Snugpak softie elite 3 sleeping bag

An overview of snugpak softie elite 3 sleeping bag

This sleeping bag has features which are superior to that of its peers in many ways. It is pegged as the next generation sleeping bag. The snugpak softie elite 3 sleeping bag has the expanda panel system which gives it the ability to tackle various adventurous trips. There is an inbuilt ability which controls the temperature within the sleeping bag. This factor is quite alluring. The bag transforms from being a cozy, warm bag into a spacious one that lets in extra air for a cooler temperature.

Target segment and snugpak softie elite 3 dimensions

This is an all season bag. The simple jumbo zip enables temperature management. It can be used for mountains, shorter treks, forests etc., with equal ease. It offers great flexibility and hence, performs equally well in all types of climatic conditions.

The package size dimensions are 22 cm and 26 cm. The sleeping bag fit, is critical, especially if you are muscular and tall. Many traditional sleeping bags fail to cater to taller people. They are generally designed for average height and build for the market they cater to.

The snugpak softie elite 3 dimensions with respect to the sleeping bag are 220 cm (height), 80 cm + 12.5 cm – this is the width around the chest (expandable panel), 65 cm – width around the waist, 38 cm – with around the calf area of the leg. They are designed to enable a wide range of users use it.

Benefits and downsides of snugpak softie elite 3

There are more benefits than downsides of snugpak softie elite 3. Below, we list out the pros and cons which can help you decide if this is the right product for you.

  • Expandable panel – This enables controlling the temperature, which is very critical for outdoor adventure. By simply pulling up the zipper tight, you can make it cosy inside the sleeping bag. If you were to open the zipper, it would make additional room inside the sleeping bag and let more air in. Thus, making it cooler.
  • Light weight – From the dimensions it is apparent that the sleeping bag has been designed extremely thoughtfully. It comes with a compression stuff sack which can create additional room for other travel accessories. The overall weight of the unit comes around 1.6kgs.
  • Additional clips to shorten the sleeping bag – A long bag for a short person can be cumbersome. In such a case clips may be used to shorten the bag. The normal length of the bag is 220 cm, by using clips; the length can be shortened to 175cms.
  • Extreme temperature – Although there is a temperature control, it may not be very efficient in extreme conditions. The range of this sleeping bag is pegged at -10c but it is best used not below -5c. If there is a huge drop in the temperature, this sleeping bag may not be adept at keeping frost bites away.
  • No inbuilt mosquito net – Many of the sleeping bags these days, are built with mosquito nets which also enable keeping the creepy, crawly elements away. This particular bag does not have this feature, which is a huge drawback.
snugpak softie elite 3 sleeping bags

Value add snugpak softie elite 3 sleeping bag features

  • Although the Expand a panel system sounds pretty complicated, they have achieved this by a simple jumbo zipper. If you zip it up tight, then temperature inside is warm. If you zip it down, you let more air in. The design of the sleeping bag and the fabric used is conducive to this design. The overall fabric is breathable; the insulation ensures that it retains heat even during adverse conditions.

Understanding the comfort factor of snugpak softie elite 3 sleeping bags

The comfort factor of snugpak softie elite 3 sleeping bags becomes the most critical factor while buying any sleeping bag. From the above brief it is quite evident that it is easy to be carried around. The sleeping bag is made of 100% nylon fibre on the outside; this makes it water and wind resistant. This keeps the moisture away, if the bag gets wet, it can be put to dry very easily. There is the synthetic polyester filling which serves as the insulation. The material may however, not suit a person who is allergic to nylon and polyester material (sensitive skin people).

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Assessment of quality and durability factor of softie elite 3

These bags are made for durability. It is inherently pegged as an all seasons’ bag. The quality of materials is extremely well thought and is best available in the industry. Snugpak is a name to reckon in this space.

A quick look at snugpak softie elite 3 customer reviews

Most of the snugpak softie elite 3 customer reviews have been impressive. It has come in handy for all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts. They have not been able to point out at any stark downsides or quality issues with the sleeping bag. Many are particularly impressed with the size and material of the bag.

customer reviews
In response to the other review on here, I ve used this product in – temps probably around – 2 and I’ve been more than comfortable. The plastic clips on the outside at the bottom of the bag are not for hanging it up, there to shorten the bag for shorter ppl to reduce the wasted space which causes cold spots. The thicker padded material at the feet end is just extra protection to stop it being damaged, as theses range of bags were designed mainly for military personnel, sleeping with ya boots on.
shaun hunter
Came insanely quickly, especially since I ordered it a few days before xmas. Quite happy with how warm it keeps me an especially the lightweight and compactness of the bag, which is obviously hugely helpful.

Only negative point I feel is that the zip feels a bit flimsy, like it might catch on the material at any moment and rip the bag.

Will maybe update my review after exercise on Salisbury plain this January.

After some research I decided to buy this bag to fill the space in my gear of a good, lightweight 3 season bag that didn’t take up too much room in my kit. The Softie elite 3 seemed to tick all the right boxes on paper and Blackleaf were selling it at a very reasonable price. HOWEVER the VERY first time I went to use it the zip stuck and jammed fast on the flap that is supposed to be designed to stop that happening!. It jammed so tight that a slight pull to free it off caused the zip to tear and break so I spent the next three nights fairly cold in a sleeping bag I couldn’t zip up!. On returning home I immediately emailed the supplier along with a photo to show what had happened. Their response was disgraceful and they basically said “tough it doesn’t look like a defect”!!!! what a bunch of *****!. I asked around on various Facebook groups and found that quite a few people have had issued with Snugpak zips getting caught and snagging badly so I emailed Snugpak directly, explaining that I have been a survival instructor for the past 18 years and that I knew how to close a sleeping bag properly!. They agreed to look at the bag and shortly after receiving it agreed that the zip had stuck on the system designed to keep it free. They agreed to replace the bag with a new one and speak to the manufacturing department to see if this area could be strengthened. They also sent me a Pakbox 1 and a waterproof notebook to compensate for my trouble. So, thumbs up to Snugpak customer service, thumbs down to Blackleaf for terrible service and as for the bag, well I am just going to have be SO careful zipping it up, and from what I hear, so should everybody else until such time as the bags are redesigned to stop the zips snagging so easily.
C. Fordham
snugpak softie elite 3 sleeping bag

Our snugpak softie elite 3 review UK

Based on the above observations, our snugpak softie elite 3 review UK remains that it is an excellent product! It is an all season sleeping bag which can come in handy for all types of outdoor adventures.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying snugpak softie elite 3 …