The Vango Iris 600 tent is one of the high quality tents in the Family Exclusive Range of the Vango for the year 2015 The Vango family has been actively involved in offering high quality tents to families and campers who often plan to spend some time camping far away from home.  

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General Overview On The Vango Iris 600

The Vango Iris 600 is a tunnel tent ideal for family weekend holiday trips or short break camping. Pitching the Iris is not only quick but easy to pitch with Vango’s original Tension Brand System or TBS II® for short. This systems makes it quite stable even in high winds. It also includes cable entry points, a living area and privacy curtains that zip for added privacy. The Vango Iris 600 is perfect for all weather conditions, it is completely waterproof, including the PE groundsheet which is not only water proof but child proof also. It’s sewn in and made of hardwearing durable fabric that can withstand even the most energetic campers, including children.

Pros & Cons For The Vango Iris 600 V Tent


Easy to set up

There is an easy to use guide for setting up Vango Iris 600 V tent. It takes less than 20 minutes to pitch this tent.

Easy to pack

The tent is easy to pack. It should take you less than 12 minutes to put it back in place when you are breaking camp, on the final camping day.

Fire retardant

Because it is fire retardant, this tend makes a comfortable and secure environment for those friends and family members who love spending time indoors.  

Comfortable & Roomy

The Vango Iris 600 sleeps six quite comfortably, with two bedrooms and living area it is a great size to hold family or friends. With windows at the front and on the sides of the tent there is little chance of feeling closed in.

Sturdy and Durable

Vango Iris 600 V tent has superior engineering and can withstand the most robust of camping activities and weather.


Too costly for some customers

Not every person can afford to buy this piece. In fact, if you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider renting instead of owning one.

The Vango Iris v 600 – Loaded With Comfort And Easy To Pack & Unpack

The Vango Iris V 600 is provides a very comfortable camping tent experience. It has two sleeping rooms can be turned into one room when camping without a large group. It has adequate standing room with 195cm of head room, and a living area for sitting and or storage. Vango Iris V 600 has plenty of ventilation to make sure that it is breathable and comfortable for those days when hotter weather arrives thanks to the breathable polyester in the inner tent.

The fabric allows condensation to pass through as well, which means a comfortable nights slumber. If you enjoy sleeping late while on a camping holiday, the darker fabric for the ‘Lights Out Inner Tent’ will reduce the amount of early morning light which may seek to interrupt your plans.

Breaking camp is a breeze. Simply remove the polls, fold it up, roll it and pack into the bag. When in its packed state, it measures 74x33x32cm and weighs 16.95KG. Because of its relatively moderate size when packed and its manageable weight, the Vango Iris V 600 is relatively easy to load and unload with minor stress. Just one of the many reasons it is the perfect six man tunnel tent.

Is Vango Iris 600 tent Bad Weather friendly?

The Vango Iris 600 is a great all weather tunnel tent, with its patented Tension Band System it can be secured to ensure stability during high winds. Considering how changeable the weather can be at times, having a weather resistant tunnel tent is important. Made with polyester 70D Protex fabric, the flysheet with its factory taped seams make it utterly waterproof. Regardless of what season you enjoy camping, the Vango Iris V 600 will keep you comfortable and well protected from the elements all year round.

The Vango Iris 600 tent is built in such a way that it can perform best even in harsh weather conditions. The quality of its bad weather resistance is therefore high. The tent will not only withstand heavy rains, but also stand firm against string winds. Although you can disconnect it form the ground when the weather is calm, it is often a great idea to leave it pitched to the ground from day one, because weather changes are often unpredictable.

Also, the tent has bands, which helps to manage tension should there be sideway movements caused by winds. The tent is robust and waterproof. In addition, it is able to withstand the agents of wear and tear in adverse weather conditions.

Set Up The Vango Iris 600 V In 12 Minutes!

Every owner of the Vango tunnel tent says the same thing. This is one of the easiest tents to pitch. Within 12 minutes this tent is up and ready for campers to enjoy. Simply follow the included directions and in no time you will find yourself relaxing in the living area enjoying the magnificent views from the large Vista windows. The tent comes with a perfectly inbuilt ground sheet. It features a dozen of pockets useful for storing old items. The Velcro attachments for the ropes are handy. You can coil them easily and pack them fast when the day to break camp comes.  

Vango Iris 600 V Tent Durable & Reliable

With double skin, PVC window fabric and Powerflex® Fibreglass poles, the Vango Iris 600 V is top of the line durable. The fiberglass poles are durable, strong and flexible. This strength and flexibility ensure they are not easily bent or broken. The Protex 70 Denier polyester material used throughout the tent’s interior and exterior is not only waterproof but rather resilient. The Vango Iris 600 tent will last through many years of camping pleasure. 

The entrances of this tent has additional mesh door. The mesh door is a great addition because it helps to protect you and the family that came along with from bugs throughout the day. Another important feature that makes this tent durable is its fire retardant ability. This not only makes it durable, but also creates a perfect environment for families and friends who love spending time indoors during most part of the day.

Vango Iris V 600 6 person Tent – The Favourite Tunnel Tent For Camping Enthusiasts

The overall feeling according to reviews from those who own the Vango Iris V 600 6-person Tent is that it is well worth the investment. Everyone who owns this tent expresses a very positive opinion of the Vango. This tunnel tent has all the features and options which make tent camping truly enjoyable.

One of the features all owners of the Vangro 600 appear to appreciate most is how swift and easy it is to pitch and to roll up and pack when it comes time to break camp. The general consensus from reviews give this tent a five star rating all the way around.

We bought this to replace a Eurohike tent. Pitched first time without looking at the instructions in under 20 minutes. The surprise was the inbuilt tub – so it has a complete inbuilt ground sheet. Headroom is excellent plus it has a hanging storage column with half a dozen pockets for storing odd items. All in all an excellent tent – which is frankly why we chose a Vango. Equally handy are the Velcro attachments for the guy ropes meaning you can coil them up and hold them in place when breaking camp.

Bought this to replace a 6 man regatta tent thay j really didnt like. Absolutely worth every penny. It’s easy to put up, great head room and material quality. It rained the second day of use and was entirely waterproof. I love the windows at the front and side of this tent, it makes it nice to sit inside and relax without feeling closed in, although there are ‘curtains’ to ensure full privacy when wanted. There is a small zip at the bottom to one side of the tent to run any electrical cables through. This tent is brilliant, I can’t wait to use it again next year!

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Summary for Vango Iris 600 tent review

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Quality of fabrics

Well designed project

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 Nothing special


Well designed and good fabrics used


Overal on medium level


Durable and fantastic quality

Vango Iris V 600 – The Verdict

In conclusion, the Vango Iris V 600 seems to be the perfect tunnel tent for families and friends who love to camp but still have the enjoyment of being comfortable.

The Vango Iris V 600 is well designed, durable, and all-weather resistant. Campers are not only greeted with not only panoramic viewing enjoyment from the front of the tent, but also through the two side windows. All the windows are crystal clear which adds to the view.

The reflective guy lines help immensely when it comes to preventing trips when venturing out of the tent at nightfall. The guy lines also have Velcro attachments so when you are breaking camp they can be coiled up and held into place.

The Vango Iris V 600 is definitely the tunnel tent to have, especially if you are looking for the perfect six-person tent which will give you countless hours of comfort and relaxation when on that family holiday camping trip.

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