Who manufactures Gelert tent product range?

Gelert tents exist in the market since 1975 providing reliable and dependable service for travellers and camper. The origin of the gelert tents occurred in a small village called Beddgelert, which is nestled in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales. Gelert tents got its name from the Welsh legend of Gelert, the faithful hound of the medieval Welsh Prince Llywelyn the Great. From the day the company originated, they provide quality, value for money camping equipment and accessories to those who love camping and the outdoors. Their do have a core product range which include tents, sleeping bags and rucksacks.

Over the past years, Gelert has gained an excellent reputation providing superior quality gelert tents and other products. Proving their reputation and superb quality, Gelert has sold over 100 million products worldwide during the past 4 decades. They have achieved a large number of milestones during this period and in June 2013 the Gelert business was acquired by Sports Direct International Group. Then it became part of the retail giant’s extensive portfolio of internationally recognized sport, outdoor, fashion & lifestyle brands.

Gelert Tents Comparison Table

How to read price comparison  – £ = low price ( we compare similar tents ex: 2 person vs 2 person) , ££ = average price, £££ = high price, ££££ = super high price. For checking current price please click on image or name of product.

Weight (kg)
Dimensions (cm)
Packed size (cm)
Pitching time (m)
Customer rating(0-5)
Coleman cobra 2 table

Gelert Rocky 2





270 x 125 x 105
52x 13 x13







Gelert Eiger 2




2/ trekking

200 x 220 x 115
44 x 20 x 10







Gelert Quickpitch 2





220 x 120 x 90
70 x 70 x 2







Gelert Meteor 3





335 x 175 x 125
53 x 16 x 15







Gelert Atlantis 4





415 x 260 x 185
64 x 26 x 21







Gelert Ottawa 4





460 x 280 x 213
68 x 30 x 27







Gelert Quest 5





470 x 316 x 195
60 x 28 x 20






Coleman cobra 2 table

Gelert Atlantis 5





465 x 320 x 205
67 x 32 x 30







Gelert Horizon 6





680 x 240 x 220
75 x 35 x 30







Gelert Horizon 8





740 x 300 x 220
72 x 53 x 32






What is the specialty of Gelert tents 2015?

During their existence of pat 40 yeas gelert tents 2015 are proven to be one of the best tent products in the industry. The materials used to manufacture the gelert tents 2015 claimed to be in superb quality assuring maximum comfort for the user while featuring protection. Because of the strict supervision carried out through the manufacturing process all the gelert tents 2015 are excellent in make. Their recent integration with Sports Direct International group added more value to the original reputation of the products. These top quality products are capable of tolerating extreme weather conditions. Because of all these characteristics the durability of the products is guaranteed by millions of users across the globe. This is one of the main reasons for Gelert tents 2015 to establish a rock solid platform among the campers and travellers.

Why gelert camping tents should be the first preference?

When you are on camping, you have to be prepared to face any type of weather condition. This is why you need to be equipped with finest camping equipment. Gelert camping tents assure the best protection for campers during their stays at any weather condition thanks to the proven advanced bad weather resistance technology used with materials and during the manufacturing process. All the materials used to finish the gelert camping tents are tested to be resistant enough to withstand all the possible weather conditions. Therefore, if you need the perfect cover during your camping or adventure activities from conditions like heavy rains, storms, burning sunlight or heavy snow falls, gelert camping tents are the most dependable solution for you and your family.

Doing your next camping with gelert tents 2016

In terms of durability, gelert tents 2016 are way ahead than the competitors. The secret behind the long life span of the gelert tents 2016 even at extreme weather conditions is the carefully selected top quality materials. Adding more value to the quality of the materials, a special attention is given to the manufacturing process. During their history of 4 decades, gelert has taken all the measures to build its reputation for the durability. The guaranteed durability of the gelert tents 2016, is one of the main reasons for experienced campers and adventure enthusiasts to rely on them and recommend it to the others. Concerning the user ratings, the care taken during the manufacturing process and the quality of the materials used, gelert tents are the perfect choice.

Reasons for gelert tents uk and ireland to be popular

Gelert tents UK and Ireland are significantly popular. There are several possible reasons for this huge popularity. Gelert is originated in the United Kingdom, and therefore it has a reputation as a product of United Kingdom which is appreciated by the citizens of Ireland and UK. Also, the superior quality of the gelert tents UK and Ireland is considered as a huge plus fact in becoming popular. Last but not least, their ability to be resistant during the extreme weather conditions like rain and snow is another fact to gain this huge popularity.

Are gelert tent spares available in UK and Ireland?

Time to time, despite of the durability of the tents product, you may need to buy gelert tent spares due to various reasons like expansion, repair or upgrading. In this case, you might be wondering if gelert tent spares are available in UK and Ireland. There is nothing to worry. The gelert tent spares are available whenever you need them. You can either order them online or by visiting a store. However, it is recommended to have an additional gelert tent spare set all the time as that will be highly useful in case of an emergency until you buy a new one.

Are gelert tents good as they claim?

Seriously, are gelert tents good? The best way to determine this is by referring to customer reviews. They have used this product and provided a feedback depending on the overall performance of the product honestly. Almost all the reviews are highly positive despite very minor complaints. Most of the minor complaints have emerged through amateur campers who find it little difficult in setting up the tents. However, following the provided instructions carefully will solve the problem. The overall rating of the galert products is above 9.0 out of 10, which gives you a clear answer to the question are galert tents good?

What are the Best gelert tents?

There are various types of gelert tents. Pointing out best gelert tents is really a hard task as all the products are made maintaining the same quality and the top quality materials. However, depending on the purpose, you can select best gelert tents to match the situation from the given category. For an example; the best gelert tent for the adventure will not be the perfect fit for utility purposes. The variety includes adventure, popup, festival, utility, weekend and family tents. They are best in their category doing exactly what it is meant to do.

Why gelert rocky 2 is good for bikers?

Gelert Rocky 2 is an ideal solution especially for bikers. It is a 2 man tent made with the double skin design. It has a compact size when packed and therefore extremely easy to carry around. This is a great benefit for bikers who are looking to travel with minimum stuff. Because of the special design, gelert rocky 2 provides good ventilation which is a much needed thing to rejuvenate after an exhausting riding session. Stability is guaranteed with reinforced pegging. Outer part of the material is made of 190T polyester with waterproof PU coating to assure a comfortable stay even during a rain.

Who can get the best benefits from Gelert ottawa 4?

Gelert Ottawa 4 is a pretty larger tent that can be erected quite easily. It is spacious and has a good ventilation system because of the mesh doors which is extremely handy during summer. Gelert Ottawa 4 perfectly matches for a small family to spend a weekend holiday / vacation. Works fine even with a rainy climate because of the water resistant ability.

Gelert atlantis 5, an ideal camping solution for a 5 people crew

Gelert Atlantis 5 is another weekend tent designed for a slightly bigger family. It is also made to be spacious allowing five people to accommodate comfortably.  It is extremely easy to setup the Gelert Atlantis because of the design. In addition to the convenience and spaciousness, it is made to be fire retardant providing more safety to the residents.

Gelert horizon 6

Gelert horizon 6 is a large family tent which can be accommodated by 6 people perfectly. Because of the zipped bedroom divider, the privacy of the members is assured even during the camping. Large windows assure perfect ventilation making it comfortable to stay inside. There are two entrances to make sure an easy access. Gelert horoizon 6 is very easy to setup the tent.

Gelert quest 8

Gelert quest 8 is one of the biggest in the Gelert tent family. 08 people can comfortably accommodate the tent because of the ample space. It comes with 02 bedrooms to provide privacy for the residents. If needed, these two bedrooms can be divided into four separate resting areas. Gelert quest 8 has a removable porch ground sheet too. The tent is extremely easy to set up with minimal effort. This spacious tent is ideal for a large family or a group of friends to spend a good vacation camp.

A bottom line of gelert tent reviews

Gelert tents are made with exceptional care to assure the best service. The materials are selected carefully to tolerate even the extreme weather conditions. Their customer base keeps growing rapidly because of the exceptional standards of the product. Overall, they are highly recommendable and dependable range of products with a goodwill over 4 years.