Olpro Martley 6 Review

Olpro Martley 6 tent

Fast Summary

70 – quite nice but with few bad things
66 – medium range of price
80 – Quality and design on ok level

Size- 70 cm x 36 cm x 38 cm

Weight – 20 kg

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Olpro Martley 6 tent – an overview

The favorite pastime in summer for many is camping out in the open with friends and family. A tent becomes the most essential part of the gear. Buying a tent depends on various factors like the size, type, skin and anatomy of the tent. The Olpro Martley 6 tent is a Vis-à-vis style waterproof family tent with 2 bedrooms that can accommodate 3 people each.

A Vis-à-vis tent tapers towards the end and has two sleeping areas which face each other with an opening or awning as popularly known in the middle of the tent. This area has a good height for standing or can be used for sitting and watching a movie. The tent is funnel shaped and can be pitched in 20-30 minutes. It can be taken down too in a jiffy. It is lightweight and does not occupy too much space in your camping gear.

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The Olpro Martley 6 man tent is for families

The Olpro Martley 6 man tent is ideal for a family or a small group of six people. This family tunnel tent has two large inner breathable tents for privacy and sleep. That’s not all there is a side door and two large windows which come with roll down curtains ensuring that you get plenty of light and ventilation in your tent.

The good and the bad about the Olpro Martley six person

Like all good things the Olpro Martley six person tent too has its advantages and disadvantages. Listed below are a few of the biggest pros and cons


  • Good tensile strength: It is made of 190T OLTech Polyester which is more malleable and resistant to rips and tears and abrasions.
  • Easy to pitch up: The tent can be pitched up in less than 30 minutes single handled by even one person.
  • Lightweight: The polyester fabric makes the tent light and easy to store and transport without any adding any extra bulk to your baggage.
  • Easy maintenance: The fabric is easy to maintain as polyester is not affected by dirt, grease and oil and also resistant to mildew and rips.
  • Economical: Polyester is a low priced fabric with greater resilience than other fabrics like nylon.


  • Poor heat resistance: Polyester is poor insulator when compared to cotton as a result it heat up fast and cools down fast too.
  • Non breathable: Just as polyester doesn’t allow moisture to enter the tent it doesn’t allow it to escape also leading to condensation within the tent.
  • Noisy: The lightweight material makes the doors flap in winds resulting in nuisance at night especially.
  • Limited durability: These tents wear out fast and do not last long.

Is the Olpro Martley 6 package convenient?

The package consists of the tent, luxurious carpet,footprint groundsheet, color coded fiberglass canopy poles, a built in organizer, a lantern hook, fly screen ventilation, toggle on the doors and instructions and warranty.It weighs less than 20 kg after packing and is only 70 x 36 x 38 cm in size.

Olpro Martley 6 Tent

 Is the Martley 6 tent weather resistant?

The Martley 6 tents are made of 190 T polyester OLTech fabric with a 5000 mm hydro static head which means that the fabric can withstand upto 5 meters of water before it leaks. The tent has seams which are fully taped to prevent water entering from anywhere. Then there is the drought skirt protection as an extra layer against the wind, bugs and rain from entering the tent. Furthermore, the entire tent is fully fire retardant. Finally the 10000 mm hydro static head groundsheet ensures that no moisture seeps inside from the ground.

Is Olpro Martley 6 pitching easy?

This family tent can be pitched in less than 30 minutes, it is that easy – so is the unpitching. The Martley 6 uses a ring and pin system wherein each pole can be quickly put into place on the flysheet. The fully sewn in groundsheet is an added advantage.

How durable is Martley 6?

One of the criteria for buying a tent is its durability. Each material has its own strength and weakness and often to counter the weakness the material is treated to certain extent. The Martley 6 is made of 190T OLTech Polyester fabric which can withstand a lot of wear and tear because polyester strand sare thick and have excellent tear resistance. It is resistant to chaffing, rains and does not sag when wet. It dries quickly and has a better life even under UV exposure when compared with nylon.And most importantly polyester requires very minimal maintenance

General takeaways from Olpro Martley 6 customer reviews

The tent has received moderate appreciation from users. The newbies to camping have found the instructions hard to follow while the pros were delighted with the ease with which you can pitch the full tent in under 30 minutes. Some users felt the sleeping quarters were too cramped and are not meant for 3 people. Users have also found issues with the groundsheet coming loose. On the other hand the lightweight feature and color coded poles were much appreciated.

excellent build quality. comfortable large family tent. slightly disappointing were the not very good ground sheet tie-down loops and the bog standard tent pegs..no instruction manual was included for after care.. so i guess its via youtube !? all in all 9/10
Smart tent. Took a while to set up, definitely a two person job. My major problem with the tent was that the sleeping compartments are not deep enough to sleep 3/4 people in each pod, we could only fit one double airbed in each compartment. The compartments are made of a light fabric too so during the summer on light evenings and light mornings it is hard to get quality sleep – especially with young children! The sleeping compartments are also quite taught when zipped and toggled to the exterior tent – we had to undo a couple of toggles to prevent damage.
I would like to see an extension to the front allowing you to cook in the open air but protecting you from the elements.
Other than that it is a good tent. Spacious, good head height, the sewn in ground sheet gives you good protection from unwanted visitors. I liked the fold down door guards which meant my children were tripping over the lip of the groundsheet all the time.
The tent itself was good the one time we used it, but the manufacturing quality left a lot to be desired. There was a hole in the ground sheet, and the ground sheet was also coming away from the rest of the tent at the bottom of the door. Also, two of the hoops that attach to the toggles that hold up the inner tents broke off within a few seconds of being attached, so clearly they were not held on strongly enough.
One other point, as a first time camper, I found the instructions hard to follow. I can see that if you’ve put up a tent like this before, it might make sense, but some pictures would have been invaluable for me and would have saved a lot of time and frustration!

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Pitching time (m)
Customer rating(0-5)


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Summary for Olpro Martley 6 Tent review

We like

  • Easy to pitch up: The tent can be pitched up in less than 30 minutes single handled by even one person.
  • Lightweight: The polyester fabric makes the tent light and easy to store and transport without any adding any extra bulk to your baggage.

We don’t like

  • Noisy: The lightweight material makes the doors flap in winds resulting in nuisance at night especially.
  • Limited durability: These tents wear out fast and do not last long.
Olpro Martley 6 package
Best in class
Medium Range of cost
Highest level

Final verdict on the Olpro Martley 6 reviews

The Olpro Martley 6 looks stylish and unique among the regular greens and blues. This large spacious tunnel shaped tent can be transformed into your home away from home while camping. The handy organizers, the lantern hook at each end windows with blinds that can be drawn down ensure just that. Of course there are a few issues with the groundsheet not offering the protection required and if the manufacturers look into this matter, the tent is a worthy addition to your camping gear.

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