Osprey Rucksacks Reviews

Why Do You Need Osprey Backpack Reviews?

Osprey is the one of the very few names that comes to the mind when it comes to the advanced backpacks. Whether it is just day hiking or the adventurous mountaineering, Osprey Rucksacks are the most advanced backpacks suitable for every need.

Osprey’s products are innovative and also high performance ones that satisfy the high expectations of their customers. A point worth mentioning in Osprey Rucksacks Reviews is the commitment of the company to manufacture a product that is more environmental friendly.

All the Osprey Rucksacks have no BPA, PVC and triclosan. Also, they come with recyclable packaging. The company’s efforts to produce products by addressing the environmental and social concerns are really worth appreciating.

Do you know that the original name of osprey bags was Santa Cruz recreational packs? Quite interesting, isn’t it? Osprey Rucksacks was started as a one-man army by Mike. Initially, these bags were created for the travellers and backpackers and were custom-fitted according to the measurements.

Only in 1987, did Osprey start selling the backpacks wholesale. The first Osprey factory was started in Dolores, Colorado in an 8000 square feet building which was originally designed for Ford Model-T factory. By 1994, the business was expanded to Cortez, Colorado.  Due to the increasing challenge in acquiring materials, the manufacturing was moved to Vietnam in 2000. Mike shifted to Vietnam in order to closely educate and watch the design and production of his products.

In 2009, the company celebrated the 35th anniversary by launching the All mighty guarantee – a lifetime warranty to provide repair or correct any defect in their products. Osprey’s innovative designs and their promise to give quality products are visible even after decades of the company started. In short, Osprey means quality and commitment.

Why Osprey rucksack backpack is the most preferred?

Osprey rucksack backpack are advanced and are designed according to the need of the type of user. The size of the rucksacks varies and ranges between 400 cubic inches to 6700 cubic inches. In addition to that, all the Osprey backpacks have shoulder and hip straps with full suspension system for safety and comfort. The hip belt also has mesh pockets directly on it. Many other features like the compression straps, water bottle pockets and floating top lids add to the desirability quotient. Let us discuss some of the biggest pros of the Osprey rucksack backpack.

  • Lightweight:The rucksacks make use of aircraft aluminium and durable nylon, which are lightest of all the light materials and adds more comfort to the hikers.
  • Capacity: The backpacks might be lightweight but their carrying capacity is really amazing compared to the other competitors in the same arena.
  • AirSpeed Ventilation System: In this technology, the bag is kept separated from the body of the user and thus, provides air circulation to the backpackers who are using it.
  • Storage Systems: The detachable parts of the bag, the pouches that can be stretched and custom attachment points are all great innovations in the side of storage systems.

An objective Osprey Backpacks review

The answer is a Yes. But it certainly doesn’t affect the preference of Osprey over other backpacks. The Cons of this backpack is in fact because of the design made in order to provide a lot of other comforts to the user. This Osprey Backpacks review is only going to point out those disadvantages caused by their design. Other than that, Osprey backpacks have the complete set of features to provide the users the required comfort and durability. Let us look into some of its biggest cons.

  • Shape: The bag’s curvature is designed in such a way that it increases the ventilation, thus making the entire shape of the main compartment of the bag abnormal.
  • Suspension System: In order to make it light-weight, the suspension system of this bag is less padded than the other brands available in the market.
  • Thin Bottom: Few models of Osprey have a thin bottom and sometimes, makes the user uncomfortable while placing anything heavy. Again, this is due to their design in order to make the bag lightweight.
  • Waterproof: Some of the bags are not waterproof and the users have to buy the waterproof item separately in order to protect their belongings.

Will buying an Osprey Rucksack set you back?

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When it comes to selecting the Osprey backpacks, it is quite exciting to go through their variety and range of packs. The backpacks are usually custom-fit. As their legacy goes, Osprey is famous for its’ custom fit backpacks so that it fits people of different shape, size and gender.

Osprey have their own chart and users can select their backpacks based on their Torso sizing. The packs are differentiated based on the torso sizing and based on gender. There is a special range of bags for kids too. Based on the custom-fit backpacks selected, the pricing varies.

Let us look into some of the custom-fit details. This will also help in understanding the pricing behind the various backpacks. The packs are designed according to size and fit – Torso sizing, harness sizing and hip-belt sizing. Again, the models of rucksacks differ based on whether it is modelled for unisex, men, women or kids.

The price of the backpacks ranges from $50- $390.

Rating:In a scale of 0 to 5, Osprey Rucksacks pricing gets a 5 for its’ wide range and pricing as per the ranges.

Quality and Durability of Osprey Rucksacks Products

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The first thing to talk about when it comes to the Osprey Rucksacks, is the company’s Philosophy. Just by looking at the company’s warranty, one would be astonished. The lifetime warranty and replacement (if they are unable to repair an Osprey item) is just epic. This confidence of the company in itself shows how much quality one can expect out of the Osprey products. Whether it is made in Colorado or in Asia, the quality remains the same.

The availability of the Osprey rucksacks is also phenomenal. Osprey backpacks are available in every single size and model in almost all the major stores.Some of the backpacks like the Aether series have that much of quality and durability that people who love backpacking would LOVE to see. The bags are so durable that even when they are exposed to extreme climates and rough use, they have no adverse effects.

When talking about the quality, there is no competition for Osprey packs. They remain the same even after 10 years of using it. For making the packs feel light, aircraft aluminium and durable nylon materials are used. When buying Osprey Rucksacks, users will never be let down when it comes to quality and durability.

Rating: In a scale of 0 to 5, Osprey Rucksacks gets a 5 for its quality and Durability.

What is so special about the Osprey backpack features?

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There are two main things that is so special about the Osprey backpack features – Custom-fit Philosophy and Suspension technology.

Osprey’s legacy moves around one principle – Custom-fit. The love for outdoors and pioneering in making the best custom-fit packs define Osprey. Here are some of the features that are the result of custom-fit philosophy.

  • Sizes: Osprey backpacks are available in different sizes based on the torso lengths. The styles are also interchangeable with adjustable harness and hip belts for further customization.
  • Harness: With the harness, angle changes can be made and padding thickness can varied in order to give an anatomical fit for the neck, shoulder and chest. The sternum strap is a key in the women’s packs in order to equalize pressure in the shoulder harness.
  • Hip Belt: The hip belt is also similar to the harness in providing angle changes and varying padding thickness. The hip belt also provides comfort to the ribs and upper thighs while climbing or scrambling and at the same time, is suitable for carrying heavy loads.
  • Design: Depth is added in the right place and the pattern of the packs are narrow in order to provide freedom of movement. Also, the design provides more stability in providing an optimal centre of gravity by pushing the load to a lower position.
  • Custom Moulding: The innovative hip belts are mouldable at the custom certified dealer according to one’s anatomy in order to provide more comfort, support and load control.

The other feature to talk about is the Suspension technology. Here are some of the features that are part of the Suspension technology.

  • Anti-Gravity: The peripheral suspension design makes the user feel as though they don’t carry the load. The load is balanced with the help of the suspended mesh from shoulder to the lumbar along with the hip belt region.
  • Air scape: Their “AirScape” mesh has set a new standard in the industry. It helps in keeping the weight close to the body, gives a cushioning effect and provides ventilation.
  • Air Speed: In this, the lightweight suspended mesh eliminates the foam and back panel materials. This suspension design is what makes this pack different from the other packs that have tensioned mesh.
  • Frame sheet: The frame sheet is connected to day packs as a standalone suspension whereas connected to the peripheral frame in case of big load carriers. This frame sheet is well designed in order to spread the loads across the body.
  • Peripheral frame: As always, the peripheral frame is the basis of the packs. This is a wire frame that runs along the side and connects upper load lifters to the central core of the pack for spreading the weight evenly.
  • Custom Moulding: The hip belts can be custom heated to mould according to the individual’s need. It also gives a cushion effect which is needed most during trekking.
  • High Road Chassis: The travel packs of Osprey packs have a high road chassis which features a retractable handle. It has aluminium frame and an integrated grab handle along with high quality polyurethane wheels.

Rating:In a scale of 0 to 5, Osprey Rucksacks gets a 5 for its’ advanced features.

Osprey backpacks Review Verdict based on Customer Impression

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Osprey backpacks has a strong foundation as they are the innovators for custom-fit backpacks in the industry. They have a unique value in the market both for their quality and technology. Their emphasis on making light weight products and also their dedication to cater to the need of every individual have placed them above all their competitors. This Osprey Backpack review based on customer impression has only one thing to say. When you go outdoors, you can always expect a light weight and durable product with Osprey backs packs.

Rating: In a scale of 0 to 5, Osprey Rucksacks gets a 5 for its’ advanced features.

Best Osprey Rucksacks in UK

How useful is an Osprey backpacking rucksack ?

Osprey Aether 70

The Osprey Aether 70 is a bigger version of the Osprey Aether 60 litre version. This remains the most popular Osprey backpacking rucksack in the past decade and it is an unbeatable version. Though this version didn’t get any award like the 60 litre version, it is still a capable, comfortable, and multipurpose pack. This 70 litre version is identical to the 60 litre version, but there are 10 litres of additional space to work with.


  • Comfortable: The shoulder straps and padding give an overall comfort for the users while carrying it.
  • Suspension: The suspension is solid with the latest features incorporated in it.
  • Features: The features are wide so that it can fit a wide range of users.


  • Lower Straps: The straps are a little short.
  • Top Lid Pocket: The accessibility of the top lid pocket is not easy for access an in other models of Osprey


90 (l) x 36 (w) x 35 (d) cm

General Feeling of the Customer

This Osprey backpacking rucksack is an all-rounder and is loved by people around the world who take frequent trips such as climbing and skiing. This product is great and is also less expensive. It is light weight and satisfies all the needs of a backpacker.

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Getting a Osprey rucksacks hiking is a good idea

Osprey Stratos 34

Osprey Stratos 34 is an excellent Osprey rucksacks hiking type of pack. It is suitable for both day hikes and overnight hikes. If a person wants to carry equipment for a short mountaineering or climbing sport, then this the most suited backpack. The features are truly great and the back ventilation is worth mentioning when it comes to this pack. As it is apanel loader type, it comes with a long zipper on the top of it. There are two sizes available with this – small/medium (SM) and medium/large (ML).


  • Ventilation System: The Ventilation system is great and allows air to circulate in the back.
  • Price: The price is quite minimal for this type of pack.
  • Lightweight: This is a lightweight product and is suitable for short trips.


  • Harness: The harness is fixed and thus, is not adjustable.
  • Attachment Loop: There is only one attachment loop.
  • Pocket: No Front Pocket


The dimension is 22 x 13 x 13 in.

General Feeling of the Customer

In general, the public like this pack because it is great as a lightweight day pack. The public has given 4.8 stars for this product with only few complaints for the lack of side pocket.

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Is an Osprey small rucksack helpful?

Osprey Talon 22

In the Osprey small rucksack segment, Osprey talon 22 stands tall for 3 key areas –

comfort, versatility, and features.There is great ventilation and it has the ability for a completely customizable fit.It is the most comfortable pack ever tested. Talon always excels in all the application due to features like helmet attachment, bungee attachments for trekking poles and an ice axe. The features of this pack are so fantastic that it will make the users’ life easier.


  • Supports all kind of applications.
  • Has more space.
  • Light weight and durable.


  • Hip-belt pocket is small.


21 x 10 x 9 inches

General Feeling of the Customer

The pack is foldable. And it can be easily taken and filled with valuables, tools, clothes, food and what not. This pack along with the hydration makes a travellers’ life complete.

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For a single day’s travel, try the Osprey daypack backpack

Osprey Daylite Backpack

Osprey Daylite backpack falls under the Osprey daypack backpack category. It is a very versatile day pack and is suitable for all the hikers, travellers and mountaineers. In general, it is for people who love outdoors. It weighs only 454 grams but still is 13-litres volume hydration compatible and multi-functional backpack.


  • Light weight and durable
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable


  • Very small in capacity
  • Narrow waist strap


18 x 10 x 9 inches

General Feeling of the Customer

Customers feel that it is a perfect pack for 2 people and is best while going on short trips.

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Osprey lightweight backpack -Osprey ultralight stuff pack

Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack

Osprey’s ultra-light Stuff Pack is one of the best Osprey lightweight backpack. If you have this bag with you, then it means that you are prepared for anunprompted hike or shopping. It weighs only four ounces and is very easy to carry along.


  • Compact
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable


  • Pockets are not enough.


42cm L x 22cm W x 19cm D

General Feeling of the Customer

It is a little pack that has great features. Though it seems flimsy, it is strong and compact. Very handy and comfortable to carry.

Is a gender specific Osprey womens backpack the answer?

Osprey Women’s Tempest 20 Hiking Backpack

Tempest 20 Hiking Backpack is Osprey’s women’s backpack. It is famous for its comfort and it is well made to suit the feminine body. It has a clever design and has many features incorporated in it. It is both a hiking and cycling backpack and has the following features – the Lid-lock helmet carrier, a bike light loop and hydration reservoir compartment. I wanted a multi-purpose pack for my commute, which is part cycling and part on foot, and this fitted the bill perfectly.


  • Features – There are many features incorporated in this pack suitable for women.


  • No High Visibility
  • No Rain Cover
  • Not Hydration compatible


500 * 250 * 240 mm

General Feeling of the Customer

It is a women specific version. It is a perfect all-rounder and just attaches perfectly to the back.

Getting an Osprey hydration pack is a good idea

Osprey Viper 13

Of all the Osprey hydration pack, Osprey viper 13 is the largest in the series. It has 800 cubic inches’ capacity. It can be taken along for long trips for so many days. It is certainly a marathon pack.


  • Large: It is one of the largest packs in the market.
  • Hydraform bladder: It has a 3L large mouth, which is one of the best in the markets.


  • Might need a bit more room compared to few brands.


50 * 22 * 21 cm.

General Feeling of the Customer

It is ideal for a person who needs enough space for snacks, spare tube, tools and a thin jacket. It is so light that the user doesn’t feel its presence.

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Created just for cycling, the Osprey cycling rucksack

Osprey Escapist 32

The Osprey Escapist 32 is a good Osprey cycling rucksack and is light, well made, stable and stylish. It satisfies the need for what it is designed for. It is a general purpose multi-purpose rucksack. For a 32-litres pack, it is really light in weight and sleek.


  • Heavy loads: It can with stand heavy loads.
  • Light weight: In spite of its performance, it is light weight.


  • Not Waterproof: Sometimes, Rain water gets in through the zips.


510 * 320 * 310 in mms

General Feeling of the Customer

For the customers, this is really a great pack and will be able to carry heavy lods with ease.

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The final word on Osprey rucksacks review UK

This Osprey Rucksacks Review UK would like to conclude that the Osprey rucksacks are highly recommended as it caters to all the type of customers and its lifetime warranty is something that is really worth mentioning. Choose a good Osprey rucksack to suit your needs. There is no compromise on the quality, performance or price when it comes Osprey rucksacks.


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