Must Have Camping Kitchen Products For A Delightful Camping Experience

When you work hard all week and you need a break, camping out in the outskirts is such a stress buster. Sleeping under the stars, cooking on a campfire and spending your time with family without any fuss would be bliss. If you are keen on cooking for your family while you are out camping, you would need a camping kitchen and all the frills you need to cook in a jiffy.

Why do you need a camping kitchen stand?

When you go camping, you need to carry some basics – first aid kits, sleeping bags, tents, appropriate clothes and shoes, flash light and some personal care items. If you travel in an RV, the basic equipments for cooking and washing such as a sink and cutlery are already with you.

But if you are going to pitch a tent, then you would need a camping kitchen stand to store all the kitchen stuff you plan to carry. Look for a kitchen stand which lets you store all food and spices. The camping kitchen stand top should be strong enough to hold your pots and pans. The stand should also have a sink to do the dishes. It should be sturdy and durable so that it can withstand inclement weather conditions too.

Why is a camping kitchen unit essential?

When you plan to camp away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you would not have so many options to shop. You can take cooked or ready-to-eat food with you to the camp. But cooking on the campfire is totally different experience. If you go on a fishing trip, you would need to build a fire to cook it and relish the catch. That is where your camping kitchen unit would come to your rescue.

The kitchen unit comes with a storage area, a sink and provisions to place your camping stove over it.

Buy something that is strong and can bear the weight you are going to put on it.

Why is the size of your camping kitchen equipment important?

When you are taking your RV to the campsite, your trusty vehicle does the job of carrying around your things. But if you plan to hike or backpack, it is altogether a different story. You need to make sure that you do not overload your backpack or you would end up tired and panting even before you start your adventure.

Pack minimal things and make sure they are easy to carry in a backpack, easy to load and unload and light weight if you would be doing a lot of hiking and walking.

Why should you have additional camping kitchen storage?

When you are looking for a camping kitchen unit, see that it has additional storage space. This would help you keep all your extra food, spices, pots, pans, dry food and extra cutlery safe from the weather and would not take up space in your backpack when you need to go away from your tent. It would also keep your food safe from animals and rodents if you plan on leaving the unit in the tent.

Tips to find the best camping kitchen UK

Gelert Kitchen Stand/Cupboard

Buying a camping kitchen stand with storage area is a good investment. It helps you organize all your things in the provided shelves and makes it easier for you to reach for them to use it. The Gelert Kitchen Stand/Cupboard is an excellent choice for storage during camping. This stand has three strong tables attached to one another and weighs 18lbs. The tables come in the following measurements of Length by Weight by Height –

  • Main Table 66 x 35 x 80cm
  • Left Table 58 x 40 x 71cm
  • Right Table 29 x 40 x 72cm
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Why is it essential to have a camping kitchen sink unit?

Aluminium Folding Camping Kitchen with Double Larder

Once you are done cooking, you cannot leave your dirty dishes lying around or just wipe them. Moreover on the camping site you wouldn’t have the luxury of a dishwasher or plenty of cutlery to use. You definitely do not want raccoons or other animals ravaging your campsite for food. Thus washing and using the minimal pots and pans as soon as you are done cooking is the only option. So a camping kitchen sink is very essential.

The Aluminum Folding Camping Kitchen with Double Larder proves to be the best product for your camping kitchen sink needs. It is big enough to provide enough storage space and light enough to be easily carried. The folding kitchen has two compartments for storage and they are detachable and made out of fabric. The stand is sturdy and does not corrode. They also come with a mesh door which can be zip sealed. One of the main features is that the stove area comes with a removable windshield which is very useful to help in neat cooking though you are outdoors. The camping kitchen sink measures

  • Stove area: 62 x 33 cm
  • Size when Open:: 172cm x 48cm x 79.5cm (LxWxH)
  • Size when Folded: 62cm x 33cm.

Finding a camping kitchen stand with storage area

Yellowstone Kitchen Stand with Wind Shield

A camping kitchen stand without a storage area would mean only one thing – clutter. Where would you store all food and pots and pans? You need a good, covered storage area in your camping kitchen stand so that things are at your reach and available at all times while you cook.

A great camping kitchen stand with storage area is the Yellowstone Kitchen Stand with Wind Shield; This comes with a windshield to protect your stove from the wind and dust. It is easy to assemble and the windshield is removable.

  • It measures 60cm x 45cm x 78/103cm.

The best camping kitchen stand with sink

Kampa – Commander Field Kitchen

When you are looking for a camping kitchen stand with sink, you would be greatly satisfied with the Kampa – Commander Field Kitchen. This kitchen stand is spacious and big enough to serve as a workspace. The stand comes with storage compartments with zipped doors. There are also provisions for hooks that can be used to hang spoons and pans. You can keep your campsite litter free by using the garbage collector in its holder provided on the stand. The measurements are as follows:

  • Worktop Size: W 61 x D 49 cm
  • Worktop height: 81 cm
  • Extension table Size: W 59 x D 41.5 cm
  • Extension table height: 67 cm

Why is it good to have a Camping Kitchen Cupboard?

Camping Kitchen Stove Unit with Pantry Storage

There is no such thing as extra storage, more cupboards mean more for you! The lightweight and easily portable Camping Kitchen Stove Unit with Pantry Storage is a good buy as it has spacious and quickly accessible pantry storage. It is made of a strong steel frame and the pantry storage comes right under the work table and is big and strong enough to hold enough food for cooking and storage.

  • The dimensions are 110cm x 39cm x 69cm (H x D x W).

How to find a camping kitchen unit with shelves and windshield?

Kampa Commander Field Kitchen Stand Tent Camping

If you are looking for a camping kitchen unit with shelves and windshield, your search ends here. The best product in the market is the Kampa Commander Field Kitchen stand tent camping which is vouched for by many campers. It is extremely easy to assemble and carry. It also has provisions to fix a windshield though it does not come with the product. The measurements are

  • Total size when open 126 x 49 x 80cm (W x D x H)
  • Main worktop 67 x 49 x 80cm
  • Extension Side table 59 x 42 x 67cm

Keep your campsite neat with the camping cupboard kitchen collapsible organizer

Charlies Outdoor Leisure Aluminum Kitchen

If you are worried about space in your tent and do not want to spend lots of time in assembling and dismantling your camping kitchen stand, the Charlies Outdoor Leisure Aluminum Kitchen and Cupboard Unit is the right product for you. It is built of aluminum and has a large table top for the stove or prepping activities for cooking. It also has storage cupboards and pockets. A shelf under the kitchen unit helps you store food and spices for immediate cooking. It also comes with a windshield to protect food from flies and bugs. The side shelf is removable.

  • The Kitchen Unit measures 110cm x 66cm x  48cm (H x W x L)
  • The Side Cupboard measures 80cm x  60cm x  48cm (H x W x L)

Finding a camping kitchen unit with sink is easy

Yellowstone Quick Erect Storage Cupboard

Most camping kitchen stands come with attached kitchen units, pantry storage and a sink to do the dishes. If you feel that those storage cupboards would not be enough to cater to your big family’s needs, you can buy a separate storage cupboard to store all the extra stuff. The Yellowstone Quick Erect Storage Cupboard serves just that purpose. It is an erect and rigid cupboard which you can fold after use and comes with sufficient space for storage.

  • It measures 67 x 56 x 102 cm.

Cheap camping kitchen stand, but no compromises on the quality

Vango Bistro Deluxe

The Vango Bistro Deluxe is a perfect choice for a cheap camping kitchen stand as it fulfills all your needs from a good camping kitchen stand. It has a big worktop with hooks for hanging spoons and also a rubbish collector attached to the stand. You can fold the kitchen stand and it is very easy to maneuver it around as it is portable and light weight. It also comes with a removable shelf and wind shield.

  • The dimensions are 125 cm x 80 cm x 49 cm (L x H x W).
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Is your camping kitchen cupboard serving its purpose?

When you are looking for a camping kitchen cupboard, look for durability and good storage space.

If the shelves are removable it is an added advantage. Most cupboards come with mesh doors which can be zipped. The camping kitchen storage cupboard should be made of a material which can withstand rough use, should be non-corrosive, sturdy and durable. If you can check all these conditions off your list, then the cupboard is a great investment.

When you buy a camping kitchen unit for cooking on the campsite, all you need to check is for space and a strong frame. Flimsy metal stands might not be the good choice for an uneven ground. Some metals might rust or corrode under the sun or the rain. When your unit has extra space for storage, it means your tent is saved from all the mess.

A quick list of the necessary features to keep in mind when you buy a camping kitchen stand:

  • Strong and Durable
  • Big table top for gas and prepping work
  • Storage facility
  • Windshield, hooks and rubbish bin holder
  • Kitchen sink to do the dishes

These products make sure you have an amazing time with family and friends while camping and cooking for everyone.


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