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When camping, you need the best camping stove in UK

Camping especially with family and friends is a very popular hobby in Britain. If you are one of the increasing numbers of people trying out this activity for the first time it is essential that you understand what you need to take with you when you go camping. The items you take with you will of course depend on the type of camping you are considering. You will carry as minimum as possible if you are planning on backpacking or hiking; on the other hand, if you are going to a camp site with a family, you can carry as much as you need. Many websites give a checklist of items you need to pack, some of the items we consider essential are

  • A tent and associated accessories
  • Sleeping bag or camp bed
  • Camping chairs and tables
  • Stove & Additional Fuel
  • Kitchen ware like Pots & Pans, tableware & cutlery, openers & matches
  • First aid kit
  • Clothes
  • Some form of lighting like a lantern, torch
  • A tool kit which includes a mallet, duct tape, brush, pocket knife, etc.
  • Some miscellaneous items like string (for clothes), bin bags, wind breaker, wipes, insect repellent, etc.

If you are camping as a family or as a group one of the most important and fun activity is cooking. There are many types of stoves and other cooking appliances available in the market today. You need to understand what the various choices of stoves available to you before you make the decision on which one best suits you.

Who will win? Camping vs. Backpacking Stoves

One of the first decisions you need make is to decide on whether you need a “Camping Stove” or a “Backpacking Stove”. This really depends both on the size of your group and the type of camping you are undertaking.

A camping stove is recommended for those who are camping in one spot with a large group of people or for a family camping experience. Camping stoves are larger (almost the size of stoves at home) and heavier than backpacking stoves. These stoves usually have one or two burners and some even have a grill. They common fuels used in these stoves are liquid gas, propane or butane. They are usually made of more durable materials like stainless steel. You can use your regular cookware with a camping stove.

On the other hand backpacking stoves are recommended for those who are travelling alone or as a couple or are backpacking and have restrictions with respect to weight and size. The backpacking stove is lightweight, made of materials like Titanium and Aluminum and very fuel efficient. You need to use lightweight cookware with these stoves.

Why do you need a portable gas stove for camping?

The size of the portable gas stove you will need for your camping adventure depends on number of people who are camping with you. For a small family or a couple a single burner stove is recommended, for a larger family or a group a double burner is recommended. The size of stove also depends on the on the type of cooking you are planning to do. If you are the type to do elaborate cooking including grilling, etc, then you have a choice of buying a double or three burner stoves that have grills too. Some of these stoves also have a toast rack with handles. There are also some stoves which come with attachable ovens. There are also free standing stove versions which do not need tables.

Buy something that is strong and can bear the weight you are going to put on it.

Are camping stoves in UK energy Efficient?

The energy generated by the stove which should be used for cooking is measured in BTUs. A BTU or a British Thermal Unit has been defined by Wikipedia as “the amount of work needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit”. The higher the BTUs the higher the power of the stove to cook. The cooking power is also impacted by the height of the placement of the vessel from the burner and the wind shield offered by the stove. It is also necessary to see how even the distribution of the power is across the cooking surface.

Which is Better Camping Stove Fuel – Propane or Liquid?

The two most common forms of fuels used in a camping stove are liquid fuels and gas fuels. The different liquid fuels are Methylated Spirits, Coleman fuel, Paraffin and Kerosene. The different types of gas fuels are propane and butane with propane being the preferred of the two. The gas fuels are maintained at a pressure in the container.

The liquid fuel has the advantage of are that they can be used to the last drop which is unlike a gas cylinder which loses power as it loses pressure and it pretty much becomes useless as soon as the pressure falls below a certain value. It also ignites instantly. It is also not impacted by variance in temperature and pressure, which means it will burn equally well in cold climate as it does in a hot climate; on top of the mountain as on the seaside. This is not true for a gas based fuel because when the altitude rises, the pressure outside drops and so the heat output of the gas based fuel is lower at high altitude areas like on a mountain. Liquid fuels are also more easily available all over the world. On the other hand gas fuels are easier to control and can be stored even after half of the container has been used. It is also safer and can be stored for a longer period of time.

What you need to look in Camping stove reviews online?

As mentioned earlier, the size and weight of the stove you choose is dependent on the size of your group. But another factor that is equally important is the amount of carrying you have to do while you are out carrying. If you are planning on hiking with your camping gear a smaller size and weight for the stove makes more sense. It also makes sense to try and take a stand alone stove if you are planning any walking rather than a stove and a table.

About lightweight camping stove – some additional important features

Campingaz Camping Chef Stove and Grill with Clips and Tubing

One of the important features that you need to consider while buying a camping stove is an automatic ignition system like the piezo ignition system, which is available in the Campingaz Camping Chef Stove and Grill with Clips and Tubing. This ignition system not only reduces the need to carry matches and lighters, it also helps you to save fuel as it ignites as soon as the stove is turned on. Another feature is to ensure it comes with its own packing case and can be folded and put away easily.

  • Dimensions – 59.5cm x 32.5cm x 8.5cm (closed)
  • Weight – 4.1kg

Camping Stove Gas, why compact is important

Vango – Compact Gas Stove

An extremely compact camping gas stove that is lightweight enough to also be taken backpacking, the Vango Gas Stove is very easy to operate. It has fold out pot supports which can hold any size pans, but also fold down to be compact. The burner has baffles which also act as wind-shield and it is easy to control the flame with the built in flame adjuster. It fits Coleman re-sealable screw type cartridge. Only problem is with the pot supports are not equally spaced.

  • Its dimensions are 5.5cm (W) x 5.5cm (D) x 11.5cm (H).

Is Yellowstone the best camping stove with gas?

Yellowstone Grill and Lid Double Burner

With 2 high performance stainless steel 1.8 kW burners and a 1.5kW centre grill , the Yellowstone Grill And Lid Double Burner has a stainless steel cooking surface which is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It comes in a metal box with the lid acting as a wind-shield. The burner have a Piezo automatic quick ignition but the grill needs matches to light it which is very inconvenient. It is lightweight and portable, suitable for camping.

  • Its dimensions are 20cm x 56cm and 38cm.

Value for Money with a Budget Camping Stove from Portable!



Priced at less than £20, this Portable Gas Cooker Stove + 8 butane bottles camping is the choice for a budget conscious camper. It comes with its own convenient plastic case and is extremely sturdy and convenient to use. It has an electrical piezo ignition so there is no need to carry matches. Only issue with it is the seemingly flimsy stainless steel material that the stove is made with.

  • Its dimensions are 34.5cm (W) x28cm (D) x8cm (H).

Double the fun with double burner camping Stove And Grill


Campingaz Camping Chef Stove and Grill with Clips and Tubing

The Double Burner Portable Camping Stove and Grill has 2 burners and a grill in the centre and it has a toast rack with a handle. It comes in a sturdy metal case which also acts as a wind-shield. Though the double burners are extremely efficient, the grill is more of a warming plate than an actual grill. It is lightweight and easy to carry it works with gas as the fuel.

  • Its dimensions are 40.50cm (W) x 59.50cm (D) x 34cm (H).

Campingaz For That Best Camping Stove Top!

Campingaz Camp Bistro Gas Stove

With a Black enamel support single hob with a Piezo ignition, which uses a CP250 gas cartridge, the Campingaz Camp Bistro Gas Stove is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It comes in a hard plastic case which makes it convenient to carry when you go camping or fishing. Though it is lightweight, it is sturdy and extremely durable.

  • Its dimensions are 35cm (W) x 27cm (D) x 9cm (H).

The Best Camping Stove 2016 – Yellowstone Portable Gas Stove – Black

Yellowstone Portable Gas Stove – Black

A single hob portable gas stove which uses CP250 liquid butane cartridges, the Yellowstone is extremely easy to use and clean. It sits low on the ground and is very sturdy. It is lightweight and comes in its own plastic case which makes it easy to take with you when you go camping.

  • Its dimensions are 35cm (W) x 35cm (D) x 9.5cm (H).

Why do you need to read this camping stove reviews?

Deciding on the best camping stove for you is at the end of the day a question of understanding what type of camping you are most likely to do. Where will you camp? How many people will you be camping with? Etc. These questions will help you shortlist the type of stove which is right for you. The above recommendations will help you finalise the brand and type which is perfect for you.


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