Snugpak Stratosphere Bivi Bag

What is the snugpack stratosphere hooped bivi bag?

Also known as a one-man shelter, this bivy bag is smaller than a real tent but does not compromise on its functionality due to its light weight and portability. Offering all the features of a regular tent yet taking up negligible space, the Snugpak Stratosphere Bivi bag is not only more spacious than your regular bivis but also quite easy to install. With incredible weatherproofing facilities and storage space, this is more of a tent without added bulk.

Who should be using the snugpak stratosphere bivi?

The Snugpak stratosphere bivi should ideally be used by people who love taking up adventurous journeys frequently, especially to places where weather conditions and terrain could be unfavorable and a light bivi bag is a blessing in such places. This bivi is light in weight yet packs in enough for one person to travel for longer stretches and provides a good amount of shelter from rain and shower.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Snugpak stratosphere bivi shelter?

The Snugpak stratosphere bivi shelter has a number of advantages as well as a few disadvantages that we shall discuss at length below:

  • Light in weight

    The snugpak bivi weighs a mere 1.13 kgs which makes it quite easy to carry around.

  • Spacious

    More head room than any other bivi bag can claim to have, the Snugpak Stratosphere bivi ensures that you as well as your essentials are kept dry and protected in any given situation.

  • Fully waterproof

    This bivvy is completely waterproof and weatherproof. You, your sleeping bag as well as your kit will stay dry in unfavorable weather conditions.

  • Mosquito net

    The mosquito net in front of the hood keeps the mosquitoes away in summers and does not need a tarp to be used.

  • Good breathability

    The meshed ventilation section in the front of the hood allows for good breathability while you are in the bag.

  • Self supporting structure

    This bag is actually a self-supporting canopy that gives you an edge over regular bivi bags.

  • Not as spacious as a tent

    Although there is enough room for a one man shelter, it is not as spacious as a regular tent would be.

  • Size issues

    Although it is long enough to accommodate tall people, the width might be an issue with people of larger frames to sleep inside along with other items.

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How does Snugpak stratosphere bivi bag deal with bad weather conditions?

When you zip up the top of the bag in the outer material, it not only keeps the wind and rain completely away but also raises the internal temperature of the bag to help you stay warm. This fully weatherproof Snugpak stratosphere bivi bag provides adequate protection from natural elements and all the seams and Velcro fastenings enhances this factor by being completely waterproof.

How big is the Snugpak Stratosphere Hooped Bivi?

The Snugpak stratosphere hooped bivi weighs a mere 1.13 kgs with dimensions of 230 cm*106 cm*49 cm. the pack size that it comes in is 31 cm*14 cm.

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What is special about the Snugpak Stratosphere condensation mechanism?

When the outer material of the bivy bag is rolled up or zipped up completely, it encloses the person inside but even after that, allows a good deal of ventilation and no condensation on the inside. This ensures that the snugpak stratosphere condensation is minimal and there is good breathability inside the bag. Also, as long as you keep the vents open, you will never feel claustrophobic inside.

How are the Snugpak Stratosphere Bivi customer reviews?

Customer reviews show how they would definitely buy another if their present Snugpak stratosphere bivi were to go missing. They have mostly rated this bivvy bag as 8 out of 10 which is a decent rating, considering the number of options available in the market. Customers have also reported how they would rather opt for this bivi bag than go for a tent which shows how popular this choice is emerging to be.

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Its easy to put up and a nice design, but its certainly not ‘highly breathable’ which the advertising blurb says. If my sleeping bag inside the bivvi hadn’t had a Pertex outer, it would have been soaked in condensation. Disappointing, I’m sorry to say. I’m a happy customer of Snugpak thanks to other pieces of kit, but this was a let down. It seems only a little more breathable than my old Royal Marines Arctic bivvi which is PU nylon (not breathable at all) and 20+ years old now.

On the plus side the hooped porch area is roomy, with space for a certain amount of kit and a handy flap over the mesh vent which is a neat shelter for boots. Access/egress is easy. A reasonable budget buy if you can get it for a good price. Sorry.

Mr. S. J. Watson
Decent piece of Kit,good weight,compact size and Co lour,Army Green,blends well with it’s surroundings,You can easily hide among bushes or fallen tree trunks or dark grass,leaving you to sleep soundly from preying eyes.
I was very disappointed however at the lack of breathability,Particularly when using a Down(Feather Filled) Sleeping bag.
Sadly I had to abandon my Rob Roy Way Walk after only three nights of heavy rain,My Mountain Equipment 750 Snowline Sleeping Bag(£350+) was saturated due to a mixture of the condensation and rain and I had no extra time(I gave myself a week to do the walk and return to work) to get it dry,the last night I lay shivering in my soaking wet bag and hardly slept at all,which made me weak and irritated in the morning,the thought of another sleepless night,I was now into the wilderness where B+B or a Hotel were No where to be seen,even If they were available?was just too much to bear,I was hoping to enjoy The Rob Roy Way, not be miserable at the end of it.
Due to that disaster,I went out and bought a synthetic sleeping bag(Snugpak Osprey 12) and in future hikes found this combination to be better but this was in winter in the Cairngorms and the temperature was -15C,so no condensation and I was very warm and cosy.
I have had some excellent sleeps in this Bivvy Bag since then.
Mr. Mark M. Munro
excellent bivvi bag
Mr B

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Summary for The Snugpak Stratosphere Bivi review

Easy to carry around

Completely waterproof and weatherproof

Good breathabilit

Not as spacious as a tent

Snugpak Stratosphere Bivi Bag outdoor-min
One of the best bivi on markets
Quite expensive
Only few of customer have remarks on durability

How will this Snugpak Stratosphere review help?

Among a plethora of choices, you would want to know which product suits your needs in the most appropriate way. The Snugpak stratosphere review helps you to find the right solution by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the bivi bag so that you don’t end up making the wrong choice. While keeping you dry and comfortable through mist and downpour, this bivi bag will ensure that you carry it along for every trip, all thanks to its supreme portability.