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Why do you need Vango backpack reviews?

If there is one companion that would accompany the globe-trotter, it would be the vast variety of Vango products. Vango are specialists in the manufacture of tents and outdoor equipment. Vango was established in the year 1966 and from then on, there is no turning back. In 1995, the Bi-Radial adjustable rucksack system was developed and implemented by Vango on their Rucksacks. This system along with the already implemented Quick-Adjust and Self-Adjust systems made the company dominate the rucksack market. They have been on the top of the industry by monitoring new technology, consumer feedback and customer research, thereby making their products better day by day. This Vango backpack reviews will explain in detail all the features of the Vango backpack products.

The good of Vango rucksack backpack that will help you

The reputation of Vango is the biggest pro of Vango rucksack backpack. With about 50 years of reputation and experience, Vango has all the features and durability required for a rucksack which is ideal for backpackers.

  • Collection: Based on the backpackers’ requirement, Vango has a wide range and variety of rucksack that is both modern and stylish.
  • Comfort: Vango offers comfort according to the type of hikers. For lightweight hikers who need a breathable rucksack, the Airtrek range provides all the comfort required.
  • Durability: The Sherpa, Pumori and Contour type of Vango backpacks are recommended kits for the duke of Edinburgh and used by backpackers dur to its high durability.
  • Technology: Vango rucksacks are technical in nature and lot of research has gone in designing them, thus, making it an ideal backpack.

An objective Vango backpacks review

Lots of technical details have gone into the making of the Vango backpacks. This Vango backpacks review will point out the biggest Con based on the feedback of many people who have used it.

  • Weight: Vango backpacks are usually heavier than the other backpacks in market. But with all the amazing features included in the backpack, this weight is expected.
  • Detachable Rain Cover: In some models like the Airtrek range, the rain cover is detachable. In order to access any of the items in the backpack, the rain cover has to be taken off.

Will the Vango Rucksack cut a hole in your pocket?

red star full iconred star full iconred star full iconred star full icon red star empty iconVango rucksack is worth every penny spent. There are different types of Vango rucksack products available in the market and here is the price range of some of the best Vango rucksacks. These are approximate price ranges and can vary based on the size of the bag and also based on offers.

  • The Vango Boulder bags prices starts from around £34 and varies based on the size.
  • The Vango Cargo bags prices ranges from around £50 to £200 and varies based on the size.
  • The VangoEscape bags prices ranges from around £120 and varies based on the size.
  • The VangoExplorer bags prices starts from around £38 and varies based on the size.
  • The VangoFreedom bags prices ranges from around £52 and varies based on the size.
  • The Vango Sherpa bags prices ranges from around £60 and varies based on size.
  • The Vango Sherpa bags prices ranges from around £40 and varies based on size.

Are Vango rucksacks built to last?

red star full iconred star full iconred star full iconred star full iconred star full icon

Vango has served millions of customers all around the world for the past 50 years. The materials used are of top quality, the manufacturing process are done carefully and the experience they have in producing the vango products make them pioneers in the rucksack industry.

Vango knows well that while packing for a camping is necessary, the camping bag should be durable enough to carry all the essential camping equipment. The products are not only of high standard, they are durable, comfortable and safe for the consumers.

Rating: On a scale of 0 to 5, the rating is 5.

A few key Vango Backpack Features

red star full iconred star full iconred star full iconred star full icon red star empty iconVango Back features are the best in the backpack market.

The Vango Backpack features are

  • Quick Adjust Back System: It makes use of an alloy frame and webbing ladder for giving the necessary adjustment to the back length and strap position for a comfortable fit.
  • Hip Belt: The hip belt is ergonomically designed and can be adjusted according to the user.
  • Air Mesh: The bag is fitted with air mesh wherever the bag comes in contact with the body in order to prevent sweating.
  • Handles: The handles are provided both in the top and bottom in order to grab the bag easily even if there is more weight.
  • Whistle: Many models like the Sherpa, has an emergency whistle for using in case of emergency.
  • Rain Cover: There are detachable rain covers provided in order to protect the bag from rain.

Rating: On a scale of 0 to 5, the rating is 5.

Some important Vango Backpack Review

red star full iconred star full iconred star full iconred star full icon red star empty iconAccording to the customers, the Vango backpack reviews are on the positive side. According to them, it is a no-nonsense and durable backpack. It is not so costly for all its’ features. The Vango backpacks are rock solid, flexible, comfortable and very user-friendly.

There are lots of pockets and compartments in order to provide space for the toughest trekkers. Customers feel so good about the suitable protection that comes along with the bag in order to protect it from rain. There are also lots of zips to store valuables.

Rating: In a scale of 0 to 5, the rating is 5 according to the customers.

Best Vango Rucksacks in UK

Why is a Vango backpacking rucksack essential?

Vango Sherpa 65

The Vango Sherpa 65 is a real Sherpa as the name suggests. If you are going away from home for a longer time, then this rucksack has all been built with all the features and design in mind to compliment the traveller. It has a Self-adjust back system, and its components and features are cleverly designed for an efficient load control and performance. The fabric is polyester base and is strong and abrasion resistant. The side pockets are easy to access and there is an air mesh that allows the air to flow thereby keeping the user cool.


  • The hip belt is ergonomically padded for comfort and optimum load transfer.
  • There is also an adjustable harness for fit and comfort.
  • The zipped compartments are water resistant.


  • The stitch is a bit weak.
  • Missing option to separate the main compartment.


L23.0 x H76.0 x W42.0cm

General Feelings of the Customers:

People who use this backpack are very pleased with this sack. The spacious nature of the backpack, the comfort and the adjustable features are the best the customers liked about this rucksack. If you are looking for a Vango backpacking rucksack, Vango Sherpa 65 is the best in the whole lot!

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Which Vango rucksack hiking is the best?

Vango Boulder 35

The best Vango rucksack hiking backpack is the Vango Boulder 35. This is a great mid-sized backpack for hiking and has a new design, “Air force back system” specially designed for this bag. For day walks, this rucksack is versatile. It has the necessary cover for protection against rain, compression straps for a comfortable hiking over the hill and airmesh for allowing air to flow. There are other features like the hip belt, Additional zip pocket, twin side pockets and sternum strap with emergency whistle that are great features.


  • Compatibility with hydration reservoirs.
  • Airforce back system, where contoured air channels create chimney effectfor enhanced ventilation.
  • Shockcord accessory web for providing additional capacity and quick stow solution.


  • Rain cover that is detachable makes it tough to take items on and off the bag.


L17.0 x H56.0 x W28.0cm

General Feelings of the Customers:

Customers feel that it is a great bag for a day walk. Its capacity, its’ water proof materials, the makeshift whistle for emergency and the zips are all great to use.

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Is a Vango small rucksack useful?

Vango ventis 25

In the Vango small rucksack segment, VangoVentis 25 is the best rucksack to buy. This rucksack increases the flow of air and allows the warm air to flow away from the body. This increases comfort with its handy features. The X-Air back system has a light weight wire frame that holds the pack away from the body for an enhanced ventilation. The body is made of Excel 420D Honeycomb polyester for offering great strength. The ergonomic hip belt along with the zipped pockets help in providing comfort and ease of storage.


  • Duraflex components that are strong and reliable.
  • Its X-Air back system.
  • Reflective points to aid visibility in poor weather and light conditions.




L25.0 x H52.0 x W34.0cm

General Feelings of the Customers:

According to the customers, this is a great backpack, especially while cycling as it does not strain the back by sticking out too far. The air flow system is something that is really good for all the trekkers.

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Buying a Vango daypack backpack for regular use

Vango Pac Packable Rucksack

This Vango daypack backpack, the Vango Pac Packable Rucksack, can be folded neatly into a handy pouch. It is light weight. The lightweight is due to the robust Excel 200 * 200 denier jacquard weave Nylon ripstop. There is zip access to the main compartment.

There is a front pocket to keep all the small items. There is also a carry pouch that can be clipped to the belt loop. This is a great ruckpack for taking to a last minute purchase. It is multi-purpose use sack and can be used ina lot of ways while travelling. As they are flexible and compact (as they fold neatly to become a pouch), they are a ‘go anywhere’ rucksack.


  • It is light weight and comfortable.
  • It has lot of space.
  • Small and water proofed.


  • Not ideal for heavy loads.


Height 42cm; width 25cm; depth; 12cm

General Feelings of the Customers:

The customers feel happy about this bag as it is an easy to carry bag and can be taken easily wherever they go. This bag is light weight and easy to take during shopping. It is not only light but also durable and packable. This bag is a nice surprise for all the customers.

How will a  vango lightweight backpack help you?

Vango Stone 20

Vango Stone 20 is a vango lightweight backpack that can be used for everyday purpose. It can also be used in a wide range of activities. From the early morning run to the Sun afternoon hill walk, this bag is so adorable. It has hydration compatible pockets that are useful for such kid of activities. The Airforce back system create a chimney effect for enhanced ventilation and the top is covered with highly breathable air mesh. The shaped Adjustable harness is given for comfort and optimum fit.


  • Air mesh on the rucksack straps for keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • Zip Access to the main compartment for quick access to the contents.
  • Organization pocket in order to keep the essentials safe and make the access easy.


  • Not a patch of the original.


L15.0 x H45.0 x W29.0cm

General Feelings of the Customers:

Customer feel that the backpack is light, not bulky and has separate compartments to keep things separate. It also does not stick out when full and is very useful for tube travel. It can be taken for walks, for work, and can also carry a laptop very comfortably.

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When will a Vango hydration pack come in handy?

Vango Rapide 20

VangoRapide 20 can also be referred to as Vango hydration pack. If you are looking for a backpack for short, single day events, then you need a compact and light weight back pack like this one. There is plenty of storage for packing all the essentials and has space for delivering fluids. It has a 2L Hydrant reservoir and is also designed with a helmet compartment on the front of the pack. It has a great weight to strength ratio and it is ideal for -racers and also for cyclists.


  • 2L hydration reservoir
  • Its Airforce back system
  • Storage space for keeping all the essentials



L28.0 x H46.0 x W24.0cm


General Feelings of the Customers:

Many Customers feel that it is perfect for all the needs. It is light weight and has so many pockets. A perfect bag for walking and hiking with a lot of features. The product is of good quality and has plenty of space for keeping fluids handy. A must-have for all people across the world.

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This Vango rucksacks review UK mainly discussed about the various types of backpacks – Vango rucksacks, day sacks, dry bags and luggage systems that are designed to make the user comfortable and make him / her carry essentials with ease. Vango Rucksacks are the best rucksacks in the UK market. All the rucksacks have been designed cautiously by the team of experts in Vango. With over 50 years of experience in this field, they are the pioneers in providing the best quality products. Vango’s history goes a long way in designing and manufacturing outdoor equipment.

The first challenge to any young achiever in expedition is to find the right kit. Vango has been supporting young participants with their kits for a long time now. Vango’s mantra is simple. Go light, go wild, go explore! The Vango rucksacks are designed to be light weight, specifically for trekker, runners and walkers, who want to be adventurous and would want to travel around the world.

The old favourites like the explorer rucksack are still in people’s mind. Modern classics like the Sherpa are featured to provide a good fit and comfort. They are recommended for the Duke of Edinburgh after conducting extensive field testing to ensure that the kits provided by Vango is purely performance related with ease of use and also suitable for the variable weather conditions and lighting conditions.

Vango rucksacks are manufactured and designed to meet the high standards. If the user takes proper care, it will make the product last longer. Vango provides proper warranty and even in case of part replacement, they provide spares for the products to last longer. Vango generally provides warranty for general wear and tear, flaws in the fabric, water ingres through seams, etc.

What finally matters is the journey and the right bag that you carry all throughout the expedition. If you are carrying the right bag, then it certainly is like travelling with breeze. Vango Rucksacks are designed to go over the mountains, on the trail, through the flight and while in water. It is also designed for everyday used and the joyful shopping.

Finally, a final Vango rucksacks review UK to rest all your doubts


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