Highlander Echo 400 Sleeping Bag

The highlander Echo 400 is an ideal companion for the extreme conditions

If you take your camping seriously and do not shy away from rough weather conditions then the highlander echo 400 should be an essential part of your camping gear. The bag has been built to withstand extremes of temperature while keeping you warm and snug within. The highlander echo 400 has a 3D neck Baffle for additional support and comfort. There is an inner security pocket for your valuables and phones. The use of the QFX3D enhances the insulating propertywhile providing you with warmth in the cold weather.

Is the highlander echo 400 sleeping bag pack size right for you?

Sleeping bags often come in varying lengths and sizes depending on the manufacturer and for whom it is meant for. The bags meant for women and children weigh lesser than those of men; they are also smaller in size when compared to men because the bags are designed to fit the contours of each gender as snugly as possibly. The pack size which essentially means the smallest size of the pack when it is a completely packed plays acrucial role in your camping gear. The highlander echo sleeping bag is 43 cm X27 cm and weighs 2.2 kg, making it a heavy sleeping bag.

What are the biggest pros and cons of the highlander echo 400 bag?

  • Super Warm

    The highlander echo bags keep you warm from head to toe because of the QFX3D filling inside.

  • Good Looks

    The bag looks snazzy and sleek in deep blue or grey castle colors.

  • Comfortable

    The soft materials used inside provide great comfort and warmth.

  • Great temperature range

    The bag keeps you cool when it is hot outside and really nice and warm when it biting cold outside because the comfort range is 8 degree C to -9 degree C.

  • Machine Washable

    It can be conveniently washed in a gentle cycle in a washing machine.

  • Bulky

    It is not suitable for backpacking or trekking because it is heavy at 2.2 kg.

  • Poor quality zip

    The zip keeps getting struck with the material.

  • Limited color range

    The limited color range doesn’t give much scope for variety.

  • Hard to stuff bag

    Once expanded, it is hard to pack the bag back into a small and convenient pack.

What is the secret of Warmth and insulation in Echo 400?

The highlander echo 400 is really knownfor its warmth and insulation. Everyone who used it is happy with the product and its quality. A good insulating material is one that can trap air efficiently and thus form a barrier that prevents heat loss. The echo 400 is filled with a specialized fabric called  QFX3D which is lighter than the regular filings. In echo 400 each filament is spiraled with 4 hollow cores to improve the air trapping ability. The advantages of using the QFX3D are

Icon breathable
  • It reduces the pack size.
  • In increasing the insulating ability.
  • It retains its insulating features even when damp.
Highlander Echo 400 Sleeping Bag
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Customers Review highlander echo 400

A majority of the customers are happy with the insulating ability of the bag.  This mummy style bag though bulky fits very snugly and warmly. Customers are satisfied that the product justifies the price. The highlander echo 400 can fit even a 6 feet tall person comfortably. The only grouse is that they find it challenging to roll the bag back and stack it away neatly. A few people had issues with the placement of the Velcrostrap at the back because it invariably got stuck to the hair.

I got this sleeping bag over 9 months ago after much deliberation. I have purchased many a sleeping bag and usually have found that they are always colder than they make out, so I decided to get one that was advertised and reviewed as being extra warm…better to be on the warm rather than cold side. I have a tall (6ft), slim build and if slightly too cold cannot sleep very well. I also like camping and sleeping outdoors, although I actually sleep in a sleeping bag every night at home. Hence the importance for me of a good snug bag. As well as often being too cold, bags for me are often either not spacious or long enough. In a cold environment it is essential to have the head and shoulder area covered which otherwise will render the bag obsolete even if the rest of it is warm. I can safely say that the Highlander Echo 400 ticks ALL the boxes. It has taken me a while to build up to this, but I personally am delighted with this product which after having used it only a few times I was counting my lucky stars. I have been disappointed many times by sleeping bags often purchased at much higher prices, so this purchase has put it all right. Things to be noted about this bag:

It is WARM, unexplainably warm. It defies how it manages this because it is just a normal size bag. I have had much bulkier ones which are not half as warm. This was the number one priority for me, and I have NOT been disappointed.
It is WASHABLE: I have a £300 down winter sleeping bag, and this is the only thing comparable to the echo 400 for warmth. However even the down bag is not as physically comfortable as the Echo, and of course the problem with down is it cannot easily be washed. The Highlander is the perfect all round solution. It only fails to match on weight and compression (which is still amazingly good given the warmth factor).
It is COMFORTABLE: for the first time I have found a bag that is the perfect shape. It is long enough to cover head and shoulders, as well as being spacious enough to move around inside whilst still retaining warmth. I have had super compact bags which are all claustrophobic and sweaty, and bags which are so spacious that they cannot retain warmth. The Echo 400 manages to combine both needs: it retains heat without needing to mummify you(!) and ensures you are fully covered (speaking as a 6 ft 111/2 stone male). It has a really good neck baffle also which uses both a drawstring and a button to retain warmth around the head and neck area ensuring total snugness. In addition it has a fantastic ‘box’ compartment at the bottom for the feet which essentially means there is much more padding and protection so as to make sure the feet are snug. For me this is genius since I am especially prone to cold feet and warmth is only warmth when the WHOLE body is covered, as all campers know. Also the inner material is excellent. I have often had problems with itchiness on the skin, and am quite sensitive, but this lining is really smooth on the skin, and in over 9 months I cannot report any discomfort. Highlander must have a secret in the way the fibres retains warmth even within the spacious dimensions because I have bought bags especially for their size which have very thick padding, yet any warmth still seems to seep out of them, whereas the highlander encapsulates all its warmth.
It is CHEAP: really for what it is this is a bargain. You would expect to be paying a LOT more. It looks like any other sleeping bag, but it is a hidden gem.

I really hope people buy this bag, because it deserves recognition, and it will not disappoint as bags often do when one cannot test what one is purchasing. I was hopeful about this bag as I had seen many good reviews, not just amazon. However this has happened before and led to disappointment. Not so with the Echo 400. It exceeded my high expectations. I am so glad it is out on the market, as I will not hesitate to repurchase whenever I have need of a bag. I also know exactly which one to recommend to friends, knowing they will be well equipped and served by this one at a price that is as comfortable a the bag itself.

Some have mentioned about the quality of the bag. I personally think this is a bit impish. If the quality of the bag’s materials were in ratio with the rest of the bag’s good features, you would probably be having to pay triple the price. I think it is amazing that Highlander have managed to produce something like this at so affordable a cost. Sure they could have put much more into workmanship etc, but then you would never have been able to get it so affordable. There are plenty of bags out there you can pay double, triple or whatever the price, and perhaps get sturdier workmanship. (Having said that I have paid double and still seen bags coming apart within weeks). Nevertheless, I wanted something affordable that is within range for anyone, and can be repurchased again and again. This is the Highlander Echo 400. I have had my bag over nine months and slept in it almost every night. The only signs of strain are on the stitching of the neck liner, which one would expect as it is sewed on separately to the rest of the bag, and obviously gets tugged around a lot every night. This can be fixed easily enough. Yes if you decide to jump up and down in it and what not, it may become challenged, but then again a bags life is dependent on how well it is taken care of.

In conclusion, I heartily recommend this product. It is easily the best buy I have made on a sleeping bag, and a product I look forward to using. Every so often we purchase something which actually impresses and puts a smile on our face, and this one did it for me. It’s a discovery, as I said, mainly for the warmth factor, but in general for the overall comfort which its design has produced. Someone put a lot of thought into getting all the features and dimensions in this just right so they did not miss out on any one point. It really is a bag for overall warmth and comfort, which cannot really be appreciated until experienced. A good sleeping bag experience is now available to all.

Am just back from Kilimanjaro this morning and this sleeping bag is fantastic. Not the lightest nor smallest but I wasn’t carrying it! Kept me boiling in -20 degrees and cannot recommend it enough! A tenth of the price of competitors but perfect.
S. Stebbing
I bought this 4 season sleeping bag for my son who was doing an Explorer scout autumn camp in a mid-October weekend 2011. The night temperature was cold but not extreme – typical autumn temperatures. My son reported that he was not cold at all (he did use the sleeping bag hood), whereas some of his friends were cold in their bags. Therefore, I feel the sleeping bag did the job asked and kept him warm.
My only complaints are that when the bag arrived, there were numerous threads of cotton which were hanging from the bag seams and elsewhere. I even stitched up one part of a seam, to prevent it getting worse. These threads can make doing the zip up a bit tricky if they get in the way of the zip, but generally just seem to show that the bag is not that well manufactured. I would also say that this bag is BIG when packed up in its stuff sack and not really suitable for hiking trips; but unless you spend alot of money, then any 4 season bag is going to be on the big side.
Overall I am happy with this bag, but may have gone for the Gelert equivalent if I had seen it before buying this one.

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Summary for The Highlander Echo 400 Sleeping Bag review

Super Warm

Very Comfortable

Machine Washable

It doesn’t give much scope for variety

Highlander Echo 400 Sleeping Bag 2
Overall good product
Very Afforable Price
Materials are well done

Highlander Echo 400 review

Those who enjoy camping out in the wild and are not afraid of the ravages of nature should include this bag in their gear. It is not too expensive but has features that can give the best a run for their money. The disadvantage here is that it cannot be used for biking or hiking because of its weight and pack size. This 4 season highlander Echo 400 sleeping bag is a positive addition to your camping gear, especially if you like to camp in winter when the temperatures are subzero and bitingly cold. Thankfully the QXF3D fiber will ensure that you don’t freeze in the winters.