How to clean a tent

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The basics on how to clean a tent

If you love spending time outdoors in the wilderness, your tent is your home away from home. It protects and shields you from the elements and hence every outdoor enthusiast apart from choosing an appropriate tent must also have a proper knowledge of how to clean a tent in different situations and give youroutdoor dwelling unit adequate care and attention.
A good tent is almost fuss-free and with decent attention and care, it can last several years. Given that a good tent is your shelter through sun, wind, rains and storm, any camper should follow some tent care basics.
Inspecting your tent for wear and tear, proper pitching, and careful use of the zippers, storage tips in between outdoor trips are a part of understanding the basics of tent care and maintenance.

How to clean your tent to make it last longer?

Tents are built with fabrics that are exclusively designed for sustaining outdoor conditions. Basic tips on how to clean your tent always mention that it is best to keep the tent dry and avoid direct sunlight exposure for long periods.
A simple cleaning with water hose to remove loose dirt and grime with mild non-detergent soaps should work well in most circumstances. In case of tough dirt and stains, it is best to pitch the tent and scrub it with soap, warm water, and a sponge. Generally, bleaches, heavy-duty chemicals may spoil the weather-proofing on your tent and therefore they are best avoided.
The tent should always be cleaned and air-dried thoroughly before it is packed away. Storing in a clean and dry place inside a breathable cotton bag or a meshed duffel bag will make your tent last longer.

Essential tips on how to clean a tent for camping

  1. Before you go for camping, ensure that you unpack the tent, check for possible damage in the material, zippers and poles and get them repaired if there are any. Air out the tent before and after a camping trip.
  2. Clean your tent, zipper, poles, and tent fly periodically and try avoiding storage of a wet tent. If it is raining, then look for the first opportunity to dry the tent completely.
  3. Remove debris, trash, and dirt from your tent before you pack-up.
  4. The best tip on how to clean a tent for camping would be to use a non-abrasive soap to gently hand wash and clean your tent after a long camping trip. If you are someone who does frequent weekend camping, then clean your tent periodically as it is exposed to the varying seasons and weather conditions. Also, it is best to avoid machine-washing and machine drying your tent.
  5. When cleaning a tent for camping, try some mild fabric treatment sprays to strengthen UV resistance and if needed water-proof the seams and tents once again.
  6. When you are cleaning the zippers and poles with damp cloth and resealing leaky seams with a sealant, ensure that your tent is completely dry before you pack it.

Pointers on how to clean tent material

Choose a cleaning product that is specifically recommended for thefabric of your tent. Most modern tent fabrics are polyurethane or nylon synthetic fabrics and sometimes made of canvas material too.
If the fabric has silicone coating, then it may not require recoating. Otherwise, any other tent material does require coating and seam sealerwhich is compatible to the fabric.
Handwashing is the best way as to how to clean material without damaging it.

Instruction for how to clean a tent with mold and mildew

Mold and mildew when left unattended may cause permanent damage to the tent. Therefore, campers need to know how to clean a tent with mold and make it last longer.
Proper cleaning, airing and storing of tents best prevents mold and mildew. However, should any of these occur it is best to first brush off the mould with a bristle brushand then scrub the affected parts with warm water, lemon concentrate or vinegar and sponge and allow them to dry facing the bright sun.
Mold and mildew can best be removed by handwashing the outer fabric layers with specialised mold cleaners after setting up the tent/annexe first and rinsing thoroughly with water until the soapy residue is gone. Allow the tent to dry completely.
The underside of the tent fly should not be scrubbed roughly because it may damage the fabric.

Tips on how to clean tent trailer canvas

It is true that prevention is better for extending the life of your tent trailer canvas. Use gentle and canvas-specific cleaners to clean your trailer. It is best to always read and follow the instructions on the owners’ manual.
The best way as to how to clean tent trailer canvas is to first check whether the material can be soaked or not. Also, any cleaning is best done when the tent is pitched to see whether the canvas has become worn out or not.
The canvas should completely dry in the sun after cleaning before re-waterproofing it again. It is best to waterproof after duly considering the damage that the surface has undergone.
After cleaning and protecting your trailer canvas, it is best to give some vinyl coating as well, to enhance further protection of the fabric.

How to clean a tent that smells with persistent bad odour?

Mould and mildew grow on wet/damp/moist fabrics. The tents must be cleaned and dried. Despite airing the tents sometimes, the odour may still be present. The best way to remove any smell, is to deodorize the tents with natural chemical-free odour eliminators such as MiraZyme.
Soak the tent, with all the zippers, flaps, and windows open in deodorizer mixed water and saturate the tent with microbes so that any fungus and bacteria is eliminated completely.
The most important thing is let your tent air dry completely in the sun, so that the fabric becomes taut and clean.
Bad odours may also be caused by polyurethane material too. To prevent these, it is best to remove the worn-out PU coating and apply a fresh coat and allow it to dry completely.

How to clean tent carpets and make them last longer?

Cleaning tent carpets or rugs can be tricky. The cleaning method depends on the carpet material. Most require wiping with damp cloth and hoovering. Whereas, a few may need soapy cleaning and rinsing followed by drying on the cloth. If the tough stains and bad smells persist, then it is best to give the carpet for dry-cleaning.


Campers learn how to clean tent

Camping is very popular in the UK. How to clean tent UK and give it some care and attention to make it durable is a point that must be considered when you purchase a tent to suit UK climatic conditions. Simple cleaning procedure and careful usage will ensure that your tent lasts longer.Campers clean a tent