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Terra nova voyager Tent – General Overview

Those who love the outdoors practically carry a home away from home in their backpacks. A reliable tent takes the topmost spot on a backpackers list. The Terra Nova Voyager is one such home you can carry on your back for hours together because it is really lightweight, thanks to the aerodynamic design, at a mere 4 pounds.

Who is the Terra nova voyager UK made for?

The Terra nova voyager UK tent is ideal for the lightweight campers and hikers especially in winters. This is ideal for those who go on medium or long duration trips. It is a 4 season tent ideal for the British weather and for trekking all the year round. In fact, it can be used for the Duke of Edinburgh’s seasonal trips.

Is Terra Nova voyager backpacking tent truly lightweight?

The Terra Nova Voyager is not an exactly ultralight tent that can be carried along comfortably; it weighs close to 1.88 kgs which is a little over 4 pounds; whereas ultralight tents weigh less than a pound. Thus, the key difference between ULW and LW tents are:

  • Weight: ULW’s weigh less than a pound.
  • Compact: ULW’s are compact and can be packed comfortably in your backpack.
  • Durability: Here, the LWs score over the ultra light weight tents; to attain the target weight, several key features are compromised in the ULWs. As a result, the fabric though premium might not be suitable for the long run. In addition to that, lightweight aluminum poles are used which again are more prone to breakage unlike standard poles.
  • Price: ULW tents are more pricy because of the use of superior construction.

Having said that, with advancements in technology the durability of ULW tents is bound to improve and hopefully the price too becomes more affordable.

The Pros and Cons of Terra Nova Voyager tent

  1. Sturdy Construction: The semi geodesic aero dynamic design wherein the poles cross at 3 points make the tent more stable than the usual tunnel type of tents.
  2. Free standing pitching: This option is hugely advantageous when you can’t find level ground in your camping area.
  3. Easy to set up: You will not fumble while setting up the tent because the poles are color coded; this will help in attaching the poles to the correct pole sleeves and pole tapes.
  4. Complete protection from nature: The nylon flysheet and groundsheet can be fully sealed from inside preventing any water splashes to enter the tent during inclement weather.
  5. Stable: The use of Dyneema guy ropes ensures greater stability during bad weather and windy conditions. The Dyneema rope is three times more powerful than the regular guy ropes. Extra guy ropes too are provided.
  6. Spacious porch: Your tent can remain clean and free of mud because you can leave all the muddy shoes and wet stuff on the porch.
  1. Not spacious for two: Though the Voyager claims to be a 2 person tent, it is comfortable for only one person. Two people can adjust but the tent becomes cramped and movement is restricted.
  2. Pooling of water on the tent roof: There is pooling of water during heavy rain and of snow in winter on the roof of the tent. Though it doesn’t trickle down, it does make the tent colder.
  3. Only one door: The Voyager has only one door in the front and there is no rear door. It can be inconvenient especially if you share the tent with another person.
  4. Footprint not included: A footprint prevents damage to the tent and increases its longevity. You have to buy a footprint as it is not included with the package.
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The Terra Nova Voyager dimensions listed

The Terra Nova Voyager tent has a floor dimension of 81.1 inches length, 49.2 inches head width and 35.4 feet width. It has a floor size of 20.4 square feet and interior height of 39.4 inches. The Terra Nova has a package size of 21 x 8 inches making it very convenient to pack it with the rest of your travelling gear.

From the above dimensions it is obvious that the tent is nice and roomy for a single individual to sit comfortably and even stand without feeling claustrophobic.

Is Terra nova voyager 2 man tent constructed to withstand Bad weather

The Terra nova 2 is a 4 season tent ideal for winter camping and backpacking. Like all good quality 4 season tents the voyager too can withstand the harshest winters and the stormiest of rains. This tent has a semi geodesic design wherein multiple poles cross couple of times to increase the stability of the tent. This design is ideal for a free standing set up.


The semi geodesic design along with the high quality DAC poles and aluminum pegs withstand the severest of winters and heavy duty winds. The sealed seams protect the interiors of the tent in bad weather.

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How durable is the terra nova superlite voyager tent?

To keep the weight of the tent low a lot of thought has gone into the use of the right fabric and design. As a result, the ripstop nylon fabric with a 5000 mm silicon coating not only reduces the weight of the tent but also adds to the durability of the product.

Is Terra Nova Voyager Pitching an easy task?

The terra nova voyager is a free standing tent that needs no guying. Initially till you become familiar with assembling a free standing tent you will need minimum 10 minutes to pitch it. But once you become adept at it you can pitch and unpitch in 5 minutes.

customer reviews

A summary of Terra Nova Voyager UK customer reviews

The customer feedback for the Terra Nova Voyager has been very positive. Almost all the customers have found the tent to be ideal for the British weather and well suited for the winter and the rain. The ease to setup the tent has been appreciated by one and all. All customers agree that the tent is a little cramped for two people.

Admittedly I’ve not used this tent in gale conditions yet, but have used it extensively over the last 5 years in the Lakes, Dartmoor, Brecon Beacons and on rainforest trips to Vanuatu and its still going strong.

It is very light and packs very small – so it suitable for solo backpacking. While there are certainly lighter tents for solo-backpackers out there, having extra space inside and a porch area for wet gear makes the camping experience always a pleasant one whatever the weather. For two-person expeditions, it is quite tight but still manageable.

Inside there are four net pockets for belongings so easy to stay organised. The inside door has two layers so you can sleep with just the netting on warm nights without midges invading or zip up both layers for a more cosy night. The floor is quite thin material and I would imagine might leak in very wet conditions or be easily punctured by sharp rocks or sticks. Rather than take any chances, I always carry a small plastic tarpaulin to fit under the tent before pitching so I have never had any problems.

Pitching is very easy (inner tent first) as the sleeves for the poles are extra wide. The poles are colour coded too so no getting the wrong pole in the wrong slot there. The outer tent drapes over the inner, then clips onto the poles – again very easy. The porch can then be pegged out. I can pitch this tent on my own in 2-3 minutes if I’m in a hurry. The materials are all very lightweight and dry out very easily if the rain stops for a few minutes too so no carrying 1kg of water in the pack due to waterlogged tent. On a very dry warm night, you could sleep with just the inner tent, but I’ve never done that yet due to the weather.

It’s not necessarily the most beautiful tent you will see in the hills and mountains, but it does the job well and I have been delighted with it.

L. F. Harvey
I have had this tent the terra nova voyager for just under a year now mostly took out out in fair weather I decided to camp on top of Pen-y-fan 11/04/15 the wind condition’s were moderate to strong at the time’s but with this being rated a 4 season tent I was confident it would withstand the weather being thrown at it , but boy was I wrong the arch pole over the door kept being blown back onto the tent and me inside all night despite being pitched correctly the result in the morning was a broken pole and where the red pole sit’s over the two blue horizontal poles it had rubbed holes in both pole sleeves and the stitching inside was tearing through the inner tent where the pole sleeves attach, now I cannot insert the poles through the sleeves without them coming through the holes . I contacted terra nova about this they were useless after many emails and pictures of the damage were sent I had to send it off to them, 2 weeks for them to look at it and after they make a dissension another 2-3 weeks for them to repair it at my expense when it is clearly a design fault as there is no reinforcement protection where the poles overlap on the front of the tent but there is protection on the rear. Truly disappointed in there poor customer service I expected more form a British company I have lost faith in there product’s and will buy a Hilleberg for a better experience .
Mark Bloxham
terra nova superlite voyager

 General conclusion on the Terra Nova Voyager tent review

Whether you are backpacking or camping in the winter a suitable tent is a must in your camping gear. The Terra Nova Voyager is a lightweight 4 season tent that is built to withstand bad weather; premium quality fabric, silicon coating, semi geodesic construction are features that ensure that you can remain warm, snug and dry in your tent.  The Voyager will remain a loyal friend for years to come.

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