The Vango AirBeam Centara 800 is perfect for camping trips and weekend getaways. It is an inflatable tent with a vis-à-vis bedroom design – the sleeping quarters are situated on opposite sides so all occupants can enjoy privacy. The AirBeam technology for pitching purposes is truly praiseworthy and the 2015 model has five of them using the new AirSpeed valves.

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Vango Centara 800 available in UK – Who is it for?

Vango Centara 800 (UK) tents are apt for families with older children. Normally, teens and adolescents are keen about personal space even if they are on family trips, and this tent grants it to them as well as the parents. As mentioned, the bedrooms are on opposite ends so both parties get some peace and quiet when required. The Vango Centara 800 (UK) tents offer some quality family and “me” time in a single package.

Vango Centara 800 Man Tent – Pros and Cons


Excellent Capacity

the Vango Centara 800 Man Tent accommodates 8 people comfortably without compromising on privacy.

Sturdy Structure

the Vango AirBeam technology supports a strong and rigid tent structure sans any poles combined with a rapid, simple pitch. It happens automatically after the corners are pegged into place and AirBeams are inflated.

Lights Out

This feature is in the form of two enormous inner tents at both ends to afford some serenity after a hectic day so you can relax.


Not Ideal for Everyone

the Vango Centara 800 Man Tent might not be suitable for small families due to the large size, which is more than they need.

Tad Overpriced

due to amazing features and cutting edge technology incorporated into the design, the tent is quite expensive.

Vango Centara 800 Dimensions – What can you expect?

The Vango Centara 800 dimensions are compact and offer the utmost comfort – take a look at its features:

  • The Lights Out inner tents not only provide privacy but the darker fabric reduces early morning sunlight so your sleep isn’t interrupted.
  • Inner pockets are conveniently positioned for storing essentials – you won’t have to lose small, yet important items like keys, coins, etc.
  • Vango AirZone – high and low level ventilation panels combine to create a comfortable flow of air through the tent.
  • There are lantern hanging points in the living and bedroom areas so you can attach lights accordingly.
  • Cable entry and tidies – zipped entry point with Velcro tidies to run the cable to the lantern point and other electrical items.
  • You won’t be deprived of fresh air or sunlight when needed as the diamond clear windows maximize light and offers great visibility. There are toggled privacy curtains that can be rolled away when you aren’t using them.
  • Part mesh inner door enhances ventilation, while keeping bugs and pests from entering.
  • All flysheet and groundsheet seams are factory taped, giving a water tight seal.
  • The pre-angled section in the AirBeam increases the internal space than is offered by a standard arch.
  • Low light conditions don’t hider visibility due to bright guylines.

Vango Centara 800 dimensions after packing are: L 82 cm x H 38 cm x W 38 cm.

Vango Centara 800 AirBeam Tent 2015 – How can it shield against bad weather?

The Vango Centara 800 AirBeam Tent 2015 with its patented tension Band System II guarantees superior performance in harsh weather conditions, especially during strong, changeable winds. The bands brace the pole and impede sideways movement when tensioned. The buckles are adjustable so that slack is removed, but not over tensioned, as this may deform the poles. For convenience, the system can be disconnected when it is calm outside. The fully sewn-in groundsheet not only adds to the comfort of your tent but is attached to the flysheet with an external storm skirt to provide all round protection. The Vango Centara 800 AirBeam Tent 2015 creates a sheltered area thanks to the covered entrance, so rain water can’t enter the living area.

Vango Centara 800 Pitching Instructions – easy and quick setup

It is recommended that you get Vango Footprint as it helps to mark out the necessary positions while pitching the tent. The independent beams just need to be inflated, which can be accomplished with minimal effort thanks to the AirSpeed system. The double action pump swiftly inflates the tent and is equipped with a pressure dial and release valve, thereby making it simple to get your AirBeam to the right pressure.

Vango Centara 800 AirBeam Tent Spares – How durable is it?

You won’t require Vango Centara 800 AirBeam Tent Spares for years to come due to its excellent durability and longevity. The waterproof PE groundsheet is made using sturdy and hardwearing fabric to stand up to the rigours of the most active of campers, while the flysheet has the same properties.

Vango AirBeam Centara 800 Review – What do customers say?

The Vango AirBeam Centara 800 reviews are favourable and have met with positive responses from families. They have praised the bigger bedrooms and extra space that came in handy to store luggage and other necessities. The pitching time is yet another factor that has stood out – it hardly takes 20 minutes!

Used our tent for the first time last weekend. Absolutely love it. The bedrooms are much bigger than our last 9 man tent. We slept four people and removed the dividers. There was more than enough space for a queen sized air bed and then extra for luggage for each couple. I was sad that one of the doors does not have a mosquito net as it was really hot and could have done with the extra through draft. I also would have preferred the awning (we have the large side awning) to have had blinds rather her than just the clear windows as it would have given greater privacy and it was strange that it did not come with a groundsheet! It was pretty windy but our tent held up far better than many of the ones on the field that blew away 🙂

Impressed with the build quality and the short time it takes to put up. Beware packing it away though! Requires more than one person to sumo wrestle the tent back into the bag.

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Summary for Vango Centara 800 review

We Like


Good Design

We dont like

Quite expensive


Well design and produced tent


Quite expensive in compare to others


Reasonable good durability

Vango Centara 800 Family Tent Reviews – the conclusion

Judging by the Vango Centara 800 Family Tent reviews, it is here to stay and its demand in the market will only go up in the next few months. The only point of concern is the price, but considering it is a long-term investment for families, they are sure to take the plunge because it is worth it!

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