Cheap Folding Camping Chairs Ensure Comfort At Low Cost


When you decide to go camping, you would be in a fix as to what to take along and what you should not. You might want to carry a number of things to ensure you have a comfortable and safe trip but when you go camping, you need to travel light. There are a number of things you might have to sacrifice but comfortable seating is not one of them if you can find the perfect foldable camping chair.

Some of the other things you definitely need to carry are:

  • Foldable water bottle
  • First aid kit
  • Ready to eat food and liquids in powdered form
  • Insect repellents
  • Matches and flashlights
  • Tents, tarps and sleeping bags

Cheap Light Weight Camping Chairs Are The Perfect Choice

When you go camping, there is no reason for you to suffer a bad seating and struggle to find the nice spot on the ground. You can enjoy nature while you are still comfortably seated on a chair. There are a number of cheap light weight camping chairs available in the market to ensure you get to sit comfortably while outdoors.

These chairs are light and easy to carry around, no matter where you are travelling. They can be folded and hence save a lot of space too. However, these chairs not the best ergonomically designed furniture if you have a back problem or want comfortable arm rests to relax. Though many chairs can take heavy weights, these chairs don’t have a sturdy bottom to take the weight of heavy adults. The design is in such a way that heavy weights can cause the chair to buckle out of position and close up.

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Get Yourself A Cheap Portable Camping Chair

When you own a cheap portable camping chair, you can not only use it for camping, but can use it as backyard furniture too. If your job involves you travelling around to places which are not well furnished or requires you to spend a lot of time outdoors, you can carry this chair along in the trunk of your car. All you have to do it, pull out the chair, open it in few swift motions and put it on the ground. They require no assembling and hence no tools are required. Now that is a huge relief!


  • Convenient and easily portable
  • No assembly required


  • May not be very comfortable
  • Not ergonomically designed for back aches

Buy Yourself The Best Cheap Camping Chair UK Has To Offer

Buy Camping Chairs Cheap And Compact


Waeco/Mobicool U32 12 volt and mains camping coolbox

When your chair can be folded, there is nothing more convenient when you are on the move. The Kingfisher Folding Camping Chair is designed with convenience in mind. It can be easily folded and can be used for camping, picnics or even fishing. When your chair can be easily folded and unfolded, your outdoor trips are more enjoyable and these chairs don’t occupy much space in the boot of your car. Now you can travel light without having to compromise on comfortable seating.



  • Lightweight
  • Easy to unfold and fold back
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • The seat will not be firm
  • Armrests are made of oxford material too, hence not as sturdy as a regular chair armrest


This foldable chair measures 46 cm x 46 cm x 80 cm when unfolded.


Customers Say

Though this chair is cheap and compact, it does not have very favourable reviews. Customers who bought this complained of the chair giving way within few minutes of sitting on it, despite the person not being overweight.

Are Folding Camping Chairs Cheap an ideal choice?

Folding camp chair with cup holder red green or blue

It is natural to assume a chair that is convenient to carry around would be priced on the higher side; however the Folding Camp Chair from Country Club is definitely not expensive. The price is low when compared to other chairs in this category and this chair has attractive features too. This chair has a cup holder so that easily store your drinks when you are outdoors and the chair comes in three different colours to suit your preference.



  • The chair can be easily folded ad does not have a big frame
  • It is light and ensures easy portability
  • Can hold up to 100 kg, thus suitable for more than average weighing people too


  • Though it can hold 100 kg, the chair doesn’t measure wide enough to comfortably seat a big person

Customers Say

This chair has fared poorly among its users. The customers were very unhappy with the quality as the chair didn’t last long. Also, the chair could not take the weight assured by the seller. The general opinion is, it is suitable for light weight people or children only.


Are Cheap Camping Moon Chairs A Good Option?

Candora™Portable Ultralight Folding Chair, with Carry Bag Heavy Duty 330lbs Capacity Foldable Seat for Picnic…

Moon chairs are those that come with a comfortable seat or you to sit down and snuggle in. they are curved and allows you to sit in various positions. Not only can you sit as you like, your back will be well supported too. These chairs are ergonomically designed to give your back and body a good support when seated.

The Candora™Portable Ultralight Folding Chair is one of its kind with its design and ability to take up to 330 lbs weight. It can be easily folded and stored away in your vehicle, thus making is a desired companion on your outdoor activities. Be it hiking, camping, fishing or jus a BBQ in your backyard, this chair ensures you are comfortable.


  • Well designed to support your back
  • Suitable for above average weighing adults
  • Broad and spacious


  • No armrest but can keep your arms inside the chair
  • Nothing unique when compared to other similar chairs in the market


This moon chair measures 22 x 24 x 26 inches when unfolded.  The storage pouch is only 13.7 x 5.1 x 3.5 inches and hence the folded chair would measure only that much

Customers Say

This chair has received a mixed review from its users. While some feel it is well designed and robust to take an adult’s weight, others have an opinion that it is not big enough and is kind of rickety. However, the chair does not have any negative review regarding the durability or comfort.

So, Should You Buy Cheap Camping Chairs UK Has To Offer?

The answer is a yes. You need a cheap and compact chair to carry on all your camping and other outdoor trips. However, ensure you check out the chair physically, before buying it. Camping chairs are meant to be small and compact so that they can be transported easily. So, it is always better to open up the chair, sit in it and see if it feels sturdy enough to take your weight and if you are comfortable in it. The above reviewed chairs are light on your pocket and give you a good variety to choose from, for your convenience.

Camping is meant to be adventurous and fun. No trip outdoors is complete without a holistic experience and you need to pack the right things to ensure your experience is memorable. A good chair can ensure you don’t return from your trip with a terrible back ache.