Camping of course a great excitement you can experience as a family or as a group of friends. When you camp, it is extremely important to pay a good attention about the tent you plan to sleep at night. It should protect you from the poor weather conditions like rain and cold while preventing insect attacks. Depending on the number of packs with you, you can select the type of the tent. There are “multi-person” large size tents (also known as family tents) and smaller tents. Smaller tents are preferred by people who wish to travel with very light weighted stuff. This Vango Alpha 300 review will show you the characteristics of a light weighted small tent that can be used at camping.

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What is Vango Alpha 300 tent?

Vango Alpha 30 tent is designed for 3 people to sleep. Although it is not the most spacious tent available in the market it comes with a very light weight to make it easy to carry here and there. It is made to be easy to setup even for a beginner and therefore loved by most of the beginner level campers. It can withstand some poor weather conditions like poor rains and cold while making sure you are protected from annoying insect bites at night. The materials are good enough to protect you from “some” weather conditions but Vango Alpha 300 tent is not the one to face extreme conditions. Concerning its light weight and the convenience in setting up, it has some uniqueness over the large tents with more weight.

Benefits and drawbacks of Vango Alpha 300 tent


Quite durable

Because of the design and the high quality selected materials used to Manufacture, it is highly durable

Easy to set up

Vango Alpha 300 is mostly known for its easy to setup feature. Even a novice can set up it within 10 minutes.

Fire resistant

The materials used to manufacture the tent is claimed to be fire resistant.

Light weight

Vango Alpha 300 tent is extremely light in weight (4.5 kg). Therefore, it is easy to carry here and there and store.

Easy to clean

This particular tent is an easy to clean one because of the design. When you do not use it, it is a matter of rolling it and pack.   


Integrated eyelets allow optional king poles to prop open doors and create a canopy


Small size

Although the space is good enough for 03 average people, 03 people with a large built will find it difficult to accommodate.

Too light

If not fixed properly, an average wind can blow it away.

Vango Alpha 300 dimensions

When considering Vango Alpha 300 dimensions it is clearly understandable that it is made for 3 people to sleep inside. However, depending on the size of the people, the number of people can fit inside may reduce to 2. When the tent is packed, the Vango Alpha 300 dimensions read as L50.0 x H18.0 x W18.0 cm, which is extremely easy to carry. Making the tent more portable, it comes with a travel bag where you get some additional space to store some essential items. Apart from that, there are some inner pockets included inside the tent to arrange your essentials properly, making your life an easier one. Adding more value to the feature set of the inner part of the tent, there are lantern-hanging points to make it a nice sleeping area. The inner Breathable polyester allows condensation to pass through, for a comfortable night’s sleep. To maximize light and visibility Diamond Clear windows are included.

Weather resistance ability of Vango Alpha 300 tent

Vango Alpha 30 tent is made of Vango Protex® 70 denier polyester flysheet, 3000mm HH, which is highly waterproof, durable and reliable fabric. Adding more features to its weather resistance characteristic, Vango Alpha 300 tent comes with a Waterproof PE groundsheet. It is a robust and hardwearing fabric that can tolerate rigors of the most active campers.

Setting up Vango Alpha 300 Plus

Easy-to-setup is one of the most prominent features associated with Vango Alpha 300 Plus. There is nothing to worry about setting it up at all. Just refer the given instructions and then even a beginner level camper can setup the tent within 10 minutes’ time. When you do not require the service of the tent, it is a matter of rolling it down with simple and easy steps. Although it is extremely easy to setup, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Vango Alpha 300 plus tent is not stable enough to withstand some windy climates. They can tolerate winds with considerable speeds.

The durability of Vango Alpha 300

A camping tent is not an item you have on your everyday shopping list. It is a long term investment. Therefore, selecting a durable product is really important when it comes to camp tents. Vango Alpha 300 is claimed to be durable because of the special denier polyester flysheet. As per the tests and user reviews it seems to be a good durable product. The groundsheet also made to be highly durable withstanding had use of the campers. However, you must be careful not to use sharp edges underneath the groundsheet. They also have taken a good care in manufacturing Vango Alpha 300 to make it a durable one. The groundsheet is perfectly linked to the body of the tent. Cleaning is also a very easy process thanks to the special design and the materials. It is a matter of rolling the tent when you do not use it.

What customers say about Alpha 300 tent?

Although the majority of the feedbacks are on the positive side, some people have complained about its rain resistant ability. Also, some have mentioned that the inner space it is good enough only for two grown adults.

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Summary for Vango Alpha 300 review

We Like

Fire Resistance

Easy to Clean

Fast Setup

We dont like

Size in reality for 2 person

In big wind could be too light


Good quality from Vango Brand


Afforable price


Good quality of Fabric and Groundsheet

Conclusion of the Vango alpha 300 review

A good product for those who wish to travel with light weighted stuff. Works best for general poor climates than the extreme weather conditions. At the end of this Vango Alpha 300 review, it can be said that it is perfectly suitable for 02 people, although it is made for 03. Affordable in price though.

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