Snugpak chrysalis 3 sleeping bag review for the backpacker

Snugpak chrysalis 3 sleeping bag
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Snugpak chrysalis 3 sleeping bag- an overview:

Snugpak is one brand that many backpackers love. Their range of hiking and backpacking gear has been popular for quite some time. if you are looking for some serious levels of insulation and if you don’t mind carrying some extra weight, the snugpak chrysalis 3 sleeping bag is for you. With some interesting features included, this bag is quite spacious and is sure to keep you warm on a harsh winter night.

Knowing the snugpak chrysalis 3 dimensions:

When packed the chrysalis 3 measures a total of 26cm by 22cm with the stuff bag.

The chrysalis 3 is roomy enough for average sized men and women and comes with a standard length of 220cm. You could also shorten this up to 175cm.

When it comes to the width of the bag, again it could be adjusted thanks to Snugpak’s “expanda panel”.

Weight of the sleeping bag: 1600g

The dimensions are great for a sleeping bag in this segment but the weight is abit on the higher side as against its competitors. So on the basis of the dimensions and weight, the bag scores 4 on a scale of 5.

Advantages and drawbacks of buying a snugpak chrysalis 3:

  • Temperature rating:

The comfort temperature range of the chrysalis 3 is given as -5°C. The product does meet the expectations is this aspect

  • Reflectatherm fabric:

This fabric is used on the inside of the sleeping bag. As the name indicates it reflects and retains the heat within the sleeping bag to keep you warm all through the night.

  • LED torch:

The inclusion of an LED torch in the hood is neat little addition

  • Expanda Panel:

This comes in handy if you want more room and can be useful for the side sleepers too.

  • Options to shorten:

This means that you could shorten the bag and reduce the room inside and stay extra warm.

  • Weight:

Weighing a whopping 1600g, this is not one of the lightweight sleeping bags. There are ones with similar temperature ratings but much lighter on the weight.

  • Packing size:

The compressibility of the chrysalis is not the best in the segment. It does take up some extra space when you pack.

  • Made in China:

Many kits of Snugpak are made in the UK. But some of the Chrysalis 3 sleeping bags are made in China and this might seem a bit of a turn off for some customers.

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Talking about the snugpak chrysalis 3 sleeping bag features:

  • Softie fill insulation- This is the type of synthetic filling used in the bag. Very much similar to natural insulation materials, this fill offers great warmth against the outside cold temperatures.
  • The outer fabric is made of Paratexmicro which is tough yet lightweight for the offered build quality. It is also water resistant and windproof. So you can stay in your warm cozy abode even in wet and windy surroundings.
  • The inner layer is made of Paratex light. This is a soft breathable material which is also gentle on your skin. At the same time, it is tough and tear
  • The bag comes with clips that help in quickly shortening the bag to get a tighter space on colder nights.
  • The thermal suede layer lining near the footbox gives some extra insulation.
  • The SnugFit hood comfortably fits and protects the head and shields against winds.

How comfortable are the snugpak chrysalis 3 sleeping bags?

The expansion panel and the option to reduce the length of the sleeping bag are interesting aspects included to make it more comfortable for the sleeper. On a warmer night, the extra space in the bag can promote better air circulation and offer great ventilation so that you don’t wake up sweaty. And reduce the size of the bag, on a colder night to get a snug cozy protection.

It is used by the military and this is a recommendation enough to talk about the quality of the sleeping bags and the insulation it offers in a rough weather.So a perfect 5 out of 5 for the snugpak chrysalis sleeping bags in terms of the comfort level offered for the sleeper.

The durability of the chrysalis 3:

The Paratex fabric is a heavy duty synthetic material which makes the sleeping back a tough and durable one. The Softie fill is evenly distributed and also stays nicely fluffed up and keeps you warm.The durability of the product can be rated a perfect 5 on a scale of 5. Thus the chrysalis 3 is a good long term investment.

Snugpak Chrysalis 3 customer reviews uk:

The chrysalis 3 has so far received positive reviews in general. Customers talk about the quality of the bag and the ease of use. The fact that it can fit various sizes with the apt adjustments, is another good thing that customers love about the chrysalis 3. Snugpak Chrysalis 3 customer reviews uk gives it an overall average score of 4 out of 5.

So, the Snugpak. I’ve heard minimal noise about this one as everyone is going down the RAB route these days but I did some research and saw this little beauty on here.

I won’t bore you with the technicalities of this bag; the fact it has a heat reflecting membrane or a really useful detachable LED light in the hood which you can have on different settings (inc SOS mode) or that it can expand to allow more room or that it can be shortened at the bottom using straps for little people (like me but I found it hugs your feet so there’s no need to shorten really) and and… Well, it’s just fab!

A 4s bag that really does keep you snug. It’s lightweight, comfy and considering I last used it in sub zero temperatures it held out well. There was a point during the night I had to put on an extra layer but it was very windy outside!

The outer is water repellent and made of the same material parachutes are made out of so very robust and soft and a bit like sleeping in a marshmallow! You may benefit from a liner, depending on your comfort zone but I can’t recommend this bag highly enough.

It comes with a great compression sack too which is a bonus when hiking and you want to keep bulk to a minimum. I wouldn’t recommend this for indoor use though unless your boiler has gone on the blink…’s far too toasty!

Snugpak, you really have outdone yourself with this bag. Highly recommend!

Tracy W
Good quality sleeping bag that is comfortable and warm for a wide range of sizes. The inbuilt mini LED torch in the hood is a neat touch, along with the ability to shorten the length of the bag with clips, makes it ideal for smaller people or expand the width for bigger people . The material quality is excellent, with a heat reflective inner section to assist in holding warmth. The zips are robust and I cannot fault the manufacture. A well designed and manufactured sleeping bag. The Stuff bag has numerous straps to tighten the bag up into a small space.
I bought this bag last year for very light occasional use, camping a few days each year with the family. I recently took the bag out only to find that at least 4 teeth had sheared off the zip rendering the bag completely useless. My previous sleeping bag lasted for years, I’m so annoyed that this one has only lasted 3 or 4 uses. I will not be buying a snugpak sleeping bag again!!!
snugpak chrysalis 3

Concluding the snugpak chrysalis 3 review:

A good sleeping bag is crucial in making your trip a hit or a miss. When it is a casual trip and all you want is just a compact and lightweight sleeping bag and the weather is not going to drop too low, then you have several other options than the chrysalis. But if all you care about is quality and extra insulation for freezing temperatures, then go for this sleeping bag without a second thought. The snugpak chrysalis 3 reviewwas intended to resolve some of your confusions in choosing a great sleeping bag for your next expedition. Hope the review helps you make a good decision for your next purchase.

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