Camping cooking list
Many people live out of the suitcase. It could be because of the nature of your job or as an adventure. Camping, however, is completely a whole new ball game. Camping is staying for a few days with nature. This does not involve hotels and room service. This is as real as it can get. This involves temporary living conditions and outdoor recreational activity.

What Cooking equipment do you need for Camping?

This outdoor activity enchants and lures people of all ages. It is truly on of a kind activity that youmust try at least once in your life time. It can be intimidating at first. It may seem like it is not foreveryone. It isn’t as tough as one would think either. The more prepared you are, the better you will feel about it. The advantages of a camping trip are incredible. Being unplugged from the rest of the world is a joy you can understand only when you go through the experience. Modes of communication are essential in case of emergencies, but can remain switched off when not needed. It works out easy for the pocket too when compared to the really expensive hotels you might prefer. Nothing smells as appealing as nature in her true form.
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It is good to list your needs before your camping trip

The whole idea of a camping trip is that it is far away from home and civilization. The kick is in the fact that you are surrounded by nature. The bliss is in the fact that you are on your own. The determination is in the fact that you have to stand up on your own two feet. A list ensures that you do not forget anything because you are obviously not very close to a departmental store or even other human settlements for that matter. A list enables you to take every item meant to be taken. Forgetting an essential commodity will have serious consequences. A camping cooking equipment list is the first thing to prepare once a trip has been decided. There are no two ways around it, is there?

The absolute definitive camping cooking equipment list

What role does camping cooking equipment in the UK play?

The question of room service or home delivery is absolutely ruled out. You are on your own. You need to ensure that you eat at the right time. This means there will be cooking involved. A camping kitchen enables you to cook your meals as you like it. Anyone who enjoys cooking knows the importance one. A camping kitchen means you can arrange the ingredients and the utensils in a highly organised manner in as little space as possible. You do not want to clutter your tent with the kitchen commodities. The key is in being organized. Organization includes a camping cooking equipment list. You are ready for anything.

Camping Kitchen

Camping Stove

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What are the outdoor camping cooking equipments?

It is vital to find a dependable and compact camping stove if you are planning to cook your own meals. A light and portable stove is perfect for a fun camping trip. Whilst a single burner is sufficient for one person or a short trip, a double burner would be ideal. The fuel source is an important point of consideration. Whilst there is no ‘perfect’ stove, an ideal one will be compact. The best stove is automatic ignition. It should also allow you to light up with a starter in case the self starting switch malfunctions. Find the right place to keep it and decide how you use it. You are good to go. A hot meal on a cold night in the woods is an awesome way to spend the camping night. 

Lightweight camping cooking equipment you can use.

A camping BBQ is a very useful and popular item n the camping cooking equipment list. An open fire is not safe at all. The different types of burners control the temperature and provide indirect methods of cooking as well. The cost efficiency of the BBQ and the advantages of cooking pizzas, roasts as well as cakes make it an important piece of cooking equipment on your camping list. It is easy to clean and portable. You do not want to start a forest fire in the name of cooking.


Camping BBQ

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Camping Cookware

Camping Cookware

Camping and cooking equipment available in the UK

Outdoor cooking and indoor cooking are completely different. Cooking out in the open means cooking with as little equipment as possible. Canned food may not be ideal all the time. It is also fun to test your skills in the wilderness. The type of food plays an important factor in deciding the kind of camping cookware for your trip. Multi functional equipment can be very useful. Specialised items are good only for the kitchen at home. Cooking out in the open means the lesser you carry, the better. Choose your camping cookware wisely. There are edible spoons in the market which are extremely useful for trips.


Some of the best cooking equipment for camping 

A portable and lightweight oven is the answer to all cooking questions. Food is one of the most fun parts of camping. Delicious homemade food items can be made with the help of a camping oven without ever having to leave the site. It is versatile and will provide you with sufficient heat to cook anything from baked bread to biscuits. All your baking needs as well as breakfast is taken care of with the camping oven.


Camping Oven

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Camping Fridge

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Compact camping cooking equipment that’s available

Who wouldn’t like a chilled beer or cold juice when out in the hot woods or in a sultry desert? A camping fridge is indeed a miracle. A fridge with a thermometer is a good idea too. Keeping food separate from the drinks will ensure that the food doesn’t get spoilt because you kept opening the door too often to take the drinks out. Portable fridges make the best equipment for a camp. Coming back to the tent after a long afternoon fishing and being welcomed by a cold drink is blissful indeed.


Anything more? Camping kitchen equipment!

Clever camping storage is very crucial for a fun and stress-free trip. The last thing you want to do is to search for your things or end up making a mess of the tent because the items that you brought along took up all your space. A good camping storage ensures that the various things are exactly where they ought to be. A simple and organised system of storage makes life on the trip very easy. Storage is good when everything has a place to go. Good food storage will keep the food safe and will save you a lot of money too. The edibles remain fresh. They are protected from insects and will not attract wild life like the bear. A lot of mess and cleaning is avoided. An efficient camp kitchen means an organized camping storage. 


Camping Storage

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Camping Water Container

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The cheap camping cooking equipment

Water is the be all and end all of life. On a camping trip, the importance of clean water is exemplified. Even if the camping site is near flowing water, it may not be ideal for consumption. Free flowing bacteria and virus in the water can have drastic consequences. The last thing you want on a camping trip in the wilderness is an upset tummy. Hence, potable water is very vital. Purification of water while at the campsite is a good idea. Water filters and chemical tablets are some ways to ensure continuous drinking water when far away from bottled water. Boiling the water is also an option. Portable water filters are very popular among regular campers. Water roughly makes up 65% of the human body. Dehydration is a serious cause for concern. Camping water is an absolute must on all trips.



Why a camping bin is necessary in camping?

A camping bin stores all the ingredients strategically. A camping bin helps you arrange all the materials in the way you can use and find them. Folding and collapsing bins are the most useful for long trips. When not in use anymore, they can be tucked away inside. Wastage is part and parcel of the trip. Proper disposal is essential. Illegal dumping is frowned upon and has a high price to pay. Proper camping bins play an essential role in a clean and successful camping trip. It helps in being free from germs and infection. Food left over and spoilt edibles can also be disposed off in an efficient manner.

Camping Bin

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Additional equipment Cleanliness which are very usefull in Camping

Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness. Especially in the wilderness.

  • Dust pan
  • Brush / broom
  • Hand wash
  • All purpose cleaning liquid
  • Camp soap / bleach
  • Bucket and mug 
  • Dustbins / dustbin covers
  • Kitchen towel rolls  /  dishcloth
  • Toilet tissue rolls
Microfiber camping towelsCamping bin

Extra Cooking equipment is not necessary be it can be very helpfull stuff

No trips are worth it if you are starving. Ample measures need to be taken to ensure that you do not go hungry.

Camping Thermal FlasksCamping Knife
  • Fuel – fire wood/charcoal
  • Lighter / match boxes
  • Thermal flasks
  • Ingredients for cooking
  • Utensils – plates / spoons & forks /spatula & ladles/bowls/tongs/pots and pans
  • Knives/potato peeler and masher / cutting board
  • Aluminium foil
  • Table cloth and napkins
  • Oven mitts