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Outwell Sleeping Bag- The Driving Force

For more than two decades, Outwell sleeping bags have been serving campers with the market’s finest camping products. With strict quality control, an Outwell sleeping bag is bound to be of the highest quality and absolutely flawless before packaging. With a number of rigorous tests that include testing against the elements of Nature, Outwell products have always delivered as guaranteed. Uniqueness, quality and functionality are the core strengths of this company. They are driven by the love for outdoor living and camping life.

A pioneer in the field of camping life, Outwell sleeping bags are meant for a restful night even when you are miles away from home. The company believes in continuous innovation to improve their standards and that has helped them to occupy an enviable position in the market of sleeping bags.

Quality and technology come together in Outwell Sleeping Bags UK

Needless to say, quality lies at the core of production as far as Outwell Sleeping bags UK are concerned. An exhaustive test program is conducted on all products to ensure that they do not have any defect or flaw before they are packed. To ensure that the products used by European outdoors media are of the highest standards, both wind and rain testing rigs are carried out at the Danish headquarters. Offices in the Far East are also maintained to make sure that there is no quality related issue about the rest of the products.

Outwell sleeping bags UK are designed to provide maximum comfort and protection, irrespective of the tenure of time you are using it. This is why you can comfortably take it along for your weekend trips, weeklong trips or long camping adventures. Snag free zips are provided with each sleeping bag; insulated linings offer maximum warmth and intelligently designed interiors keep you feeling absolutely comfortable in all weather conditions.

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Outwell 1-4 Season Sleeping Bag-How resistant are they?

What can spoil a perfectly planned camping trip? There is nothing more than persistent rainfall and high winds that can mess up your adventure. The last thing on your mind would be to shiver through the early hours of the morning. This is completely unnecessary if you know which sleeping bag to carry. When you have the right product, you need not worry about which time of the year you are planning your trip.

Outwell 1-4 season sleeping bag ensures that you have the most comfortable sleep in the most unfavourable weather conditions. Owing to modern fillers, these sleeping bags are warm and compact at the same time. The smooth zips prevent cold air from coming in and there is a warm layer between your head and the pillow to provide extra insulation. With excellent thermal properties, this will be your go-to for the next camping trip, especially because of its roominess and the fact that it will never be a headache to carry around.

What do we have to say about the Outwell Sleeping Bags Durability?

The Outwell sleeping bag is a mummy-style piece with drawstrings and smooth materials that can withstand all weather conditions. Whether you are camping in torrential rains or gale-force winds, this sleeping bag will provide you with extra insulation and comfort at all times. It is a versatile sleeping bag in the sense that it can withstand both tumble-drying and machine-washing with equal ease. The Outwell Sleeping bags durability need not be questioned since there are customers coming back to the brand with references, simply because of how they have been using the products for a number of seasons without any complain.

Great Britain and Ireland

The popularity of Outwell Sleeping Bags UK and Ireland

With the growing popularity of Outwell sleeping bags UK and Ireland, the question in contention is why the sudden inclination towards a particular brand. This is because of the make and quality of these sleeping bags. The weather conditions in UK and Ireland are mostly unpredictable. This makes planning camping trips quite a task for people in these countries. Outwell sleeping bags offer the guarantee of resistance even in the face of extreme weather conditions. With the durability that they offer, there is no doubt that more people want to buy these sleeping bags in the UK and Ireland.

Moreover, due to the extremities of temperature in both the countries, camping spirits tend to get dampened. Who would want to have cold feet and a runny nose by the end of a trip? With Outwell sleeping bags, insulation is a guaranteed feature. Even in the most absurdly cold weather, you can expect to sleep comfortably with warm feet in these sleeping bags. The zips keep the cold air outside and prevent the loss of warmth from the bag and the insulated linings keep you perfectly toasted for the environment around.

Outwell sleeping bags customer review: what are the users saying?

One look at the Outwell sleeping bags customers review would help us to understand how popular they are in European countries and beyond. While some call it camping in luxury, others have termed it as camping in style. Users say that the lining and the Isofill filling keep their bodies perfectly toasted even on particularly cold nights. They wouldn’t really sway their bag with some other.

Yet another customer has reported that the bag keeps you perfectly warm and the only cooler place is around your feet. This is a very interesting feature since a lot of warm sleeping bags tend to give you hot flushes if your feet are too warm. This bag is intelligently designed to keep your feet cool and the rest of your body as warm as it should be.

One particular user who is around six feet tall has truckloads of good things to say about this sleep bag. Despite being a mummy-bag, it is quite roomy and not at all restricted and uncomfortable. He has also reported that the bag is made of soft fabric that does not make any noise while you are sleeping in it.

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Reviewing the best Outwell sleeping bags UK

Outwell 2 season single Campion view

How good is the Outwell 2 Season Sleeping bag?

Even if one is not a fan of a sleeping bag, this Outwell 2 season single Campion sleeping bag is bound to amaze you at the first sight. The outer material of the sleeping bag is made of microfiber polyester and it has a brushed polyester lining that is warm and comfortable. The insides are filled with Isofill insulation. Along with these features, come a zip guard that does not snag at places, a comfortable hood to keep your head and ears warm and a compression sack to allow easy storage and portability. It also features an inside pocket to store your valuable possessions while you can take your peaceful slumber.

Outwell 2 season single Campion Review


  • The compression sack makes carrying around the sleeping bag quite convenient.
  • The Isofill filling keeps you warm even in the most unfavourable weather conditions.
  • The anti-snag zip guard makes it easy to glide the zips.
  • The inside pocket helps you to keep your valuables in place.
  • The hood keeps your head and ears warm.


  • Considering the size of the sleeping bag, it could be slightly bigger than other sleeping bags.
Outwell 2 season single Campion types


The dimensions of the sleeping bag are 225*85 cm.

What do customers have to say?

Customers are quite impressed with the kind of warmth that this sleeping bag has to offer. The materials feel soft to touch and are yet highly functional in nature. They are also quite happy with the storage sac that helps in carrying the bag with ease.

Is the Outwell 3 Season Sleeping bag a good buy?

The Outwell 3 sleeping bag Contour Lux  is just the right product for you if you are going on a two-person camping trip. It feels warm enough on the coldest of nights and has enough room for two people to sleep comfortably in it. The sleeping bag features zip-off hoods and built-in pillows for added comfort. There is also a flexible option of fully opening up the bags as duvets. Along with these features the bag also has a two-layer Isofill filling to keep you warm and toasted even if you plan to camp in the middle of a field.

Outwell 3 sleeping bag Contour Lux Blue colour


  • The fabric is 100% polyester that makes it easily washable and light in weight.
  • The sleeping bag is also quite durable considering its make.
  • There is a full-length zip that allows opening it fully into duvets.
  • There is a cap compression sack to allow easy portability.


  • Although it is quite warm, it might not be perfect for extreme weather conditions.
Outwell 3 Season Single Contour Lux Sleeping Bag Sac Bag


The dimensions of the product are 225 * 150 cm.

What do users have to say?

Users have felt that this sleeping bag has been intelligently designed for two people to comfortably go on a camping trip without carrying extra sleeping spaces. They are also pleased with the insulation features of this bag although they have felt that this is not warm enough for extreme weather conditions.

Outwell 3 Season Single Contour Lux Sleeping Bag Inside view
Outwell 4 Season Single Camper Supreme View

Does the Outwell 4 Season Sleeping bag do justice to its name?

The Outwell Camper Lux Sleeping Bag is camping equipment that a camping enthusiast would love to possess. It has poly cotton outer and a soft striped lining along with great insulation features for the perfectly comfortable camping trip. This Outwell 4 season sleeping bag combines comfort and style effortlessly in one product. It also features a built-in pillow and a zip-off hood that can be used together or as a duvet.

Outwell 4 Season Single Camper Supreme Temperature rating


  • The built-in pillow is a fantastic addition to the sleeping bag.
  • The sleeping bag opens up fully as a duvet, giving your more options in one product.
  • It has an inside pocket to store small essentials.
  • Comes along with a square pack sack that allows easy storage.


  • It is only good enough for a single camper.


The dimensions of the product are 235*90 cm.

What do the users have to say?

The users highly recommend this sleeping bag because of the perfect combination of style and comfort that it provides. It keeps you perfectly warm and gives you enough room to get a snug feeling when you are sleeping inside it.

The Outwell Double Sleeping Bag For You Two

The Outwell 3 Season Double Campion Lux Sleeping Bag is your perfect camping equipment when you have two people going along on the same trip. It can be used in a number of places and some users have also spoken about using this sleeping bag in a caravan. Campers are of the opinion that it is perfect for the typical UK weather but if weather conditions are extreme, it might not be as protective as its counterparts.

Outwell 3 Season Double Campion Lux Sleeping Bag View


  • Can be used as both doubles and single.
  • Very light, comfortable and warm.
  • The zips are perfectly designed to open it up into duvets.


  • If the person next to you has a tendency to snore, it might get slightly uncomfortable.
Outwell 3 Season Single Contour Lux Sleeping Bag Inside view


The pack size of the product is 52*35 cm.

What do customers have to say?

Customers find this product a brilliant addition to their camping trips; primarily because it helps save space if two people are camping. Secondly, it is perfect for typical UK weather conditions and it is also light in weight that adds to the popularity.

Outwell 3 Season Double Campion Lux Sleeping Bag Open Size

Summing Up the Outwell Sleeping Bags Reviews

Having reviewed all the top products in the market, it is evident that these bags have the best of features for which they have made to the top of the list. Considering the popularity of the brand and the products, there is no denying the fact that the quality is top-notch and the technology ensures that your camping trips are always filled with fun, laughter and restful nights. Good sleep is essential, whether at home or outside and Outwell sleeping bags ensure that you get it. To sum up the Outwell Sleeping Bags reviews, we can say that one of these could be your perfect companion on your next trip this winter.