MSR Elixir 3 Review

The great outdoors has a lot to offer for those who know how to enjoy it. When you don’t mind staying away from home, not sleeping on your comfortable spring mattress but want to experience nature and enjoy the night sky, camping is the best option. No, you cannot just take a few supplies and sleep under the stars, at least not always.

What you need is a good tent. And if you are camping with a friend or a partner, you need a tent that is big enough to fit in both of you, comfortably. The MSR Elixir can accommodate not two but three people at a time. Loaded with features and designed for comfort, this is one tent you should not miss checking out, if you are planning to camp with company.

Who Can Use The MSR Elixir 3 UK?

For all those who love staying outdoors and don’t mind missing the comforts of home, the MSR Elixir is a great option. Made out of thick and sturdy material, this tent is structured in such a way, to optimize the head room. For all those nature lovers who love to step out and enjoy it as a gang, this tent can house three adults at a time. Hence, all the fun can continue even after you go to bed, as everyone is not sleeping in a different tent.

MSR Elixir 3 Dimensions Offers Comfort

The tent is designed in such a way that the occupants will have enough room, on the floor as well as the height. When opened up, the floor area measures 84×68 inches and the tent is 41 inches high. When packed, it measures 8×20 inches, thus making it very compact and easy to carry along.

The Good And The Bad About MSR Elixir 3 Tent With Footprint

Accommodate More– It can accommodate three adults. You can use three separate sleeping bags within the tent itself. No need to share.

Easy Setup– The poles, clips and webbing are all color coded. Hence it is very easy to set up and takes very little of your time.

Two Door Entry – When it is three people in one tent, you cannot make do with just a single door. This tent has two large doors to facilitate easy entry and exit.

Two Vestibules – This maximizes the space and has enough room to store all things one brings on the camping trip.

Not Too Roomy – Though it can accommodate three adults, if three large adults were to occupy the tent, it will be a tight squeeze, thus making it uncomfortable.

Solid Doors – The doors are majorly made of the thick material with a mesh only on the top. Hence there is not enough ventilation, especially if it were to be occupied by three adults.

Not Light – This tent is not lighter than other tents in the market, thus not more convenient than other tents if you are going on a long trek or a canoe trip.

MSR Elixir 3

MSR Elixir 3 Tent 3-Person 3-Season For All Your Needs

When you are out camping, the weather is not always certain. No matter how well you plan to avoid bad weather, nature is unpredictable, as always. Hence you need a tent that can withstand not just the cold but the rains too. This 3 season tent is made of 40-denier rip stop nylon that can withstand harsh and bad weather, keeping you safe and dry inside. The rainfly can be erected when it rains and can be opened up when not needed. This ensures no water seeps in and you are kept dry throughout.

Go Anywhere With The MSR Elixir 3 Lightweight Backpacking Tent

When you are out on the move, the last thing you want to carry is a heavy tent. The Elixir 3 is not only compact but also weighs only 6.13lbs when packed, thus making it convenient to be carried around. The tent is made of 40 denier ripstop nylon for the canopy, the floor is made of 70-denier ripstop nylon and the rainfly is made of 68-denier ripstop nylon. This material offers a long life to the tent despite being used in various conditions.

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Save Time With The Elixir 3 –Person Tent

No one wants to spend a lot of time setting up the tent. When you are out, you want to spend all your time exploring and having fun. This tent has color coded poles and clips to help you set it up in no time. The instructions manual and the instructions video online tell you how to set it up, without any complications. No prior experience is required to set it up. The entire pitching process takes only about 10 minutes, while taking it down takes only about half the time. You can pack up the material neatly and be on your way in no time.

Wonder What The MSR Elixir 3 Customer Reviews Are?

There is no feedback like a customer review. You will not only get a first hand feedback, as these are reviews after the tent is used, you get honest opinions and comparisons too.

The customers using this tent are extremely happy and pleased with this tent. They are highly impressed with the easy set up process as the color coded poles and clips enables even an amateur or a teenager to set it up without any extra help.

The material of the tent is thick and durable, thus ensuring you and your group are kept safe and dry in heavy rains. Customers are happy to use this even in areas where water tends to puddle up when it rains. You don’t have to worry about your things getting soaked, thus cutting your camping trip short.

customer reviews
Took this tent to Glastonbury and although there no porch it was much lighter than my mates tents so had less trouble carrying it. I’m going to camp in Scotland in a few weeks and can’t wait to take it. It’s extremely durable as proven to survive the heavy rains and mud we had. It’s also quite easy to clean. It’s spacious for such a light tent and made of good sturdy and light material. Highly recommend paying the extra penny!
Han van de Braak
Elixir 3 Tent

Make A Wise Choice With The Elixir 3 Tent Review

This tent is overall a great buy for those who want to go out and be one with nature, as a group. If you like company when you hit the bed or want to camp out as a cozy couple, this tent is a perfect choice. With enough floor and storage space, one needn’t compromise on anything, just because they have extra company inside.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying Elixir 3 Tent …