Dishes For Best Memories, Served In Best Camping Plates

Pack a few camping dishes!

While you pack for your camping trip, there’s a chance that you might forget to pack essentials – crockery and cutlery. While some campers believe in foraging, it’s just convenient to have everything handy if you are planning a long trip.

Cooking, serving and eating is a joyful experience during camping despite age differences. In order to enjoy every morsel, you need to have adequate camping dishes that can make it a pleasant experience.

Camping dishes are special in their own way to meet the demands of transportation, rough handling, etc. In short, you need light, compact, durable, high performing dishes that will not burden you on your way to fun.

A Brief Account On Different Types Of Camping Dishes

Camping dishes are of various types. Ideal dish group consists of adequate quantities of bowls, plates, storage containers, insulated mugs and other small utensils that fill your needs. It is a great way to reduce luggage if you can take multi-purpose dishes that double up for food storage as well. We are discussing in few type of camping plates based on what material they are made of.

Take a few Enamel Plates Camping the next time

This is a classic dish which comes with different options within itself. You could avail different sizes, colors, high/low edges, etc. Choose something that will help you eat without dropping or even can support if you end up eating on your lap. Enamel plate camping is a wonderful option for classy campers for its traditional look and performance.

Perhaps Plastic Camping Plates are more  your style

When it comes to plastic, the major advantage is that they are lightweight and literally unbreakable.  Just ensure that you buy BPA-free ones that are dishwasher and microwave safe. Plastic camping plates are great alternatives to other types and offer flexibility.

Give Metal Camping Plates a shot

There are choices in metal camping plates such as aluminum or stainless steel. Hard anodized aluminum are highly versatile, light, good heat conductor and great for cooking and serving. It has the capability to retain heat for a longer time. If you choose stainless steel, there is nothing that can challenge its durability and ease of use. It is light, easy to clean, tough, scratch resistant and affordable.

Modern and elegant Titanium Camping Plates are a must have

If you need that extra strong, light, high performing dishes, titanium camping plates are a great choice. They are stronger than aluminum, are resistant to corrosion, durable and transfer heat efficiently.

Are Camping Dinnerware Sets Ideal For You?

Dinnerware sets are a collection of plates, half plates, bowls, cups and everything that you need in your table for an easy meal. They could even double up as heating accessories or even basic cooking accessories. While you are in the go, they are ideal because of their versatility, portability and functionality.

While you choose your camping dinnerware sets, checkout what and how many you need to keep things going. Make a checklist based on requirements and do your shopping accordingly. Keep you list minimal for backpacking and go for versatile dishes for easy transportation.


  • It includes all necessary items required for a hassle-free dinner time.
  • They are highly versatile and flexible.
  • They are space-saving and easy to use.


  • There might be things that you may not require, but end up carrying.

A Brief Review On The Best Camping Plates, UK

Why Metal Camping Plates Are Ideal?

Highlander Picnic Set Camping

If you need a consistent, easy-to-use, cheap camping set, Highlander Picnic Set Camping that comes for around £9 is a wonderful option. They are available in blue, olive green colors and are appealing as well as practical. The set comes with four each of mugs, knives, spoons, forks, small plates and large plates.

The plates are big enough to hold an average person’s food requirements and is ideal even if you place it on your lap and enjoy. This makes a great camping accessory with its light weight of just around 550 grams and compact, stackable feature.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Consistent and reasonably big
  • Lightweight, compact and two color design options.


  • The quality is just enough for the price tagged for.

Customers Verdict

Highlander metal camping plates are blue, convenient and user-friendly option for an ideal camping experience. The money you pay is well worth the functionally the set provides. It is overall, a great buy if you are not looking for a high-end camping set.

The best Camping Crockery Is right here?

Melamine Zen 16 Piece Caravan Dinner Set

The Melamine Zen 16 piece Caravan Dinner Set comes as a set of four each of dinner plates, side plates, bowls and mugs. It is made with due consideration to quality and durability. The set is best for those who look for a well-designed square plate that has looks and size that fits any camping. The plates are lightweight which makes it apt for backpacking.

With a weight of around 2.5 kg and tagged around £31, this camping crockery set is a good purchase for campers or even home users for a good looking and hassle free dinner time. Moreover, these square plates are resistant to wear, safe in dishwasher and has as beautiful design over white for creating an impression.


  • Wear resistant, dishwasher safe, well designed set
  • Lightweight for transporting


  • Not scratch proof
  • Thin construction

Customers Verdict

Melamine Zen camping crockery set is a durable, light, beautiful piece of crockery that fits the bills and gives ideal performance. It is a great buy for any camper who want to dine home-style.

Why Camping Plates And Bowls Are Ideal?

OLPro Berrow Hill Melamine Dinner Set

When you want to add some color to your camping dining table, you should go for the OL Pro Berrow Hill Melamine Dinner Set. They don’t just fit campers, but also is a great set for home use. The set is designed well for practical, easy use with high quality. It offers the comfort of using minimal space, is efficient and is 100% melamine.

The set comes with two each of bowls, mugs, plates and quarter plates. Priced around £17 in Amazon after a big discount, this set will make a great option for couples who love outdoors. The product is safe to be used on dishwasher and weighs around 1.3 kg.


  • Colorful and beautiful design
  • Reasonable pricing for quality construction
  • Totally melamine set.


  • Not ideal if you need high quality product
  • Bit heavy.

Customers Verdict

OL Pro camping plates and bowls are purely melamine set that could serve two people easily. The design is also quite appreciative with the addition of colors to enliven the dining table. They are of reasonable quality and makes a good choice for camping due to its lightweight and compact nature.

Get Camping Tableware To complete your set

Lixada Portable Outdoor Tableware Camping Cookware Set 2-3 People Multifunctional Cauldron Pot Frying Pan Spoons

While you are looking for cooking utensils that serve camping purpose, Lixada Portable outdoor Tableware Camping Cookware Set is worth considering. The set consists of four pieces- a cauldron, pot, large frying pan and small frying pan. Also, it comes with two spoons and three plastic bowls for making cooking and serving outdoors easier.

The set is made of hard aluminum oxide which can with stand high temperature cooking and abrasions. They have foldable handles, are flexible and easy-to-use. Storing and carrying is further easier with the provision of a cloth bag which makes this set a great cookware for outdoor purposes. Weighing merely around 835 grams, they do not add much bulk to your backpack as well. This set is priced around £10 in Amazon with a free delivery.


  • Well designed, practical set of cookware
  • Comes with spoons and bowls for serving
  • Carry bag for easy transportation.


  • Food might stick to bottom
  • Silicon handles could catch fire.

Customers Verdict

Lixada camping tableware is a reasonably good cookware set that is designed well. It is ideal as a travelling cookware with its light, compact, stacking design. For the price, it is a good purchase.

Choose Camping Plates And Cups to match

Choice of Blue or Green 26 Piece Plastic Picnic / BBQ / Festival / Camping / Party Set Including Plates, Bowls

If you have a party planned for the camping endeavor, you should never run out of cutleries. That’s why you need Choice of blue or green camping 26 piece plastic picnic/BBQ/Festival/Camping/Party Set including plates, bowls is best choice for camping. This 26 piece plastic set is good enough for camping as well as BBQ parties, festivals, etc.

The set consists of four each of plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons, mugs and one each of salt and pepper shakers. Being a set made with planning for those on the go. It is best choice for those looking for everything at a cheaper price. This set of camping plates and cups is priced around £15 in Amazon.

The product is very light, can be packed easily into compact sets, has reasonably good quality construction, durable plastic material for harsh handling, easy to clean and is reusable. With the choice of two colors, they are quite appealing to eyes and are very practically designed.


  • Reasonably good quality construction and sturdy
  • Sensibly priced
  • Durable, good looking, good finish and practical.


  • Plates are comparatively smaller than usual serving plates

Customers Verdict

Choice of blue or green camping plates and cups makes camping much easier with everything you need over your dining table. It is light, durable, aptly designed and colorful addition to any camping trip for an average family.

Add some glam with a Camping Crockery Set

Outdoor LunchKitTM Camping Crockery 6-Piece Set

If you are keen to eat civilized while you are on your wheels or camps, Outdoor Lunchkit Camping Crockery 6-piece Set is worth considering. The set consists of six pieces consisting of a main container bottom that can be used as a plate or bowl, main container top that can serve as a plate, two SnapBox containers that are waterproof (one oval and one triangular), one scratch free spork and one rubber harness.

The container will accommodate all the contents and is perfect set for taking food during picnics, camps or any outings. Priced around £22, this set is resonantly big, sturdy, BOA free, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and weighs around 9.9 ounces.


  • Good Quality, reasonably big set
  • Greatly versatile containers that doubles up as plates and bowls
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to pack.


  • It is not ideal for over two people.

Customers Verdict

The LunchKit camping crockery set makes a good investment for those who love eating outdoors. Whether it be camping, festivals or any other activity, the containers hold adequate food that can keep you going. The best part is the versatility of the containers that can double up as bowls and plates. Space saving, compact, light and reasonably priced set for travelers.

Use a Camping Dinnerware Set for a big camping group

PowerLead Ptab B001 Outdoor Travel Camping Stainless Steel Couples Tableware Kit Bowl Chopsticks Spoon Set

Whether you need spoons or chopsticks, you get your soup served in stainless style with PowerLead Ptab B001 Outdoor Travel Camping Stainless Steel Couples Tableware Kit Bowl Chopsticks Spoon Set. The set consists of two each of detachable chopsticks, spoons and two different sized bowls that are ideal for travelling couple. The product is made out of practical design and has sweetheart-shaped, waterproof, zippered carry bag for easy transportation.

The product is made of high-quality material and is backed by 12months warranty by manufacturers. The product meets all criteria of camping accessories being light, compact, true to purpose and affordable. The whole set comes for around £20 from Amazon.


  • Stainless steel, durable construction
  • Not at all bulky and is easy to transport with the bag
  • Practical design.


  • Overpriced
  • Lacks the option for forks

Customers Verdict

This camping dinnerware set is ideal choice for small-scale eaters who can use bowls and chopsticks. If you are fork-person, you have to get your own. Otherwise, a good product that may be overpriced, but is a great choice if you want a healthier option over plastics.

Camping Plates, UK: A Final Note

Whether you are looking for dinner sets made of plastic, melamine or metal, there is an option for each of your likes. Before you decide on camping plates, UK, analyze your requirements with regard to size, weight, price, space requirements, number of members, ease of use, cleaning and environment friendliness. Once you are clear, choose your material, design, style and go ahead packing.


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