Mountain Warehouse Bivvy Bag

Why should you choose Bivvy Bag Mountain Warehouse

The typical Bivvy bags are small, lightweight, waterproof and an alternative to the bulky tents that climbers, hitchhikers and backpackers carry on their sojourns. There are several brands of Bivvy bags in the market. We recommend Bivvy bag Mountain warehouse because of the extra insulation it provides when used in conjunction with the sleeping bag. In addition to that, its waterproof nature will prevent dampness or rain from seeping in. It is breathable too. Bivvy bag mountain warehouse comes in a compact bag to store the bag when not using.

How to decide which mountain warehouse Bivvy bag pack size suits you?

You will be overwhelmed with the various styles, sizes, shapes and colors of the mountain warehouse Bivvy bag packs.  There are packs which suit your every need – be it a regular outdoor activity or a once in a lifetime biking or backpacking trip. The challenge is to narrow down the search to the one piece that will suit your need. This particular model is of the standard size of 225 cm x 75 cm and weighs a mere 340 g making it convenient to take along with you on your hiking and biking trips.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the mountain warehouse Bivvy bag?

The biggest prosand cons of the mountain warehouse Bivvy bag are:

  • Compact

    The Bivvy bag is just 225cm x 75 cm making it very small and convenient to roll and store

  • Lightweight

    It weighs a mere 340 g. Hence ideal to carry with any kind of camping gear.

  • Waterproof

    The use of ripstop fabric and the presence of a waterproof membrane keep water and the morning dew from seeping in thereby ensuring that the bag is dry.

  • Sleep anywhere

    Since the Bevy’s so compact and small it can be used anywhere, be it a ledge, a small clearing or even in the harness during mountain climbing.

  • Restricted space

    Unlike a tent, there is not enough space in the Bivvy to change positions during sleeping.

  • Absence of rain protection

    Though the Bivvy is waterproof, it does not protect the face from rain.  The only option left is to sleep on the stomach to prevent getting wet.

  • Thin material

    The material is very thin and the chances of a tear when in the wild on uneven surfaces are high.

Why is the warmth and insulation inside the Bivvy bag mountain warehouse better?

The Bivvy bag is made of waterproof rip stop fabric which makes the bag completely water tight. There is a thin membrane inside, which makes the bag breathable. The seams are taped to add further protection. Hence when you use this waterproof bag as a lining to the regular sleeping bag, you get greater warmth and it keeps the elements of nature at bay. A Bivvy bag can improve the effective temperature range of a sleeping bag by as much as 5F.

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Customers Review Mountain Warehouse Bivvy Bag

Customers have found that the bag is compact and convenient to use for a night stand but it is not breathable as claimed by the manufacturer. It is a great buy for good weather but for severe weather conditions this is not ideal. It tends to wear away soon. For the price it is sold, it is worth though.

Very pleasantly surprised, I was about to purchase a bivi which was more than twice the price but took a chance with this one and it has more than paid off. The biggest advantage was how compact and lightweight it is, I use it for bikepacking and it does exactly what it’s supposed to. Using the “layer” method bivi, bag and liner I’m as warm as toast and dry. #microadventure.
John Holt
It was what I wanted and what I expected – a bag from thin material to cover a sleeping bag. I bought it to spend one night in the open air in case of rain. Since it did not rain, I did not manage to test it fully. Although it was the height of summer, I found it a little cold as a stand-alone sleeping bag in the early hours. Not sure if that was because of dew condensing on the outside or light condensation on the inside, but there was no obvious heavy condensation inside like under a space blanket. Folds to a small and light package and appears well-made.
F J Brimm
Would buy again

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Summary for The Mountain Warehouse Bivvy Bag review

Ideal to carry with any kind of camping gear



Restricted space

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Really good quality for that price
One of the chepeast
Materials are rather low quality but for few night it will be ok

Conclusive Mountain Warehouse Bivvy Bag Review

When camping and biking is a way of life, you need a gear which is durable, weather resistant, lightweight and most importantly compact and portable. So before you buy a Bivvy bag you should pay heed to the terrain, the weather and the weight you will have to carry during your trip.Your sleeping habit and postures too should be taken into consideration before you purchase a Bivvy bag.

The mountain warehouse Bivvy bag reviews prove that it is a great buy because of its ripstop fabric, taped seams and waterproof feature. It is also lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. So for the tete-a-tete with nature, purchase a mountain warehouse Bivvy bag.

In addition to that, the bag is compact and comes with a stuff bag. Though there is a concern on the breathability of the fabric, for an occasional night out in the open, the mountain warehouse Bivvy bag is most certainly worth it.