Marmot trestles 30 sleeping bag review for the campers

Marmot trestles 30 sleeping bag
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Marmot trestles 30 sleeping bag- an Overview:

When you are camping, especially in a cold weather, a warm cozy sleeping bag is all you need. Pack the Marmot trestles 30 sleeping bag and you are good to go. This lightweight sleeping bag is also easy to pack.

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Know the marmot trestles 30 dimensions:

The Marmot Trestles 30 is designed for both men and women and the regular size would suit an average height adult. There is a long version for those taller than 6’0”.

It comes in both right zip and left zip options and regular and long versions as well.

  • Weight: 1446g
  • Regular size: up to 6’0”
  • Long version: up to 6’6”

The bag provides enough foot circumference of 112cmmaking it comfortable even for those who are tall.

The good and bad about the Marmot Trestles 30:

  1. Spaciousness:

This is evidently the first great aspect about the marmot trestles 30. Large feet, broad shoulders, this can conveniently fit almost all sizes.

  1. Convenience of use:

The positioning of the zippers makes them easily accessible. The same is the case with the drawstrings for the hood. This means that you can quickly snuggle into the bag in no time.

  1. Price:

The marmot trestles 30 is one that falls in the reasonable price range and comes as a great value for money for the features it offers.

  1. Great ventilation:

On warmer nights, the ventilation in the bag is great. This means you would not have to end up feeling suffocated or sweaty.

  1. Impressive insulation:

If offers a warm abode thanks to the impressive insulation it offers even on a cold night, thanks to the “SpiralFil High Loft” insulation. You can be ensured of a good night’s sleep even without the need for bulky layers of clothing on a mild winter night.

  1. Extreme weather performance:

In an extremely cold weather, this bag might seem a bit low on the insulation it offers. But for an average cold night, it works just fine.

  1. Weight of the bag:

This sleeping bag is definitely not the lightest one in this segment. But this can easily be overlooked due to the fact that it can be folded and compactly packed in a smaller space.

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The marmot trestles 30 sleeping bag features:

  • It comes in a wave construction with a hood that cozily encloses the head.
  • The hood’s drawcords are smoother, rounder and firmer. This makes them easy to use in the middle of the night.
  • The face muff also gives enough protection without causing any discomfort
  • You can easily enter the sleeping bag thanks to the 2-way zippers.
  • The dual zippers also come in handy when you require some extra ventilation on a warm night
  • There is an additional pocket to stash your belongings safely inside
  • The sleeping bag fabric doesn’t snag in the coils thanks to the “Snagless draft tubes”
  • It also comes with a stuff sack
  • If you are looking to air out your bags, then you could easily do it as it comes with two loops for hanging

How comfortable are the marmot trestles 30 sleeping bags?

These sleeping bags come with polyester fiber insulation. It can keep you warm and dry even in a wet environment. The wave construction does a great job of blocking out the cold weather. The EN ratings of the marmot trestles 30 bags make these a perfect choice for mild weather outdoor camps. The bag is spacious enough to make it comfortable even for a side sleeper. The footbox is a trapezoid and this is a welcome addition for your feet. The overall comfort offered by the sleeping bag can be rated 4 out of 5. The one point reduced in the rating is because this is not the most comfortable option when it comes to extremely cold nights.

A word about the durability of the marmot trestles 30:

The marmot trestles 30is made of high-quality polyester and comes with SpiralFil 120 insulation material. This makes the bag quite durable. Marmot has been making sleeping bags of commendable quality. The trestles 30 is no exception.It scores a good 4 out of 5 rating when it comes to the durability. Sometimes the bag appears a bit stretched out after prolonged use but this has no impact on its performance.

What do the marmot trestles 30 customer reviews uk say about this product?

An overall average rating of this product based on the customer reviews is a 4 on ascale of 5. Every camper who has used this product is satisfied with the insulation it offers even in the wettest conditions. According to the marmot trestles 30 customer reviews uk, this sleeping bag would make a great starter. As long as you are not camping in extreme freezing temperatures this bag does the trick.

Very good product. Warm, compact and lightweight.
Luke A. Murch
marmot trestles 30

The final verdict from the marmot trestles 30 review:

Hope the marmot trestles review gave you an overview of the product to help you understand why this might be a great beginner level sleeping bag for your next camping trip.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying marmot trestles 30 …

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