Dome shaped tents provide an amazing amount of space which is necessary for campers going off in groups of two or three. The structure is extremely sturdy and uses an arch pole that is gothic in style.  It offers enough headspace which makes it easier to sit upright. The tent is extremely easy to erect and has clear windows that allow light to come in. The fabric used is of superior quality and fire retardant variety. The tent case is not too big and can be carried easily. According to the vango alpha 400 review most customers find the product extremely useful and have no complaint against it.

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Dome-shaped alpha 400 tent is strong and portable

The alpha 400 tent is a family one with superb features. It has a super strong structure made of Gothic arch pole and fitted with durable fabric that is waterproof and fire retardant. Four people can comfortably fit into this dome-shaped tent. The spacious nature of the dome tents offers sufficient headspace for tall members of the family. The entire package which is highly portable comes equipped with guy-lines that make it easy to pitch the tent. The structure has reinforcement points that make the tension areas in a tent hard. It also comes with an inner fabric that allows passage of air which makes the inside comfortable.

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Enought Size

It can comfortably accommodate four people.

Quick Set up

It can be set up within few minutes.

Small and light package

The package is around 5kilos which can be easily carried around.

Modern tent fabric

The fabric is fire proof and made of water resistant material.

Comfort and storage 

The vango alpha 400 four person offers a lot of headspace because of its dome shape and contains pockets which can be used for storing small items.


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The vango alpha 400 dome tent ensures maximum comfort for campers

Campers prefer their camping gear to be light and small sized so that they can be carried around easily. The vango alpha 400 dome tent can be folded easily into a manageable size. The carry bag seems a little bigger than usual but that is just to accommodate the entire tent conveniently. The comfort level with dome shaped tents is much greater than any other. It provides a lot of headspace and can accommodate up to four people. Storage is made easy with the presence of a number of pockets for storing electronics, torches, and snacks. It also has a place for hanging the lantern in the living area.

Combat bad weather with vango alpha 400 4-person tent

While buying a tent it is essential to keep in mind the features that will help resist a bad weather. The vango alpha 400 person tent uses the best quality water resistant fabric that is also fire retardant. The groundsheet added to the tent helps in protecting the porch from rain and wind which keeps the camping kit dry. It uses a waterproof flysheet and the floor is coated with polyethylene. The inner tent is made of polyester which allows air to pass through the tent and reduces condensation. The tent can be set up in a jiffy which is important in case the weather suddenly turns bad.

Easy set up vango alpha 400 tents make camping easy

Dome shaped vango alpha 400 tents are pretty easy to set up because campers prefer gears that are easy to handle and take less time. Most tents take hardly a few minutes to be set up and the packages come with all the necessary instructions. They are not usually hard to follow and even new campers can set up tents using the instructions. The first time it may take around 20 minutes but from the second time onwards the entire set up can be completed in about 10 minutes or so. Tents that can be set up quickly are useful in case of bad weather.

Durability is a must with vango alpha 400 tent

The tent structure should be hardy but not necessarily heavy. A light yet sturdy vango alpha 400 tent structures helps in keeping the tent steady during bad weather. Also, the poles need to be hard with flexible joints so that pitching the tents and packing them back is easier. The dome shape itself is very durable because a number of poles are bent to form the tent’s skeleton. Durable tent fabrics are used to make the accommodation safe from rain and wind. Some also act as fire retardant. The PE ground sheets used are the best and can be used on any ground that the campers select.

Pick up the vango alpha 400 test tents for pure worth

The vango alpha 400 test tents are some of the best ones manufactured. Most of the buyers seem extremely pleased with the product and will readily advise other campers to buy the products. Positive feedback can be got regarding the setting up of the tents, the quality of the fabric, durability and even the strength against the elements. The tents seem successful against the challenges put up by weather and most users consider it to the ideal. Its lightness and compact built has been much appreciated and highly recommended by many. Considering its price many feel that it is a good buy.

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Summary for Vango Alpha 400 review

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Good Fabric and Quality of design

Enought size for 4 person

Fire Proof and Water resistant

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Small package and good quality


Medium price level


Good quality of materials

The vango alpha 400 review makes it every camper’s choice

According to the vango alpha 400 review the product is extremely durable and reasonably priced. The dome-shaped structure can accommodate four persons comfortably and provides adequate amount of headspace. Transparent windows allow a lot of daylight to penetrate the tent. The front porch is covered which helps the set up in remaining dry. The tent is made of durable and water resistant fabric which is also fire retardant. The product when packed is light and can be carried easily because of its compactness. The tent can also be set up easily and takes hardly 10 minutes. The gear necessary for erecting the tent comes with the package.

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