

  • RoomyDespite the mummy style of the sleeping bag it is not confining and there is enough room to sleep comfortably.
  • No germs or odorUnique antimicrobial treatment on the outer shell and the lining fabric keeps germs and bad odor away
  • Value for moneyThe sleeping bag is great value for your money as it is not just warm but has additional features like a mosquito net and antimicrobial fabric
  • Easy to stuffAs the insulating fill is highly compressible, taking the bag out and stuffing it back the compression sack is a breeze
  • Easy to washThe sleeping bag is easy to care for as it is easy to wash,


  • WeightDespite being light, it may not be as light as some backpackers who count every ounce, would want it to be
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How good are the Snugpak travelpak 2 sleeping bag features?

  • Here is a quick snapshot of the Snugpak travelpak 2 sleeping bag features


    • Outer shell made of Hex ripstop 100% polyester
    • The inner lining is made of 100% polyester
    • Travelsoft insulation uses high loft fine fibres that are light and compressible
    • Antimicrobial paratex treatment on the outer shell and the inner lining to control germs and odor
    • A built-in mosquito net with a two zipper that is also fully detachable
    • A dedicated zippered pocket for storing the mosquito net when not required
    • Comes with a compression sack for easy and compact storage while on the go



How comfortable are travelpak 2 sleeping bags?

This 2 season sleeping bag will keep you nice and warm on a cold night with a comfort temperature of 2 degrees centigrade and an extreme temperature of -3 degrees. While you are travelling, washing your sleeping bag can be very difficult. But don’t you worry as the travelpak 2 sleeping bags come with a special Paratex treatment on the shell and lining to keeps germs and bad odor away.


Keep away insects and bothersome mosquitoes away too with the in-built mosquito net that can be fully zipped for a complete seal. Zip and shoulder baffles lock the body heat in and also prevent chilly drafts. If that wasn’t enough, the hood also comes with a drawcord to prevent heat loss around the head. The high loft fine fill gives you all the cushy comfort you need while sleeping. The rating for comfort on a scale of 5 is 4.3.

Is the travelpak 2 strong enough?

The travelpak 2 can take quite some abuse as the outer shell is made of durable Hex ripstop polyester. The ripstop fabric will prevent any accidental tears from spreading to the rest of the sleeping bag. Like the outer shell, the inner lining too is made of 100% polyester but is much softer yet durable.


Don’t fumble with regular two zipper pulls as the travelpak 2 comes with a two way zipper pull that will let you open it from both sides. The rating based on the quality and durability of the travelpak 2 is 4 out of 5.

What is the rating on other travelpak 2 customer reviews UK?

Most customers who have used the sleeping bag love it for its lightweight and the extra features like the mosquito net and antibacterial treatment. It does really work to control odor especially when travelling in tropical weather.


Other travelpak 2 customer reviews UK are positive as this sleeping bag is great value for your money and is really warm. The travelpak 2 gets a star rating of 4.1 stars out of a possible 5 on Amazon.

Brilliant sleeping bag, lightweight and easy to stuff into the compression sack. A mummy shaped bag with plenty of room to move in, very very happy with this purchase. Just thought I’d add a bit more to my review. I bought this bag for my son to do his D of E, I spent ages looking for a combination of weight and warmth – thinking about how much he would have to carry. Some sleeping bags look great and have fantastic reviews but are just too heavy, I bought a Mountain Warehouse one for my daughter for her D of E but found it was 1.8kg and she struggled to carry and keep warm in it! My son is just back from his practice and he said this Snugpak was brilliant, just over 1kg with room to move in and warm enough for May (up North), he did wear thermal night clothes so found the combination of this bag and warm sleepwear perfect. It seemed to take so long searching for a sleeping bag that was just right and when I ordered this I must admit I was uncertain I made the right choice….thankfully I did. I realise that warm to one person is a different warm to another and depends on where you use the bag so just to balance this review I would say if used in the winter months you would need a fleece/thermal bag liner.
S Moore
Snugpak travelpak 2

Love our Snugpak travelpak 2 review?

We have put together everything you need to know about this sleeping bag in this Snugpak travelpak 2 review. It is a great sleeping bag to enjoy a warm night’s sleep while you are travelling. In addition to being lightweight and compact it is also low on maintenance with its antimicrobial treatment. And its low price point simply makes it too good a deal to miss. It’s no wonder why many love it.

We hope this review will let you decide if the travelpak 2 is the right sleeping bag for you. With so many great things going for it, the travelpak 2 might just make it to your shopping cart soon.

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