North face blue kazoo sleeping bag review

North face blue kazoo sleeping bag
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An overview of the north face blue kazoo sleeping bag

Got your backpacks ready for the next trip? Looking for a 3-season sleeping bag which is roomy and still keeps you warm? Then check out the north face blue kazoo sleeping bag. It is light, compact and spacious and offers a great insulation at low temperatures. The material used in the sleeping bag is also soft and comfortable to sleep in. What more would you want from a good sleeping bag? So, for your next trip, grab the blue kazoo and you are good to go.

Know the north face blue kazoo dimensions:

It comes in left and right handed versions in 4 size variants as regular, short, long and extra-long.

  • The internal length of the bag in the short to long variants range from 182cm to 212cm.

It is also compact and occupies less space when packed.

The standard stuff sack measures 9” x 17”

These are unisex sleeping bags. The short size can fit adults up to 168cm tall and the long can fit adults up to 198cm tall. So there is enough number of options to choose from.

  • The weight ranges from 1078g (short) to 1335g (extra-long)

We can see that for a 3-season bag, and the given north face blue kazoo dimensions it weighs pretty much on the lighter side.

The weight of the bag in relation to the dimensions scores a perfect 5 out 5.

The good and the bad in the north face blue kazoo:

  • Comfort:

This is the first word that comes to mind when we talk about the north face blue kazoo. The cut of the bag is made brilliantly to offer enough room for the sleeper. Even those with broader shoulders can feel cozy inside.

  • Hood design:

The hood is broad and fits snugly on the head and offers a great protection. It comes with a temperature rating of -15°C. So you can be ensured that you can stay warm in harsher winter weather.

  •  Pricing:

For a bag so roomy, for one that has been popular for quite a long time, this is still in the moderate price segment. So it makes a decent deal for the features it offers.

  • Draft collar:

To restrict the loss of warmth from inside the bag, it comes with adraft collar that offers a nice shielding effect.

  • Compressibility:

This is one area where the bag is not a winner. It is quite compressible in relation to the dimensions and the fill. However, it is not the best compressibility in the market.

  • Weight:

Again the weight is also pretty decent for the insulation it offers and the broad cut it has been designed with. But you get lighter options in the market. So if you are hesitant to carry some extra weight, there might be better choices for you than this one.

north face blue kazoo sleeping bags

The north face blue kazoo sleeping bag features:

  • Water resistant fill (650 ProDown) to offer great insulation even in wet conditions
  • Even heat distribution and absence of cold spots
  • If you wish to attach the blue kazoo to a sleeping pad, it comes with pad loops

The features of the sleeping bag as against the others in this segment gives it a 4 on a scale of 5 as the market is already seeing a lot of sleeping bags that come with 800-fill while this one retains a 650.

How comfortable are the north face blue kazoo sleeping bags?

The hood design and the cut of the shell have been crafted to offer great comfort to the sleeper. The shape of the bag has also been designed to offer enough room for you to toss inside without feeling constricted. The hip region has been made wide enough and this makes it comfortable for women users. The tapering at the foot region balances the width of the footboxwhile also offering enough warmth. So another 5 on a scale of 5 in the comfort level rating for the north face blue kazoo sleeping bags.

The durability of the blue kazoo:

On a long run, these bags are pretty durable. There’s no denying that. But sometimes you might find the zipper snagging at the shell material. And the quality of the fill used in the sleeping bag is not the best in the market. It does its job pretty well, though. So overall, a 4 out of 5 for the blue kazoo in terms of quality and durability.

What the north face blue kazoo customer reviews uk say about the product?

Most of the customers talk about how comfortable the blue kazoo bags are. There are general positive comments about the insulation it offers. The north face blue kazoo customer reviews uk give an overall positive picture of the product. Some do talk about the zipper snag and the draft collar which might seem a bit less stiff.So, another 4 out of 5 for the blue kazoo based on average user ratings.

north face blue kazoo

Final verdict from the north face blue kazoo review:

If you are looking for a warm and roomy sleeping bag with some decent temperature ratings for a colder night, then this definitely is a great choice. But if you are looking for some super light version which also compresses really well, then you do get better ones in these aspects. Hope the north face blue kazoo review helped rule out some of your confusions about choosing a great sleeping bag for your next trip.

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