Nordisk telemark 2 review

Nordisk telemark 2
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Outdoor camping gear has evolved over the years. We now have some of the most convenient and sophisticated tents that are easy to put up and come with ample storage space and other features. Here is a review of a 2 person tent for a starter. This one is great for a hiking couple to pitch up in no time and to carry easily as it can be compactly packed.

Nordisk telemark 2 tent- an overview:

While looking for tents in the lightweight category, the Nordisk telemark tents are sure to come up on the list. Known for being light, stable and utilitarian, the nordisktelemark 2 tent is available in LW (lightweight) and ULW (ultra-lightweight) options. They also come packed with several other features that make them popular among the campers.

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What are Nordisk telemark 2 carbon dimensions?

Nordisk telemark 2 carbon dimensions are similar to that of the aluminum pole version (LW).

Outer dimensions:

  • Height x length (cm): 106 x 235

Inner dimensions:

  • Length- 220cm
  • Width at the door- 135cm
  • Height- 100cm
  • Width at the corners- 76cm and 102cm

Not too roomy but just enough space for 2 people, this tent can be given a 4 out of 5 rating based on the dimensions.

Nordisk telemark 2 lwvsULW which one should you choose?

The LW and ULW versions of the Nordisk Telemark 2 are both light tents suitable for 2 people. Not too big, yet roomy enough for 2 people to conveniently sleep within the tent thanks to its dimensions. Weighing just 950g, the LW tent is one of the lightest 2 man tents you would be able to find on the market.

It is also a reasonably priced tent making it a great choice for a camping couple. If you are looking for something even lighter, the ULW weighs a mere 880g. It is a bit pricier than the LW version but comes with features which are all similar to that of telemark 2 LW.Another difference between the two is the pole material. The LW version comes with aluminum poles while the ULW version has carbon fiber poles. Nordisk telemark 2 lwvs ULW comparison shows that they are very much similar except on the weight and pricing aspects.

How does the Nordisk telemark 2 tent with footprint measure up?

When you choose your tents, you should be clear about the purpose you would be using it for. There are tents that can be used during the day time. These offer a lot of space to move around, storage space for your camping essentials, those that come with awning, and lots more. The telemark 2 is a camping tent ideal for resting at the night. Here are some features of the tent that you might like or hate.

What are the pros and Cons of the Nordisk telemark 2 tent ?

  1. Faster pitching:

The outer and inner tents come clipped together. This makes the pitching of this tent pretty easy and quick.

  1. Lightweight:

This is definitely the biggest plus of the nordisktelemark 2. In the case of those who are on longer expeditions, mountaineers, carrying heavy gear might not be a choice. So these tents which are light to carry are ideal companions.

  1. Stability:

The single-hoop design of this tent offers stability. This would ensure that your tent can withstand winds better.

  1. Thin yet tough tent fabric:

The tent fabric is a thin material that is responsible for its impressively light weight. But this thin material is also equally tough and resists tears and scratches to a good extent.

  1. Adjustable porch area:

There is a locking ring between the main poles that can be slid to vary the size of the porch area. This is a handy feature for creating a shielded sit-out area.

  1. Less storage space:

The 2 man tent delivers just what it promises. It is ideal for 2 people to stay and store a little luggage. If you are carrying extra gear, say cooking essentials, the storage space might seem a bit too low to hold all of them.

  1. Narrower ends:

The tent’s ends are tapering. This means that if you are using a thicker mattress to sleep within your tent, you might feel constrained.

Nordisk telemark 2 tent

Is the Nordisk telemark 2 tent 2-person good for bad weather?

The 10D ripstop nylon body offers good protection against rain. The construction of the tent offers stability even in the windiest areas. This is a great 3 weather tent. The water column rating of the tent is 2000mm so it can shield you against light rain but might not be the best choice in the heaviest rainfall areas. The bottom water column is 8000mm.

What is Nordisk telemark2 ultralightweight durability?

Nordisk telemark 2 ultra lightweight and lightweight options both are made of 10D ripstop nylon which is pretty durable.Though the tent might appear a bit expensive for a 2-man tent, given its lightweight and stable construction backed by the longevity (which is good, yet not the best in class), this makes a great choice for a long term purchase.

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Is Nordisk telemark 2 lw pitching easy to do?

If you are just beginning to use the tent, it would take you hardly 5 minutes to pitch the tent. But with time and practice, you would be able to do it in 2 to 3 minutes. The pitching is straightforward and can be done as a whole unit as well as flysheet first. You would need 4 pegs on standard situations. If you wish to secure the tent for extra windy regions you might need to add guylines to the poles and peg them down.

What are the overall Nordisk telemark 2 uk customer reviews like?

Nordisk telemark 2 LW and ULW both have overall positive reviews from the customers how have used them for their camping trips. The space constraint is the only thing that most users feel disappointed about the tent. This is especially the case with those who need extra space for storage.

customer reviews
This is a really great ultra light, double wall tent. I bought it this year and used it for a mountain marathon and when I was training for it. Personally I think the cheaper and very slightly heavier aluminium pole option (this one) is the more sensible buy – aluminium poles are generally stronger and definitely easier to field repair if they bend.

I’ve used it on a couple of occasions in fairly bad weather. Whilst the fabrics used are necessarily light, they are tough and very waterproof. I would estimate that we experienced 20mph+ gusts and the tent was really stable (I used two extra guy points on the main pole – these aren’t included but are a good addition if you will use this in bad weather). The tent happily saw off a great deal of rain. Even in windy, wet weather I stayed completely dry inside. I normally use this with a footprint but on the occasions when I haven’t, the floor has also been completely dry.

The tent is billed as a two man tent and I have used it with two people (both fairly tall men). It makes for a fairly cozy overnight experience, but you can sleep shoulder to shoulder without discomfort and without bumping into the sides of the tent. If you use standard rectangular sleeping mats they will overlap slightly at the feet.

One of my favourite features of this tent is that you can prop up the door and use it as an awning. You can use a trekking pole for this or the corner section poles. Using the corner section poles is not a particularly good idea (it’s quite faffy to take them in and out), but I used a cheap carbon pole instead. If it’s not too windy it is a good idea to use this option if there are two of you in the tent as it can build up a fair amount of condensation – it’s got a decent vent but keeping the door propped up means no condensation at all.

As far as I’m aware this is one of the lightest two man tents available to buy. I weighed it at almost exactly one kilo (1020g), including a couple of extra pegs, guy lines and a stuff sack (the tent includes an integrated stuff sack but I don’t find it very easy to use).

Generally the attention to detail throughout this tent seems pretty good – all the stitching is good quality and someone has clearly put some thought into the design features. The tent also includes quite a lot of spare fittings (e.g. the hooks between the inner and outer, some guy line, a pole repair sleeve).

I think this is a great buy. I would recommended primarily as a very comfortable solo backpacking tent. For me, it would be a bit too small for an extended trip for two people – but it is also ideal for two people for adventure racing or mountain marathons where you might be more willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort.

nordisktelemark 2 tent

Making your decision based on the nordisktelemark 2 tent review:

Hope this review helped you understand the basic features of this tent that make it so polar among the campers. If you are hiking or mountaineering, you might definitely want to choose something that is light and easy to pitch. In that case, this tent totally solves the purpose.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying nordisktelemark 2 tent …

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