Lightweight Sleeping Bag

People who camp outdoors are the ones who would know the importance of a lightweight sleeping bag. Many people carry a huge pile of comforters for camping but carrying such volume is not only tedious but also ridiculous. While all the other items required for camping serve various purpose, the main purpose of a sleeping bag is to provide comfort. Choosing a sleeping bag requires some amount of knowledge as there are various types of bags that are designed for different purposes. But, in general, any sleeping bag should provide the warmth and comfort but should also be manageable in terms of size and weight.

Why lightweight sleeping bag UK is the most preferred?

Camping, especially recreational camping was first popularized in UK on the banks of river Thames. In the 1880s, the camping equipment were heavy and it was tough to carry them. But with the evolving technology, all materials required for camping and outdoor activities have become more compact.

The most comfortable and cosy sleeping bags usually takes a lot of space in the backpacks. But there are also lightweight sleeping bags in the market that are not only friendly on the backpack but also provide the warmth at night. While buying a lightweight sleeping bag UK, it is important to consider the season and temperature rating of the bag. Not all sleeping bags are designed for all outside conditions. The Season rating is explained as follows:

  • A season 1 bag is designed for summer months or while camping in tropical/hot countries.
  • Season 2 and season 3 bags are designed for use in spring and autumn.
  • A Season 4 bag is designed for use in cold/winter season.
  • A Season 5 bag is used for mountaineers and expeditions where it is extreme cold.

The temperature rating is listed with comfort ratings and extreme rating and are related. While the comfort rating denotes the temperature in which one feels comfortable and below which they will feel the cold, the extreme rating is the cut-off temperature at which the bags protects the user against extreme conditions like hypothermia.

The other aspect for choosing a lightweight sleeping bag is the type of insulation material used. There are two types of materials used – Down and synthetic. Down is the best material as it would last for a longer time and provides the necessary warmth than the synthetic ones. But the advantage of synthetic insulation is that it keeps the user dry.

Lightweight sleeping bags can also be chosen based on the different shapes available – Rectangle, Mummy, Semi-Rectangular, Bed-style, Quilt and Integrated Bags and Pads. They are also available specifically for women and kids.

How to Select the Warmest Lightweight Sleeping Bag?

There are so many general-purpose sleeping bags available in the market that can be used during the warmer months of the year. But the warmest lightweight sleeping bags are usually sought by people who are planning to spend a large amount of time in Winter and by mountaineers. These kinds of sleeping bags are usually selected based on the Temperature Ranges mentioned.

The materials used in the sleeping bags are the backbone behind the bad weather resistance technology provided in the bags. These materials are usually synthetic and are usually balled up instead of single strands. The selection of synthetic materials is also to provide the necessary insulation in wet places.

There are also sleeping bags made from goose down material. It provides more warmth but does not work well in wet places.

A bag rated as -28 is meant to be used in extreme cold condition. Nylon material is used in both shell and liner as it is more durable and doesn’t rip off. It is also windproof. The shells are usually coated with chemicals like DryLoft that work as a waterproof barrier. The fill is usually Down as it provides more warmth but synthetic fills are also used in the place of Down nowadays.

The main advantage of using Down is

  • Its lightweight
  • Gives better Insulation
  • Can be compressed to make packing easier

But Down is not good in wet places, for people with allergies and requires a lot of care.

The main advantage of using synthetic material is

  • Keeps us warm all the time
  • Non-Allergic
  • Cheap

But it is heavier and bulkier than Down and its lifespan is shorter.

Hence, the choice is made in accordance with one’s requirement.

Lightweight Sleeping Bag Customer Review

Most of the lightweight sleeping bag customer review points to one thing – its weight and its portability. Most of the customers prefer using these lightweight sleeping bags for hiking, backpacking, camping and travel. They want it light in the sense, it should be lightweight and light in construction. Customers want it compact as they can store it easily in their backpack. Backpacks which can be folded as pouches were the most preferred. Also, the maintenance part of the sleeping bag was an important aspect as many of them preferred it to be washable. Many people also appreciated if the sleeping bags came with pouches for storage.

Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag UK

The ideal Ultralight Sleeping bag 4 Season to choose

Sea To Summit Traverse Series XTI

The Sea to Summit Traverse series XTI bag is a versatile bag that offers comfort across Spring, Autumn and Winter. It is an ultralight sleeping bag 4 season which features relaxed mummy convertible shape and provides more comfort by being generously sized and it is also thermally efficient. With a full-sized zip and a foot zip, it can be converted into a duvet style for warmer weather conditions. The filling is Loft Ultra-Dry Down which provides water repellence and due to the use of down it provides warmth to the maximum extent. The outer of the bag is a 3D Nano shell and is designed to prevent internal condensation. The material is soft, breathable and down is water proof to provide all the comfort for the user.


  • Comfortable
  • Quiet and Compact
  • Durable


  • Slightly heavier than the other bags of the same range


The internal dimensions of Regular Fit (Chest x Hip x Foot): 59.05″ x 54.33″ x 40.94″

Customer feedback

Customers feel that though the bag can be packed to a compact form, it keeps them warm and comfortable. Also, the zipper is easy to operate and is free from jamming. They love the foot zipper and finds it very useful. Also, the 3D Nano Shell technology is effective in keeping the dampness at bay.

Is a Very Lightweight Sleeping Bag actually useful?

Vaude Red Stone 700

The Vaude Red Stone 700 is a very lightweight sleeping bag made of soft material. It is made of water resistant material. The zip in this bag has two tabs and can be split or connected. The hood of this bag is contoured and there is a foot muff. The length can be adjusted using drawstring.


  • Very Lightweight
  • Water Resistant and soft material
  • The zip can be split or connected as per one’s convenience


  • Only for mild climates


The product Dimension is 235*80*14cm

Customer feedback

As this is made of soft material and is light weight, people love to carry this bag for recreational outing. Also, as it is waterproof, people are happy not to worry about getting wet even in damp conditions. But this is not a product for mountaineers.

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What is a 3 Season Lightweight Sleeping Bag and how is it different?

California Basics 3-4 Season 400GSM

The California Basics 3-4 Season 400 GSM sleeping bag is constructed with ultralight anti-static fabric so that it can easily be compressed and carried anywhere on the go. It is a mummy-style bag and provides warmth to the head, shoulder and neck. As this is built as a 3 season Lightweight sleeping bag, one can use it comfortably in cold seasons and in wet places. The filling is 400GSM ultra warm filling which is of high quality and the exterior is made of polyester for protection. The lifetime guarantee is the highlight of this product.


  • Quality of the material
  • Full length zip and its ability to open from both ends.
  • Adjustable Straps


  • Careless use of zip will lead to the lining getting caught in the zip
  • A bit too warm around the shoulder and chest area.


The packed dimension is 40 x 30 x 30 cm.

Customer feedback

For the customers, this is a great bag for sleepovers as well as camping. Though this might not be a good choice for professional hikers, people who camp for recreational purpose love this product for its super soft high quality material and for its space. It is a good budget option.

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Get a Lightweight Sleeping Bag cheap to fit your budget

KingCamp Trek 300 Camping Hiking 3 – 4 Season Mummy Sleeping Bag

The KingCamp Trek 300 Camping Hiking 3-4 Season 400GSM lightweight sleeping bag cheap among the peers in the market, is comfortable, durable and not very heavy. It can be used in cold climate as it is 3-4 season but at the same time it is affordable. It keeps the user warm even in damp environment. The style of this sleeping is mummy type and hence, gives extra protection to the head, shoulders and neck. It has an anti-static build-up and is easy to compress. The material is of high quality and offers all the comfort required for camping. It also comes with a carry bag.


  • Lightweight and takes up only small space
  • High quality material but cheap in price
  • Easy access of zip


  • Packing it back is a bit tough.
  • Not a good choice for serious trekkers.


The dimensions are 215 x 55 x 80 cm

Customer feedback

The general feeling of the customer is that this sleeping bag is very good for its price and can be used for casual and recreational camping, hiking and fishing purpose.

How is an Ultralight Sleeping Bag better?

Ajungilak Sphere Down Winter

The Ajungilak Sphere Down Winter bag is an ultralight sleeping bag and is made of ultralight fabric. The outer fabric is a pro-light TXTM fabric which is as light as weather, windproof and water-repellent. The chambers are wave-shaped that prevents slipping of the down and stop cold spots. The Performance Hood gives a good protection against the cold weather. The foot is designed to offer more comfort and insulation. It is specifically designed for winter with the 9-chamber construction in the foot area.


  • As light as feather
  • Water resistant (even when soaked in water, the inside was dry and maintained a 20+ temperature)


  • Though compressible, not as packable as the Down because of the synthetic fabric.


The packed dimension is 21*23cms

Customer feedback

The customers feel that this bag exceed the claim made by the manufacturers. It is water resistant to that extent that even if it is soaked in water it doesn’t get wet inside. The only downside of it is being not as compact as other down sleeping bags. But it is worth every penny.

The overall summary of Lightweight sleeping bags reviews

This Lightweight sleeping bags reviews has been done to help people choose the right sleeping bag. The comfort and temperature limits act as a guide in selecting the bag. But beyond that there are factors that differ from person to person. While a woman needs a cosy environment as she feels cold more, a man need not be the same. Hence, selecting the bags depends upon the individuals. Choose a lightweight bag that would pack down tightly. For mountaineers and serious campers, looking for the seasons criteria would do them good and protect them more.


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