Best Tents in UK, before a Hiking choose it

When it comes to camping, getting a suitable tent for the participants is an essential thing. There are number of tent products in the market to select. When you select a tent, there are certain facts to be considered. Number of participants, the location and the weather condition are some of them. Gelert Atlantis is a very popular tent model among the campers This Gelert Atlantis 5 review is written with the intention of providing a better idea about it before purchasing.

Major parameters to choose your suitable tent

Being a prospective buyer, by making a market survey, you’re assured to come across a plethora of camping tents while choosing the right one for you becomes rather challenging and tricky. While searching for best tents uk please keep several points in mind and consider the parameters that can help you meet your personalized demand. Consider the following points to buy your tent wisely:

 The height of the average number of people

Number of members

Material used

Product Quality

Price rate

Apart from size and shape one must ensure about the fabric type, quality of poles and its kind, zipper quality of tents that eventually help find the higher quality tents. Make sure about the factors like tents seasonality, ventilation, sleeping capacity as well as the quality of accessories to get the best product.

The different shaped tents for uk sale and their uses

Tents are available in a number of shapes: the basic ridge shaped tent, dome tent, instant tents, semi-geodesic and geodesic ones, inflatable tents, tunnel tents, khyam system, huge family tents, tepee, frame tents, folding campers and trailer tents, pod living and  many more. The tents for uk sale are used primarily for camping trips. Groups as well as individuals use these tents for spending the night and keeping bags and clothes. They are also used for commercial purposes like as well as organizing ceremonies which require a lot of space like weddings. The sizes vary according to the space necessary for hosting the event.

Ridge tents are the oldest ones used for camping

The ridge shaped tents were the earliest ones to be constructed. These are very simple in structure with a cross pole for holding the roof and a pole on each end to give the tent its shape. They are easy to erect and make excellent shelters for camping. If the structure is used simply for the purpose of sleeping then there are no disadvantages but if during a family stay people are unable to walk inside the tent then it can be pretty boring. A basic ridge tent can be made using waterproof material so that if stored properly they can last for a long time.

Go for the popular dome tents for sale

The dome shaped tents for sale are one of the most popular ones being used today. As the name suggests the structure is dome shaped. Flexible poles are bent to form the shape which gives quite a height unlike other kinds of tents. These are great for camping alone. The structure can be made stronger by adding more poles to it. Various kinds of pop-up tents are available which can be erected within minutes and folded away just as easily. Many manufacturers add two domes together to create a large dome which can be used for the stay of an entire family.

What to know while picking Geodestic and Semi Geodestic tents for sale

Geodesic and semi geodesic designs are entirely based on mathematical rules. The design is such that the poles crisscross each other at multiple points and form triangles. The logic behind such design is that it divides the stress laid on the surface. This makes the geodesic designs most suitable for harsh weather conditions where the stress and strain on the surface is the maximum. Normally these can stand very strong wind and snow. Semi-geodesic serves the same purpose but the amount of strain that it can take is slightly lesser. While picking up tents for sale remember that these are the strongest designs available.

Instant tents make the best tents for camping

Instant tents require only a few minutes to be set up and are considered the best tents for camping. They are built using a sprung frame that is fitted inside the tent’s fabric. It can be opened anywhere instantly. Some have to be simply thrown into the air for the springs to take their position and you have your tent ready. While packing just twist it into a frame. The modern instant tents are made of durable and waterproof fabric which can be used in any weather. The designs have also improved tremendously and up to five people can be accommodated in a single tent.       

Check out easily inflatable camping tents for sale

Air tents or inflatable tents are some of the ones in high demand among campers. These camping tents for sale can save you lot of trouble because you don’t have to carry any gear for erecting them. Air tents use inflatable beams which can be filled with air using pumps. These keep the tent straight and provide a lot of room for the campers to move around inside the tent. It is more like a room with facilities of an extra door for more ventilation. The designs are user-friendly and have ample number of pockets to store smaller items.       

Bank on tunnel tents for a family camping

Tunnel tents are among the best type of family tents because they offer a lot of space both for moving around as well as headroom. So by using flexible poles to bind the tent in semi-circles and make it elongated the tunnel shape is created. Some of the tunnels are again constructed with the help of rigid poles to create the necessary shape. These best tents 2015 are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are one of most bought types. Ideally, a tunnel tent should not be erected against the wind because it can deteriorate its strength and make it unstable.

Sleep in pod tents uk for more space and comfort

Pod style tents are among the newest inventions and well-suited for people travelling in groups. As the name suggests these tents uk have a main living area and three or four pod-like sleeping areas where the other members or children can sleep. The tents require a larger space to be erected but are extremely necessary for living comfortably while you are camping or travelling. Some of pod style tents allow you to only use a few pods according to your convenience and leave the rest at home. This makes your luggage lighter and allows you to travel in perfect style.

Bank on tunnel tents for a family camping

Tunnel tents are among the best type of family tents because they offer a lot of space both for moving around as well as headroom. So by using flexible poles to bind the tent in semi-circles and make it elongated the tunnel shape is created. Some of the tunnels are again constructed with the help of rigid poles to create the necessary shape. These best tents 2015 are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are one of most bought types. Ideally, a tunnel tent should not be erected against the wind because it can deteriorate its strength and make it unstable.

Pick the best tents 2015 for a family camping trip

Tent designs have undergone an oceanic change with more and more people opting to travel with their families. Smaller tents are being developed in to large family tents to accommodate more people comfortable. But simply enlarging them in size may not always make it convenient because some shapes are better in smaller sizes. Therefore some of the best tents 2015 are the large family tents that combine different tent styles to make the perfect one. It helps in maintaining balance and stability even if the wind gets the tent before it has been pegged properly. It’s great to sleep in a tunnel and dine in the dome.

Traditionally shaped camping tents with cooking advantage in Teepee

When it comes to the ease of tents installation, undeniably erecting Teepee tents is extremely easy and they offer a host of benefits including being able to cook inside the tent. The space inside a teepee is huge and the headroom above is an additional advantage. These camping tents can be erected on any surface with the option of adding or doing without the floor cover. Teepees are available in three different sizes according to the number of people sleeping inside it. The structure is made of steel poles with angled joints. It may take a little longer time to erect this sturdy structure.        

Trailer tents for camping are the most spacious

Trailer tents can be towed behind cars as well as bikes if you’ve permission for that. The product covers a vast range and you can get the most expensive as well as the most moderately priced ones. The high-end ones can be as expensive as cars. But nevertheless these are the ultimate in comfort. All trailer tents for camping come with proper beds which can be either pegged out, unfolded or simply made to stand on a grassy patch. You can even add an extra cabin for more space. Various kinds of awnings can be added to the trailer to increase the space.

Comparing fabrics for the best tent 

Nylon and polyester are widely used for constructing best tents uk because both the fabrics are highly durable and lightweight. But nylon has a tendency to get ripped, which is why a rip stop variety has become popularized. It also tends to sag once wet but then it dries easily. The low protection level from the ultra violet rays is a case of concern. This disadvantage is not found in the polyester fabric because it is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays and stays taught even after getting wet. Cheaper polyester however tends to become heavy which makes it difficult to carry around.

Nylon is ideal for making the best tents uk

Tents should be made of fabrics which offer durability and protection from rain, but are extremely light so that they can be carried with equal ease. Nylon is one of the most preferred materials because it is waterproof and sturdy. However, it is most important that the fabric be coated with polyurethane because it helps in sealing out water completely. The rip-stop variety of nylon is even more effective because it resists a rip which can ruin a tent. The best tents uk make use of nylon so that they are usable in any season. The lightweight tents can be erected and taken down quite easily.

Polyurethane tents for sales uk are cheaper and effective option

Polyurethane is a popular material used for waterproofing tent fabrics. It makes the tent more durable in wet and cold weather and is also extremely cheap. However, polyurethane coating on cheap quality tent material can get destroyed by hydrolysis which is known as chemical breakup. The waterproofing material gradually flakes off as the fabric become sticky. The best quality mountaineering tents for sales uk make use of polyurethane along with polyether which helps in preventing hydrolysis and makes the tents long lasting. Additionally, the seams of the polyurethane coated tents can be taped to make the tent more useful.

Polycotton makes the lightest tents for sale

Polycotton as the name suggests is a mix of polyester and cotton that has found much favor among tent builders and campers alike. The best part about polycotton is that it manages to retain lightness of the cotton fabric with uncompromised strength. The finished tent is extremely breathable and much less bulky because of the cotton part. It can be considered ideal if you are planning to camp in hot places or travel during the summer. However the tents for sale cannot be used untreated because that will not make the tent water resistant which is necessary for its being used in all seasons.

Lightweight best tents can be built with cuben fiber

Cuben fiber is the newest addition to the line of fabrics for the best tents. The positives about this fabric are that it is lightweight and practically waterproof. It compresses more rather than stretching and can be repaired using a duct tape. The cuben fiber was earlier part of the sailing industry but now after being tweaked a bit it has made its place as a tent fabric. The only drawback about this material is its durability. It tends to get thin with the stitching holes becoming longer. After a short while it starts showing signs of abrasion in hotspots.

What should you remember while selecting tents in uk?  

Tents are used for multiple purposes including camping and organizing events. The major factor that has to be kept in mind while selecting one is durability. A strong tent that has been weather proofed properly lasts for years. Size and shape of the tent are equally important because not many people can be squeezed into one meant for a single person. Then again tall people require tents with more headspace than anything else while for travelling lavishly trailers are a must. Weight of the tents uk are important because the average camper carries the tent with his rucksack so the lighter the better.

Details like weight and packing size are important for tent review

Tents that are light and get packed into smaller bags are top popular as per tent review. This is because they are ideal for carrying around. Campers always look for lightweight gear but now due to scientific research more options are available which can make the tents really light. Normally, solo tents weigh around three pounds while those for double ones are around five pounds. Ideally, the weight should be less than three pounds per person. The packing size can be reduced by dividing the tent into parts and sharing it with your team. This makes the load easier to carry and a lot manageable.        


Beat the bad weather with camping tents

Trekkers and campers need the best camping tents for safety, durability, and protection against bad weather. Most need one that can last through all the four seasons and more. Some things should be double-checked while buying a tent for resisting bad weather. It includes the tent fabric which should be ultraviolet resistant and water proof. The zipper system needs special attention because sleet, hail, and snow should not be allowed to get in. In a bad weather it is important that the tent be set up quickly and easily. So the joints and hinges should be user-friendly to avoid waste of time.

Setting up the best tent is easy if you buy a good product

Tents that are lightweight and easy to set up are much valued by campers. Most have smooth moving joints that make it easy to erect the best tent. You simply have to pick a spot and let the tent do its work. Popup tents are the most easy to erect because you simply have to throw it in the air. The inflated ones also need to be hooked with the pump for inflation. As the beams fill with air the tent gets erected on its own. Then again some have joints which need to be straightened without getting your fingers pinched to be erected.

When durability matters go for the best tent

Tents, at least good quality ones, don’t come cheap. So, it is normal for campers to look for products that are durable and would last for years and though all seasons. But durability is not equivalent to heavyweight. Trekkers want light weight best tent options which are easier to carry and occupy less space among the luggage. A wide variety of fabrics are available which have lightweight and waterproof quality as their unique selling point. These can be coated with still better weatherproofing materials so that they last for ages. The tent structure also needs to be made of lightweight yet strong material for maximum durability.

Study tent reviews to choose best adaptable tents


A quality tent is undeniably the most significant factor when you make a plan for outdoor trip. Always choose a good tent which is long lasting, lightweight and spacious depending upon the number of person likely to stay in it. Other major issues that you should ponder before buying the tent is are its portability and obviously weather adaptability. If you undergo hiking, it should be highly portable while for hiking lovers, it is the best choice study the tent reviews to find superior quality 4 seasonal tents which are more adaptable to any kind of weather condition.

Find your suitable tent from best tents 2015 uk

Campers prefer a lightweight, heavy duty, and waterproof tent that can be used for a long time. Even though the market for tents is flooded with best tents 2015 uk of various makes, different sizes, and shapes it makes sense to pick one that is suitable for all weather and all geographic conditions. The Geodesic and semi geodesic designs are best suited for the purpose because of their mathematical design which can combat harsh weather conditions. But if erecting easily is your priority then the instant tents or the khayam tents are the best option. While for your family, always think of opting a large family tent should be your choice.


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