Pick The Best Rechargeable Lantern For A Bright Camping Experience (2018)

Why you need to take a rechargeable camping lantern with you

Best Camping Lights

Camping is proven to be a fun family or group activity. If you have the right accessories to get you going, there are not many cheap and effective ways to have some outdoor fun and adventure. When it comes to getting your camp brighter after sundown, here is a great way that can be done.

You could choose from headlamps and lanterns to brighten your camp space. But why choose lanterns over headlamps? Simply because lanterns tend to be brighter, give a 360o light and is ideal for a group of people who want to sit and enjoy the dusk. And the convenience is further evident if you use rechargeable camping lantern.

Let’s look at the Best Rechargeable Lantern, available in UK (2018), for you

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SUBOOS Ultimate Rechargeable LED Lantern

185 Lumens, 4 modes,
Ion Battery or Alkaine Battery, Waterproof, Blue or Black, Collapsible

15.2 cm x 10.2cm / 440g





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2 x HeroBeam® LED Lantern

300 Lumens,
Alkaine Battery AA, Waterproof, Collapsible

19.2cm x 14.2cm /662g





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Lanktoo 2-in-1 Waterproof LED Camping Lantern

Long lasting battery, Power Bank, USB and Charger, Waterproof, 4 modes

7cm x 10.6cm / 295g





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LE 600lm LED Camping Lantern

600 Lumens, Alkaine Batteris AAA and Rechargeable Battery, 3 modes, build in compass, Lantern or Flashlight

11.5cm x 20cm / 721g





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Duronic Hurricane 4 in 1 Rechargeable Lantern

32 Lumens, 4 modes,
Rechargeable battery USB Charging and power bank, Wind dynamo, Flashlight or Lantern usage

12cm x 10cm / 320g





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LE Outdoor LED Lantern

1000 Lumens,4 modes, Waterproof, Alkaine Batteries D

18.4cm x 9.5cm / 408g





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Coleman Battery Lock Twist Lantern

300 Lumens, Li Ion battery, Power Bank, USB and Charger, Waterproof

28cm x 14.7cm/771 g





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Suaoki Mini Solar Camping Lantern

65 Lumens, Solar and rechargeable battery, Power Bank, USB and Charger, Waterproof, Collapsible

12cm x 8.5cm/190g





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Solar Camping Lantern – AGPtek rechargeable Camping Light

120 Lumens, Solar/Batteries/ Car Charger, Hand dynamo, Power Bank

25cm x 12cm / 680g





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Rolson Tools 72 LED Camping Light

Alkaine Batteries AA, 72 Led Lights, Hook and Magnets

6cm x 21.5cm / 259g





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Lixada 60 LED Outdoor Indoor lamp

Alkaine Batteris AAA or 18650, water resistant, 3 modes

12cm x 6cm / 159g





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Yellowstone Remote & Rechargeable Lantern

Fully Rechargeable,
Compass, energy saving bulb






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Coleman Rechargeable Lantern, A Reliable Source

best camping lights

The Coleman 300 Lumen Twist+ rechargeable lantern is a multi-purpose lantern. This unit can support as charging deck with a 300 lumen output. There is a lithium ion rechargeable battery with USB compatibility. The system is perfect for camping and outdoor adventures with its mobile phone, GPS and other device charging feature.

The model is weather-resistant, holds a battery lock which prevents draining and the charging cable placed at the base for hassle-free transport. You can choose your lighting mode from low to high. The system is cost-effective system around £55, sturdy, durable, lightweight of around 1050 grams and compact with a dimension of 28×14.7 cm.

coleman campin lantern


  • High quality, multipurpose unit
  • Weather resistant
  • Light, compact, ergonomic


  • Pricey
coleman lumen 300 twist campin light

Customers Verdict

Coleman rechargeable lantern is a premium unit made as per high standards. It is one unit packed with all your illumination and power needs coming in a sturdy frame. It is highly recommended for any type of camper.

Check the best price Coleman 300 Lumen Twist

Suaoki LED camping Lantern Collapsible Solar Light Night Flashlight Rechargeable Power Bank with USB – The best solar camping lantern:

his is an easy portable lantern which can be hung in a campsite or carried around in the darkness. It can be charged with solar power or rechargeable batteries and a USB charger. Therefore, it spells efficiency and convenience.

The light output is bright and can be adjusted to 3 modes which includes the low-brightness mode or night light, high-brightness or table-lamp mode and the flashlight brightness or SOS mode.

The Suaoki LED camping lantern comes with a silicone body and therefore unbreakable. It is a safe option with children around. This camp light comes with IPX4 grade waterproof feature.

How we choose that best solar camping Lights in UK


  • The lantern is easy to carry and can fit comfortably along with the other camping supplies.

  • The two-way battery mode is very convenient. When there is not enough solar power, the rechargeable batteries work very well and vice versa.

  • The body is unbreakable and safe to use in different weather and camping conditions.

  • The adjustable light-intensity is a big plus.


  • The two-way battery modes are tricky, because these lamps may not last long.

  • This is an expensive product when compared to the other products in its price range which offer more features.

Best Coleman Camping Lantern UK

Customers Verdict

Coleman rechargeable lantern is a premium unit made as per high standards. It is one unit packed with all your illumination and power needs coming in a sturdy frame. It is highly recommended for any type of camper.

Why We thing this is The BEst Camping Lantern available in UK 2018

How are Rechargeable Camping Lights better at a campsite?

If you are looking for budget, rechargeable camping lights, Yellowstone Remote/Rechargeable lanterns are a great option. They can be used literally n any scenario with a power saving bulb as the light source. The best feature is the remote operated from key fob which makes functions easier from a distance.

The unit comes with a compass, is robust with ABS design for protection from impacts. Also, the unit is fully rechargeable and goes a long way with mere charging from the car or a main supply. Weighing around 2 kg, this is a decent, budget-friendly lantern, priced around £30 or less, from Yellowstone.

best camping lantern uk


  • Affordable
  • Direct and remote operations
  • Inbuilt compass and protective design


  • Not quite durable
yelowstone remote camping lights

Customers Verdict

Yellowstone remote or rechargeable camping lights are great choice for an affordable, compact, transportable light system. It is a great product for the price.

camping lantern

Choose a Camping Light With Rechargeable Lantern Battery for your trip

best camping lantern

Lanktoo 2-in-1 ultra bright LED camping lantern & power bank are two in-one systems that acts a lantern and a power bank. They offer fast charging for any smartphones with a long lasting life per charge using high capacity lithium battery. It offers maximum 170 hours and minimum 18 hours bright light for a charge.

There are four brightness modes, is highly portable with just 295 grams, compact with a measure of 70×106 mm, durable, child-safe and has a retractable hook for easy hanging. This waterproof and dustproof unit comes at a price of around £40 and is available at Amazon at a much reduced rate.

One of the best camping lights availabe in UK


  • Two-in-one use
  • Superior quality construction with four brightness modes
  • Ultra-bright, long-lasting light


  • Not for iPhones
  • Is heavy, and not meant for those campers who travel light
If you need camping light choose best

Customers Verdict

Lanktoo rechargeable lantern battery unit is a great purchase and offers value to each penny you spend. It is a reliable source of light and power for any camping trip you make.

The Vango Rechargeable Lantern: Sturdy And Simple

Vango brand is heavily associated with camping and all backpackers might have at least one of Vango camping accessory. The Vango 12 LED Rechargeable Lantern with remote control has a built in battery that can be recharged for each use. The unit offers bright light with 40 lumens and has 12 hours light time.

The unit is priced around £25 and is made of stainless steel. It is durable, lightweight with just 856 grams, compact with 11x11x23 cm and comes with an infra-red remote for easy access. There is a folding handle with hook for hanging which makes it easier to use.

best camping lanterns


  • Bright, clear light
  • Tough, durable, compact, lightweight construction
  • Good lifespan


  • Lack instruction manual
best camping lantern 2017

Customers Verdict

Vango rechargeable lantern is a sturdy, durable light unit that performs well within a highly compact frame. It smells ideal camper’s solution at a highly affordable rate and is worth a buy.

Camping lights are very usefull while camping

Solar Rechargeable Lamp: A Low Price, High Output Lantern

best camping light

With five charging modes (solar, crank Dynamo, battery, car or AC adapter), the Solar Camping Light, AGPTek 5 mode Hand Crank Dynamo rechargeable lamp is a package of lighting and power source for charging. There are two brightness modes for personal and shared lighting. The LED lights are ultra-bright and is quite energy efficient. Engineered to excel, these lanterns can perform up to 100,000 hours without fail.

Measuring 10.2×4.9×4.9 inches and as weighing around 1.78 pounds, this unit is comparatively bulky. This unit costs around £20 and is constructed using chrome plastic and has battery light indicators for timely actions.

Because choose of best light used in camping can be very hard


  • Five charging methods and two brightness adjusters
  • Universal USB charging


  • Plastic construction
  • Comparatively large size
One of the necessary equipments are camping lights

Customers Verdict

Solar rechargeable lamp is a reliable, energy efficient source with multiple functionality. When you are looking for a cheap source with high efficiency, this system is worth each penny.

The Professional Lantern Rechargeable for a memorable camping experience

If you are looking for a professional lantern, SUBOOS ultimate rechargeable LED lantern and power bank is the right choice. It has dual power technology with four light modes. The unit has simple operation with collapsible design that fits any backpack. The power bank can charge any device with universal rechargeable options.

Priced around £50, this product is available at Amazon at a discounted rate of around £25. It has a maximum charge span from 4-19 hours. The product is backed by 60 days money back guarantee and 5 years warranty.

The smart collapsible design, dual power technology and 4 light modes are some of the best features that the SUBOOS LED lantern and power bank is an ideal choice for the best camping lantern rechargeable.

The lantern makes use of either 2 lithium-ion batteries or 3 AA alkaline batteries. These can light up the lamp as well give power to the USB port. There are 4 light modes regular bright, red, red strobe and super bright. The light output is about 185 lumens.

The smart collapsible design makes it very easy to carry in a backpack. The Powerbank feature ensures that the user is never left without light in the dark wilderness.

best camping lanterns


  • Simple, collapsible design
  • Backed by money back guarantee and warranty
  • Universal power charger
  • It is resistant to water and can be subjected to rough use.

  • It is a durable product and lightens up the surrounding areas for a long duration.

  • The manual switch and the light adjustment give the SUBOOS a lot of flexibility.


  • Comparatively expensive
  • The USB charger is not effective enough and just a cosmetic addition.

  • The rechargeable batteries do not work as efficiently as promised.

This camping lantern you could connect with you smartphone

Customers Verdict

Suboos professional lantern rechargeable is a good product tagged at a good price. It is an ideal choice for a regular backpacker or even for use at home.

When you want buy lantern buy two of them :]

A Practical LED Rechargeable Lantern For practical you

BEst twin pack camping lantern available in uk

If you are looking for warm white light to lighten your camping adventures after the dark, then look no further HeroBeam LED Lantern is a worthy contender to consider. This is a camping lantern which comes with the latest LED technology with 3 48mm COB strips. The Herobeam® LED rechargeable lantern – 2016 COB Technology emits 300 LUMENS is a collapsible lamp with good light which suits campers and home users alike.

The light is pretty bright and the design is resistant to tough weather conditions and shock. It has a compact 124×86 mm body and weighs 330 grams altogether. This units operation is quite interesting and simple. You could activate it just by pulling the top part to reveal the bright light.

Backed by 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 5 year warranty, this product is tagged for a sale price quite cheap by Amazon.

The light is super bright and has two times the brightness of the old technology 30 LED lanterns. This lamp is super shock-resistant and built to withstand use in the wilderness.  The ABS body with no glass makes it withstand the unpredictable UK weather. It is waterproofed to meet the IpX4 standard.

The whole designing of the lamp is compact, collapsible, and lightweight to make it to fit neatly in a rucksack. The lantern is made of metallic graphite with chrome handles and comes in a neatly packed box.

The lamp needs AA batteries which are relatively inexpensive. The top section of the lamp lifts to reveal the light elements. The top must be pushed down again to deactivate the lamp. There is no fumbling for the switch in the dark.

Always sold in twin pack


  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Collapsible, beautiful constriction
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor uses.
  • It is ideal for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and hiking.

  • The burn time of the lantern is long-lasting and less energy consuming.

  • The body is shock-proof, weather-resistant, and water-proof.

  • The batteries are inexpensive when compared to the other expensive maintenance models.

  • The HeroBeam camp light with its 300 lumens light output is very bright and enough to light up a campsite.

  • This camp lantern is easy to pack and unpack and carry in a rucksack.


  • Plastic construction
  • Low quality light output
  • Uses 3 AA batteries.
  • The AA batteries do not have a long life when compared to other long-running batteries. So, it is always better to take some spares with you.

Twins camping light are the best choose

Customers Verdict

Herobeam® LED rechargeable lantern is a practical, well-built, affordable piece of lantern that is ideal for home or outdoor purposes.

How is a Rechargeable Spotlight better?

When you need bright light at a heavily cheaper rate, resort to Rolson Tools 61770 72 LED Camping Light – which is a rechargeable spotlight. The unit comes with 72 bright LED’s, a hook and four AA batteries. It also has three magnets at base to affix on metals. Housed in soft plastic, this is easy to handle and light. This product is available at Amazon at a discounted rate of around £6.

Best Led Camping lights


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Bright light
  • Hook and magnets for placement


  • Poor quality plastic construction
  • Not quite reliable
Why Led camping lantern are better than normal one

Customers Verdict

Rolson Tools rechargeable spotlight is a cheap, bright light source that offers value for money. But if you need a high performer with quality construction, this is not a great choice.

Suitable look at one of the best camping lanterns led in UK

Is an LED Rechargeable Light better?

different size and green look on that light

If you are looking for a well performing, reasonable and reliable light system for your camping, LE® 600lm Rechargeable Camp Lantern LED is a great choice. It holds two built-in and two detachable flash lights with 3AAA batteries that provide adequate brightness of 600 lumen at 360 degree angle. Powered either by USB or car charger, this system is designed for multiple functions.

Measuring 11.5×11.5×20.5 cm and weighing 721 grams, this is a decently portable system. Marked down at Amazon for around £20, this is a great buy for campers and home users alike.

Best rechargeable lantern


  • Adequate brightness with two detachable flashlights
  • Reasonably priced
  • Dual charging option and metal handles


  • Needs an extra USB cable for recharging
  • Compass can’t be seen at night
Camping Lantern Review

Customers Verdict

When you need an ideal lighting system, LE lantern is a great choice. It is reasonable, good quality, high-performing and reliable system for any camper.

The best lightweight camping chair for the money UltraBright LED Camping Lantern with USB Charger for iPhone:

Camping lanterns are very convenient when they weigh less can be easily carried around. The UltraBright LED lantern is a versatile accessory for a camping trip. It comes with a USB charger Mobile, Mp3 Player, and any other USB device. The lamp gives around 30 hours of light and has an output of 260 lumens. The lantern needs 4D cell alkaline batteries and has a 360degree coverage area.

The lantern has a manual on/off switch and is versatile in its uses because of its weather-proof and shock-resistant nature.

One of the Best Camping Lanterns for the money


  • Beams emits soft white light for a very long period.

  • The batteries can be replaced easily and work efficiently.

  • The lantern has versatile uses and can come handy in any outdoor expedition.

  • The body is compact and shock-proof and can be handled easily in any unexpected circumstances.


  • The light output sometimes is less and could do with a little more brightness.

  • There are loose connection complaints of the USB port.

Its very cheap one of the best rechargeable campin lanterns available UK

Customers Verdict

Quite reasonable product for very nice price. Of course it has it cons but pros and price are so nice that recommendation is OK.

Why we need rechargeable camping lantern in UK

The Lixada 60 LED Outdoor Indoor lamp, a strong choice for the best cheap camping lantern – review:

Camping Lights - Review

With 60 bright white LEDs and a manual on/ off choice, the Lixada is the best cheap camping lantern offering great features for its budgeted price. The body is made of sturdy and shock-proof ABS material. The Lixada is compact and flexible and can be conveniently carried for any camping expedition.

The easy flexible handle ensures that it can be carried around, or easily hung from the ceiling of a tent. The lighting is taken care of by 3 AAA batteries, which gives light for up to 12-14 hours continuously. There are 3 light output modes, where the brightness can be adjusted as per the needs.

Very Good Camping Lantern in UK - Review


  • The Lixada 60 is a good value-for-money product.

  • The light adjustment is convenient and makes the lamp versatile in its use.

  • It can be used for any outdoor activity like tent lighting, picnic, fishing, boating etc.

  • The batteries are easily replaceable and inexpensive.

  • The lantern is water-proof, shock-proof and weather-resistant.


  • The burn time or run time is limited and needs continuous battery replacement.

  • The lantern construction is of average quality and could do with improvements.

Best Camping Light 2018 UK

Customers Verdict

Very Good position and very afforable almost without negative feedback from customer which bought it.

Lixada 60 LED Outdoor Indoor Camping Lamp

The Duronic Hurricane 4 in 1 Rechargeable Wind-Up Dynamo Flashing Red LED, 10 LED Lantern & 3 LED Torch- USB – An ideal choice for electric camping lights:

This electric camping light is a perfect accompaniment for camping. It is 4 in 1 and can be used as a camping lantern, torch, SOS red light and a charging function. The lantern runs for over two hours and in the torch mode has a run time of up to 5 hours.

The light powers from a USB charge and gets fully charged within 6 hours. It performs external charge functions like charging basic mobile phones (no smart phones), mp3 players etc.

The battery used is a 300mAh rechargeable battery. The handle is multi-positioning and allows flexibility in usage.

Camping Lanterns - Review


  • This electric lantern is convenient to carry and versatile in its use.

  • The body is sturdy and strong and can be subjected to rough and tough weather conditions.


  • The in-built rechargeable battery may lose its power quickly and hence requires frequent recharging.

Very Good Camping Lantern in UK - Review

Customers Verdict

More Portable and still very necessary product for every camping for sure customers are please with this choice.

Duronic Hurricane 4 in 1 Rechargeable Wind Lantern
Best Camping Lanterns 2018 UK

Why Rechargeable Lamp Is Ideal For Camping?

Lanterns are great ways to provide illumination while faced with power outages and emergencies. In short, a good lantern can well replace individual headlamps. And the best one to pick is the rechargeable camping lantern which makes life much easier and comfortable.

Rechargeable lamp is a great backpacking power source that can lit up inside the tent or camping area. They are child-proof and is not affected by weather. These rechargeable lamps can be charged as per requirement and has general lifespan of around 20 hours per charge. If needed, you could invest a bit more for lanterns with USB ports and other features that makes life much easier.

Backpacking lanterns should be compact, light, durable and have a decent battery/recharging life to handle emergencies. While you checkout your options, look for models that have ideal brightness output, easy to use, durable and lightweight.

Because you need good camping lantern while camping
icon 1

What Is Rechargeable LED Lantern? 

While you are out in the wild, your activities are a lot affected by the amount of light you get. Torches and headlamps can give a helping hand, but not as much as a rechargeable LED lantern. They use LED which are much brighter and cover a wide span of area with fresh light. Also, the major advantage is that you don’t need batteries or other power sources, but mere recharging. These are models that can get you going for over 20 hours without recharging.

Thee area certain rechargeable LED lantern with extra features like power bank that helps during power outages. Mostly they are quite affordable, but the price might vary according to the features you choose. Since they are LED lights, they utilize much less power compared to other kinds of lightings.

What Is Solar Rechargeable Lantern? 

Solar power is the ultimate source of energy that almost never runs out. It is inexpensive, efficient and is very much available! Any camping trip with the touch of a good solar camping lantern would make things brighter in a lot of ways.

Solar rechargeable lantern utilizes solar power to recharge and brightens up using this charge when required. They are quite effective in places with sunlight, but might pose trouble if you are in a very shady or Arctic-like place where sun is rare.

Best recheargeable campin lantern
Camping lights reviews

A General Summary On Rechargeable Lantern Reviews

Rechargeable lanterns are available at all major online retailers. Once you know what you want, you could find them online coming at various prices. As per customers, these lanterns are a great way of enjoying your camping hours in peace. Rechargeable lantern reviews states that they are efficient, affordable, light and pretty much work the way you intend it to. Camping nights are never an extension of horror movies when you have the right lantern to go with you.

What is common among the best camping lights brands?/strong>

There are several good lanterns in the market today, which make camping a very comfortable experience. It is important to have good lighting whose intensity you can adjust as per your needs. The different categories of outdoor lighting are:

  • Flashlights/ torchlights
  • Headlamps and
  • Camping lanterns.

The current best camping lights brands mostly come as battery-powered LED/ electric lights, solar power operated lamps and gas-powered lanterns. The electric lanterns are powered either by alkaline batteries or lithium batters or rechargeable batteries.

The most distinguishing yet common features of the best camping lights brands are:

  • The output of light: Lumens or the output of light is adequate and can be comfortably adjusted. If you are looking to light a tent, an output of 100 lumens is good. While 200 lumens are good for a tent-site and 300+ may work well for lighting up a campsite.

  • Batteries: Check for the batteries, their effectiveness and easy availability to ensure that they produce enough power to light up the lamp. The climate outdoors can affect the battery efficiency. Therefore, choose a model which works well in most weather conditions.

  • Run time and durability of the lighting: The burn time or the duration of light that a camp lantern can provide is determined by the amount of fuel, the battery and efficiency in power consumption. It is always best to carry extra sets of batteries and fuel for emergency situations.

  • Waterproofing: A camping lantern should hold well in tough, unpredictable weather conditions. The camp lanterns are ideally water and splash resistant.

  • Safety and shockresistance: The best camping lantern brands are usually made of unbreakable materials and therefore safe when children are around. The tough body is shock-resistant and can withstand any rough usage.

Choose a camp lantern after due consideration of the power source, the light output, the longevity of the lighting, the ease of packing and carrying, the flashlight mode etc.

Best Camping Lights Review of Brands

Rechargeable Lamps in UK: The Final Word

When you are choosing rechargeable lamps, UK for your next camping trip, make sure you check out the criteria to find most suitable unit for your purpose. A good lantern will keep your area well lit, provide adequate life with single charge, will handle transportation hassles well and is sturdy, reliable and durable, all at reasonable cost.

The best camping lights reviews highlight the best features advantages and disadvantages of the best products. It is best to read thoroughly on the various camping lanterns available to be able to make an informed decision.

Choose wisely and camp happily!


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