Tunnel tents are great for family outings and according to the vango langley 600 review most people have found it extremely sturdy. Even in heavy rain the outer coverings do not leak. The front porch area is particularly helpful in case you have muddy feet. The tent is fairly large for tent with six berths. It has large windows which increase visibility. In case of strong winds the tension bands are extremely useful in keeping the tent stable. It has quite a few hanging points and points where wires can be hooked up.           

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Families prefer vango langley 600 tent for its best features

The vango langley 600 tent is a tunnel shaped one that many people prefer for their camping purposes. The tent is extremely spacious and has huge windows that bring in a lot of light inside the camp. It comes attached with a removable groundsheet and a front section including windows. The tension band system that comes along with it is efficient in keeping the tent stable in case of strong winds. It offers a certain amount of rigidity which is best for British weather. Additional features include mesh doors, lantern loops, more storage pockets and many more.

Major advantages and disadvantages of langley 600 tent



The langley 600 tent structure is strong because of its shape.


The tent can be packed inside a large bag and easily carried around.

Weather resistance

It is made of great waterproof material.


The inside of the tent has several pockets which can be used to keep torch and keys.



Tent front

No fly net on the entrance.

Hanging points

The tent should have more points from where the lights can be hung.

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Large sized vango langley 600 dimension is right for a big family

The vango langley 600 dimension tunnel tent is extremely comfortable because of its spaciousness. The living area is fairly large and the presence of large windows makes the tent inside aerated. The sleeping area inside the tent is very dark which makes it easy to sleep comfortably. Almost six people can comfortably sleep inside. The detachable ground sheet helps in making the inside even more comfortable. The front porch is idea for sitting outside the tent. It has a number of hooks inside for conveniently hanging goods and lanterns. The tent when packed can be fitted easily inside an oversized bag so that packing is easy.

Tunnel tents are best for bad weather resistance

Tunnel tents are extremely well-made for bad weather resistance. Their shape is just right for combating strong winds. The latest tents come equipped with tension bands which offer extra strength against strong winds. So the tent stays strong even in the toughest weather conditions. Also, they are great against heavy rain and don’t allow even a single drop of rain to seep in. The water may sit on the awning but it will not get inside the tent. The front porch has a shade which is useful for protecting the front of the tent.

Install your vango langley 600 tent in minutes  

Setting up the vango langley 600 tent is extremely easy and takes hardly 20 minutes to complete it. The package comes complete with all the instructions for setting up the tent within minutes. The guy ropes are attached at the right positions so that the tent can be set up with perfect stability. Taking the tent down is also easy and can be done very quickly. It is easy to fold the tent and place it inside the larger bag. It can easily be placed inside the car and carried anywhere for camping.       

The vango langley 600 package is durable and long-lasting  

The tunnel tents are extremely durable because of their shape. The structure is very hardy and additional awnings can be added to enlarge the huge tent even further. The vango langley 600 package tent fabrics are strong and made of waterproof material. It can stand heavy rain and wind without getting bent. The durability is further increased by the use of the tension bands which are a great addition. Proper maintenance and packaging can keep the tent in perfect condition for a long time. It has a number of pockets and storage pockets that make the tent useful but it does not make the structure weak.      

Tunnel tent vango langley 600 customer reviews

The vango langley 600 got great customer reviews as a durable and long-lasting product. People are highly impressed with it and would gladly recommend the product to family campers. The product can be erected easily and taken down as well. The front porch that can be attached with the door is usually useful for most people because they can sit there as and when necessary. The additional rooms that can be attached with the help of awnings make a larger place for most campers which in most cases found useful.

Positives: sturdy in wind and rain, plenty of space in the living area, lots of bright windows, the porch area is a great feature and is useful for muddy shoes or sitting out, the sleeping area is dark enough to make a difference, the tent although large is reasonably easy to put up by the two of us.

*large area and height, good sized living area

*Clear windows and privacy curtains good.

*Used a couple of times in wind (15-20 mph) and rain fairly heavy, no problems with leaks so far.

*Front porch/canopy is useful when exiting tent especially with groundsheet

*Some hanging points and electric hookup access point.

Negatives: annoying fiddly plastic hooks to attach inner tent to the floor (my partner ended up using a spoon to detach them); lack of hooks to hang things from; lack of mesh on the front door (although it is nice and large).

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Summary for Vango Langley 600 review

We Like

Insame Durability

Extra Pockets

We dont like

Tent Front


Good quality


Medium level


Good quality of materials

Tent gets thumbs up by vango langley 600 review

The tunnel tent is one of the best options for family camping. It can accommodate six people comfortable. The tunnel is extremely large and comes with big windows that allow the entry of light and air. According to the vango langley 600 review it is one of the most durable tents because of its structure. They are just right for enjoying short getaways with the entire family. The tents are easy to erect and take down because they take hardly 20 minutes or so. Once the tent has been packed it can be accommodated in a large bag and carried inside the car.

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