Enjoy Exotic Coffee Experience Over The Best Camping Mug

Is a camping coffee mug really needed?

Enjoying the perfect cup of coffee or your favorite hot beverage is a great fun and exciting activity during camping. But keeping that cup of your exotic hot beverage till the last drop is a mundane task especially when you are outdoors. A normal coffee mug may not suffice while you are dealing with rough outdoors. Harsh weather and other surroundings may affect the way you enjoy the exotic beverage.

That’s why you need a camping coffee mug which will not leave you with a burnt finger or make you wash out the cold coffee into drains. These mugs come handy for any type of drinks, especially those campfire brewed hot ones.

What Are The Different Types Of Camping Mugs?

There are various types of camping coffee mugs. The choice is vibrant and varied in terms of mere looks, color, feel, capacity, insulation material, make, etc. When you are looking for the best camping mug, you should know what is out there to begin your search with. Camping coffee mugs comes in different materials such as:

Try out the old-fashioned Enamel Camping Mugs

When you need a lightweight, convenient, packable and durable coffee mug to travel along with you, enamel camping mugs are a great choice. These mugs are made of enamel and fits any common camper’s pockets. Though their thermal capacity is as normal as a general coffee mug, they are travel-friendly and can handle almost any backpacker hassles.

A new age Metal Camping Mug might be a good idea

Metal has the innate capability of being sturdy and durable than most of the materials. While it comes to travelling and rough handling, they can be the best bet, especially with hyper kids around. Metal camping mug can be made of stainless steel or titanium.

Modern and classy, a Stainless Steel Camping Mug is perfect

A stainless steel camping mug looks and feels great on hands. They are good insulators and you could enjoy your cup of coffee with a bit of laziness. Steel is heavier compared to titanium, but not so much as not to be considered. Moreover, it is cheaper than other options and withstands almost all tortures of travel.

Sturdy and durable, a Titanium Camping Mug is what you need!

A Titanimum camping mug is highly recommended if you are looking for a very strong, yet light, backpack-friendly coffee mug. Titanium is something that can survive the roughest terrain. Also, you will not end up burnt if you use one of these sturdy little mugs, no matter what the beverage temperature is. By looks, they may not be so colorful, but quite a bit of functionality can be expected.

Everything you need to know about a camp mug

A camp mug is an essential for those campers who need their daily dose of caffeine irrespective of which neck of the woods they are in.. While  there are all kinds of mugs available in all kinds of finishes, a camping mug has its own pros and cons, let’s have a look:


  • They are reusable.
  • Most of them are cheap.
  • They are durable and quite sturdy for rough handling.
  • There is a great variety to choose from.
  • They can be used for other drinks as well.
  • They are light and compact, some even being collapsible for easy storage.


  • Unlike plastic mugs, they are not quite stackable.
  • If you need extremely lighter version such as titanium, you end up paying more.

General Review On The Best Camping Mugs in UK

Why Stainless Steel Mugs Camping Is Good?

Yellowstone 300Ml Stainless Steel Mug

If you are looking for light, stainless steel mugs camping, the Yellowstone 300ml Stainless Steel Mug is worth checking out. They have dual walled, stainless steel construction with a polished surface on the outside and inside. The mug is easy to clean with a simple scrubber and soap. They are a better option to have a hot drink on a cold day than ceramic mugs.

The mug is promised to hold 300 ml and has a handle for convenient handling. The walls are thin and are prone to dents on careless handling. Priced around £4.30 in Amazon, you could avail this added with shipping charges.


  • Light, stainless steel construction
  • Dual walled mug with good finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Does not hold 300 ml as promised
  • Prone to dents due to thin walked construction
  • Not quite durable.

Customers Verdict

With Yellowstone stainless steel mugs, camping coffee time can be fun and warm. These mugs are decent by its looks, feel, performance, construction and practicality.

Why Camping Mugs, Enamel Make Is Good?

Neusu 200 Litre Heavy Duty Strong Bedding Storage Bag (Large) With Handles – 200 LHighlander Deluxe Enamel Mug

When you need a traditional looking camping mugs, enamel make, Neusu 200 Liter Heavy Duty Strong Bedding Storage Bag (large) with handles- 200l Highlander Deluxe Enamel mugs are a great choice. They have attractive, glossy enamel finishand has metal drip-free rim. The whole structure is sturdy, easy to clean and use. The coating of enamel is robust if you handle it well. The mug holds a capacity of the mug us 300 ml.

The mug is reasonably light, hard wearing and fits any backpackers list. Priced around £5 in Amazon, these mugs are right choice for those looking for some shine in their coffee hours.


  • Traditional enamel coated mugs
  • Good finish with metal rim
  • Light, hard wearing and cheaper backpackers mug.


  • Careful handling is highly recommended.

Customers Verdict

Highlander camping mugs enamel coating is a cheap, yet efficient piece of coffee mug that fits backpackers due to its lightweight and sturdy features. It is a great product for the money.

Why Metal Mugs Camping Is Good?

Bushcraft BCB Crusader Cup Canteen

When you can get a coffee mug that can double up as a cooking pot, why not go for Bushcraft BCB Crusader Cup Canteen? With these metal mugs, Camping can be made a comfortable experience. The BCB metal cup canteens are available in black and white and has the capacity of 750 ml with high grade stainless steel construction. The black one is Teflon coated and has a comparatively shorter efficient life span than the other one.

The product weighs around 435 grams and is priced around £15 in Amazon. For back packer’s sake, the canteen model measures 13.7 x 10.2 x 10 cm and is ideal due to its dual functionality. Moreover, this product is manufactured to last a life time and has graduated measures marked in the side for easy filling.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Can double up as cooking pot
  • Highly durable, reasonably priced coffee mugs


  • It’s a bit heavier
  • Lid is sold separately

Customers Verdict

Bushcraft BCB metal mugs camping is a great purchase due to the fact that they are quite sturdy, durable and true to its functions. This us an ideal piece of camping equipment because it can make a pretty good coffee pot and a versatile cooking pot. For the price it is tagged for, this metal canteen is worth the buy.

Try an Insulated Camping Mug for your next camping trip

ThermoCafé Desk Mug, 450 ml

Whoever who need a splash of color and vibrancy in their coffee table would look for the ThermoCafe Desk Mug 450ml. This mug is basically a desk mug with 450 ml capacity, but can be made a great camping mug with its double wall construction to keep drinks warm, twist locking plastic lid, heavy base with slide resistant foam, double stainless steel interiors and seven metal-like finish colors.

The mug is available in Amazon with a discounted price of £6. With its dimensions of 12 x 13 x 9 cm and a pretty decent water holding capacity, this mug is a winner for camping ventures. This mug is easy to clean with its plastic exterior and has spill resistant lid to keep your drink safe within the lid which is easy to take off for a direct sip.


  • Wide choice of colors
  • Insulated camping mug with dual walls and skid free base for hot or cold drinks
  • Plastic, spill resistant lid.


  • The lid is not totally spill proof (remember, this is a desk mug)
  • Water gets logged between two layers which needs to be cleaned.

Customers Verdict

ThermoCafe insulated desk mug is an ideal choice for camping coffee time. You could collect all seven to have a rainbow party. The mug has pretty good insulation and is reasonably priced. With careful handling, this mug can go a long way with you on your outdoor ventures.

Stay organized with Stackable Camping Mugs

Collapsible Travel Cup – 100% Food-grade Silicone Mug for Camping and Hiking – by Not Just A Gadget

Campers who live to save space in their backpack and get a high quality, lightweight backpack-friendly mug and bowl set would definitely look for Collapsible Travel Cup -100% Food grade Silicone Mug for camping and hiking by Not Just A Gadget. It makes a perfect collapsible mug and bowl set with metal rim. While in the bowl mode, this can even be made a great pet bowl. The mug is quite stable and maintains its shape.

The product has a high quality, BPA free construction of food grade silicon, is dishwasher safe, resistant to heat from -68 to 230 degree Fahrenheit. The mug weighs only 2.5 oz. (small) and 3.5 oz. (large). The lid has a loop which makes it perfect hiking mug due to ease of hanging and also has concealed row for storing pills or extra sugar. The product is available at major online retailers are price of around £6.50 after discounts.


  • Collapsible, light, space saving design
  • Sturdy, durable, quality construction at a reasonable price
  • Ideally designed for travel purposes with lid, loop and temperature resistance.


  • Metal rim might harbor bacteria, if not given attention to.

Customers Verdict

These collapsible, stackable camping mugs are made with a lot of thought for frequent travelers. It is one of the best mugs which has a pill compartment, collapsible design, healthy silicone construction, heat resistance capacity and more at an affordable price.

Easy-to-use plastic camping mugs make an idea choice

Mountain Warehouse Camping Mug

When all other options are ruled out and you want to stick onto plastic for your outdoor expedition, there is no better choice than the reusable Mountain Warehouse camping mug. They are pretty sturdy for plastic mugs and comes at a much cheaper price of around £2. They are light, compact with a measure of 10.5 x 12 cm and weighs mere 62 grams. Coming in red and blue, they are perfect for outdoors and are easy to clean and resistant to breakage.


  • Fairly big, lightweight, compact, reasonably sturdy mug for the price
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Easy and ideal for backpacking


  • It might spill while drinking
  • Hot drinks will have a plastic stench that is ideal of drinking from plastic mugs.

Customers Verdict

Mountain Warehouse plastic camping mugs are a great bug for any seasoned camper. They are easy to use and has got enough capacity to quench the thirst of beverage lovers. The product is worth the money spent.

Pick melamine mugs camping the next time


CKS Melamine Mug Assorted Colors can be convenient, pleasant experience with the splash of assorted colors and a shining finish to the melamine outer cover. Weighing around 200 grams, these mugs are reasonably lighter for backpacking. They also hold a compact structure with dimensions of 11 x 8.6 x 8.4 cm.

For any outing purpose, these mugs are perfect and pretty additions with their color, finish, ease of use, cleaning and flexibility. They will be loved by children and adults alike with splash of colors including blue, green, red, orange, pink and grey. You could avail these from Amazon at price of around £6.50.


  • Fairly light and reasonably durable
  • Shiny outer cover is attractive
  • Easy to clean, fairly durable.


  • Careful handling suggested for avoiding spillage
  • No proper heat insulation

Customers Verdict

CKS melamine mugs camping can be a great way of enjoying a warm cup of coffee in the traditional, melamine way. These mugs looks and feels great with their choice of colors and makes a good collector’s item.

Final Word On Camping Mugs available in UK

Camping mugs are a necessity for any camping venture. A good cup of coffee in a cold evening or morning can be a great way to stay energized. You should be focusing on buying something that fits your wallet and suits your travel needs. Based on the weather or area you camp, choose to have normal or thermal camping mugs, UK. Knowing your activities, plan to get a spill-proof mug or a mug that can withstand falls or rough handling. Durability, versatility, transportability and convenience matters while you are on the go.


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