Tunnel tents are perfect for outing for a family together and vango beta 450xl review enhances your confidence ensuring the brand’s advantageous points. This review goes through the different facts and you will notice about the quality and the features of this excellent tunnel tent. This outstanding tent is a 3-pole tent, and it is perfect for a family in a weekend. Its awesome all-in-one pitching guarantees that the sleeping space would be dry always. Even in the heavy rain you can enjoy your sleeping without any trouble.

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Excellent features of vango beta 450xl tent that attract customers

If you go through its features, you will get vango beta 450xl tent is an amazing product for four people with assured guarantee. Its admirable TBS technology or “Tension Band System” provides an exact strength to the tent and you can enjoy your outing in a harsh weather. The polyester inner makes it breathable, so a perfect atmosphere inside the tent creates comfortable stay and you can enjoy your night sleep. Its unique diamond clear window makes the visibility clearer and perfect. PE groundsheet is waterproof and you cannot touch by the water even in heavy rain.

Significant Pros and cons of Vango Beta 450XL


Weather resistant

The vango beta 450xl 2014 is waterproof and perfect in all weather.


Its outstanding material polyester has made it durable. You can use it for a long time.


A lot of pockets inside the tent are perfect for keeping the essentials.


You can easily wash it to remove dirt and it is very easy to maintain for a long time.


Lantern points

This are provided to hang lights, but the numbers are less and needs to increase.

Tent partition

The partition of bedrooms must be there to make two bedrooms for four in place of only one.

How vango beta 450xl dimension is perfect for using?

This outstanding vango beta 450xl dimension is completely suitable for outing. In addition, you can say that it is an excellent tunnel tent for staying four people. The lavish sleeping area along with a large and well-designed porch area is available for keeping the requisite camping essentials and also perfect for meal or socializing. This is exclusively handy and accurate for packing as you can easily roll and pack. After packing size it is 64 X 25 X 22 cm and if you go through its weight, then it is only 8.3 kg.

Vango beta 450xl 2015 can easily stay against the bad weather

If you like to purchase the tunnel tent, then vango beta 450xl 2015 will give you a nice experience for your family. Though it seems just like the tent of 2014, but the additional feature of TBS II enhances its technique of staying against the bad weather without any problem. Even in adverse condition of wind it acts in the best way. This impeccable tunnel tent gives you the complete satisfaction as its dry pitching pod keeps it dry in heavy rain. Even, people inside this never feel rainwater while sleeping. Its polyester flysheet makes it highly waterproof with 10000mm hydrostatic head.

How vango beta 450xl 4 man tunnel tent is completely perfect for long time?

This vango beta 450xl 4 man tunnel tent is an appropriate product for 4 people. You can enjoy your outing in any weather with this sturdy product. Its suitable hardwearing fabric and 3000mm HH flysheet make it durable and this does not get any harm from outside. In addition, its breathable material polyester permits air to pass in a proper way to get condensed. The 10000mm PE that using it groundsheet also makes it durable. The exact material has made it suitable to sustain and also durable that you can easily use for a long time.

Vango beta 450xl 4 – person tent is convenient to setup

Poles are provided an easy to firm methodology, and thus vango beta 450xl 4- person tent is completely safe for the users. Wherever you go for an outing with your family or friends, you will surely enjoy this amazing tunnel tent. It has the poles with color coded that makes pitching convenient. Moreover, its webbing are reflective and it elites up torchlight and you can easily set up the tent at dark. Everything is visible. Thus, this is convenient to setup at anytime. The complete pitching timing is 15 minutes, which is very much less.

Vango beta 450xl 4 person tent gets admirable customer reviews

What a person desires from a tunnel tent when he purchases it? Obviously a purchaser looks for some great features like a good durability, weather resistant technology, easy to setup, exact sleeping space as well as large porch, perfect condensation and easy to carry after packaging. These all features are available in this marvelous vango beta 450xl 4-person tent, which are according to the need of a customer. Not only that, this innovation creation has made the customer much more comfortable with its TBS II technology and other latest enhancement. Its flexibility and sturdy features attract customers, especially those who desire to outing in a group of four.

I have bought 10 of these so far as a Cub leader – for kids aged 8 to 10.5 to pitch and use. Easy for kids to pitch, tough enough for their abuse – I shall continue to buy them as our pack size increases. Thoroughly recommended.

As soon as I began to pitch the tent one of the tent poles snapped with minimal force. Attempting to work around this I noticed that one of the seals on the tent was also beginning to come apart.

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Summary for Vango Beta 450 XL review

We Like

Storage inside

Very durable

We dont like

Too less lanter points


Quite non problematic


Medium level of price


Good level however sometimes could bring problems

Vango beta 450xl review is superb to know about the product

Each user should know the relevant information about a tent before purchasing and Vango beta 450xl review explains everything that acknowledges the fact. This is completely helpful for the users who are hunting their internet for acquiring a tunnel tent for four people. This product is completely suitable in harsh weather and also easy to carry, fix and maintain. Its dimension is also suitable for sleeping or staying. Hanging points for light and safety features for fire enhance the reliability of the product. This brilliant tunnel tent gives a great satisfaction to the customers and they can easily buy this with confidence.

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