Vango mirage 300

Some tents are made with everything that you will need while camping. And then there are those like the Vango Mirage 300 tent that are built for a hassle-free camping experience. The Mirage 300 has been built with a free-standing design that will not fail you even in extreme terrains where pitching can be a problem. It combines functional design, style and performance into one great tent to make your expeditions more memorable. Read on as we tease out the features of this tent in our review below.

The Vango mirage 300 UK for the year-round camper

When you go camping, it is not always possible to find a perfect green patch to pitch your tent. Your adventure might take you to hilly terrains where it can be quite a challenge to pitch. That is why the Vango mirage 300 UK is just what you need when you are going trekking. Due to its free-standing ability you can pitch even on rocky surfaces. The tent has been designed to use its own weight to balance itself.  This tent is great for those who go on wild camps and multi-day treks.

Pitch on hills with the Vango mirage 300 tent with footprint

If a lot of your expeditions involve trekking and pitching on hilly surfaces, then you need a tent that has a good groundsheet. The Vango mirage 300 tent with footprint protects the groundsheet from sharp objects like stones and thorns. The groundsheet also covers the front porch to help you store some items like boots or other damp gear that needs airing.

It has all the hallmarks of a durable and quality groundsheet. It is made with quality 70 denier polyester and has a high hydrostatic head of 6000mm which makes it extremely waterproof.

What are the Vango mirage 300 dimensions?

The Vango mirage 300 dimensions are 47 x 79 x 142 inches and despite its size it has a lot of space inside. It packs down really small and has a packed size of 51 x 17 cm making it very easy to carry while trekking. What’s even better, it is super lightweight at 3.7 kg making it very backpack friendly. Your friends will wonder how you had such a big tent hidden in your backpack.

The good and bad about the Vango mirage 300 tent:

  • An extremely waterproof tent with a 5000mm flysheet, a 6000mm groundsheet and taped seams
  • A unique semi-geodesic design makes the tent self-supporting without the need for hammering in pegs on the ground
  • It is very easy to pitch this tent as the inner and flysheet pitch together
  • A unique gothic arc-pole structure quickly lets rain water and snow run-off from the flysheet
  • Taped seams quality– The seams that keep the flysheet and groundsheet water-tight tend to come off after many uses.
Vango mirage 300

Vango mirage 300 pitching details

The Vango mirage 300 pitching uses the all-in-one pitching method to keep the inner dry at all times. Vango’s TBS II (Tension Band System) makes it easy to keep the tent stay in place, by bracing the poles and prevents sideways movement.

Reflective pegging points and orange reflective guy lines make it easy to pitch even after sunset. You can pitch the whole tent in about 12 minutes and it takes much lesser time to unpitch. The footprint makes packing easier as it protects the groundsheet and you won’t need to air out the tent.

Vango mirage 300 tent 3-person capacity

Inside the Vango mirage 300 tent 3-person can comfortably sleep and cozy-up all night. The self-supporting structure will ensure that your tent stays put even in extreme windy situations. The poles have a unique gothic-arch design that helps in quick run-off of rainwater and snow. The tent has been weather tested and complies with the European standard EN5912.

The flysheet is made of Protex 70D polyester with a waterproof capacity of 5000 mm to protect you from rain. The groundsheet has a higher waterproof capacity of 6000 mm to prevent any water seeping in from the ground. To completely water-seal the tent, both the flysheet and the groundsheet are factory-taped at the seams.

The rain stop flysheet doors will prevent water from dropping into the inner when you open the door.  The part-mesh inner door and the flysheet door vents keep the tent well-ventilated while the breathable polyester inner prevents condensation.

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Vango mirage 300 etc lightweight backpacking tent

When you go hiking it is important to keep the weight of your gear to a minimum. But this does not mean it compromises on the quality. The Vango mirage 300 etc lightweight backpacking tent is made of durable fabric such as Protex 70D polyester. The poles are made of Powerlite 7001 – T6 alloy which is lightweight yet durable. The Mirage 300 offers a sturdy and quality product in a light-weight construction for serious trekkers.

Vango mirage 300 UK customer reviews

The Vango mirage 300 UK customer reviews are positive and customers highly recommend this 3 person lightweight tent to other backpackers. The fact that is self-stands and is easy to put up makes it a popular choice amidst trekkers who camp in hilly terrains. Despite its lightweight construction it stays stable, is very durable and is extremely waterproof.

It comes with a porch area that is also weather-resistant with its own groundsheet and flysheet. So you get extra covered storage for your items like boots and other camping gear.The flysheet can also be rolled for an open porch area if you want to enjoy the view outside without getting wet.

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Vango mirage 300 tent

Final words on Vango mirage 300 tent review

When you are in the great outdoors, it is important to have a quality tent to protect yourself from the elements. Backpacking does not allow you to carry a huge tent but the Vango Mirage 300 has been specifically designed for backpacking and trekking. It is super lightweight yet sturdy and keeps you dry even when it is pouring or snowing.

We hope that our Vango mirage 300 tent review has helped you get a good idea of the tent’s capabilities. While big tents may be great for families, the Mirage 300 is perfect for the all-year-round camper who needs a quick, light and compact tent that works well in harsh weather and rough terrains. As it has also been designed to be sturdy and durable it will last you through many adventures and give you complete peace of mind at the same time.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying Vango mirage 300 tent …