Camping is a very popular outdoor activity among the people across the globe. Regardless of age and gender everybody loves camping because of the adventurousness and the excitement it provides.  This Vango Ark 400 review is composed focusing one of the essential items you need to have to do camping: a tent. In fact, without a tent that features safety, protection, weather resistance, comfort etc. you will not be able to enjoy a proper camping experience. Selecting a tent may depend on various facts like the camping venue, number of packs (berth), the weather condition etc.  Vango Ark 400 review explains you the main characteristics and features of such specific product presented by Vango: Ark 400.

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An overview of Vango Ark 400 Plus

Vango Ark 400 plus is an exceptional tent presented by Vango Company that has a great reputation over 50 years.  This specific product is made to be a four berth (suitable for four persons) tent with a simple tunnel design. Vango Ark 400 plus is a double skin tent and therefore the weather resistance is guaranteed. The Gothic arch pole that can be found on the front entrance has the ability to create a spacious porch area for you to enjoy.  Inner space of this handy tent from Vango is organized perfectly to accommodate a double airbed. It is a great feature in terms of the comfort of the users. In addition to the spacious sleeping area, Vango Ark 400 plus has enough space to store your personal items add gear that is necessary during camping events. It is well known among the campers because of the easy-to-setup feature. Within a matter of five minutes, you can setup and accommodate this elegant tent.


Quite durable

Because of the design and the high quality selected materials used to Manufacture, it is highly durable

Easy Setup

Takes less than 10 minutes to setup completely because of the smart design.

Weather resistant

It can withstand bad weather conditions like heavy rains.


All the materials are strong, but lightweight.


Too light

If not pitched perfectly, a powerful wind can blow the tent away.

Portability of Vango ark 400 plus tent and the comfort features

Vango Ark 400 plus tent is categorized under the adventure tent collection by its manufacturers because it supports your adventure camping perfectly.  Although the tent is large enough to provide safe shelter for four adults, it features a very compact size once packed perfectly. The dimensions of Vango Ark 400 plus reads 61 X 18 X 19 cm once packed. The weight is just around 5.5 KG. Because of this very feature most of the adventure campers love to get this assistance.

When it comes to the comfort, Vango Ark 400 plus tent is made with a breathable polyester material allowing nice ventilation though out the whole tent. This tent has an enclosed groundsheet, which is especially designed by Vango itself, provides comfort while making it easy to clean than the conventional fully sewn groundsheets. The inner pockets of this design allow you to store your personal items and gear in a more organized manner.   

Weather resistance ability of Vango Ark 400 tent

Vango Ark 400 Tent is categorized under adventure group by Vango Company for good reasons. Superb weather resistance ability is one of them. Sudden climate changes are parts of your adventure. The best thing to do against bad weather is to be prepared with an efficient product like Vango Ark 400 Tent, concerning your comfort and safety.

Protex 70 Denier polyester flysheet is exclusive to Vango. This particular material has a great water resistant ability against any severe condition. Adding more value to the protective feature set, Vango Ark 400 tent comes with a PE groundsheet that is reliable and robust against wet ground conditions. It is certified to be waterproof up to 10,000mm.  Also this material is capable of withstanding activities of the campers while providing enough comfort.

Setting up Vango Ark 400 4 man tunnel tent

Thanks to the advance technology used in Vango Ark 400 4 man tunnel tent, any camper even a novice) can setup the tent within 10 minutes’ time if the given instructions are followed properly. This is another plus factor for campers to select Vango Ark 400 4 man tunnel tent as their camping partner. No need to spend long times on setting up camping; instead you can focus on your adventure.

Durability of Vango Ark 400+ 4 man tent

Buying a tent for your camping is not an action you perform frequently. You need to buy a tent that lasts pretty long as you consider it as a long term investment. Concerning these facts seriously Vango has taken a good care to manufacture this tent to last long.  The durability of the materials that are used to manufacture Vango Ark 400+ 4 man tent are guaranteed by Vango Company. The exclusive Protex 70 Denier polyester flysheet and the PE groundsheets are capable of tolerating hard use and that is another good reason to categorize Vango Ark 400+ 4 man tent under adventure category. In addition to that, the Breathable polyester inner tent and the fiberglass polls feature lightweight but durable characteristics.  The items use to pitch the tent also come with this feature making the entire product is a durable one. The seamless production process also has created a positive impact on the durability.

What customers say about Vango Ark 400 4 man tent?

Most of the customers have provided a positive feedback on Vango Ark 400 4 man tent. They specially love the quick – setup feature and the lightweight compact design. Weatherproof characteristic and the durability of the materials are highly admired by everyone. Some customers have directly recommended Vango Ark 400 4 man tent to other campers. They also admire the adequate light inside and the ventilation process. Groundsheet also seems to be a great attraction for all the customers.

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Summary for Vango Ark 400 review

We Like


Fast setting up

We dont like

In bad weather should be better pitched up


Quality on high level


Medium level of Price


Any big problem occured

Conclusion of Vango ark 400 plus review

At the conclusion of this Vango ark 400 plus review, it can be said that this is a highly successful product presented from Vango targeting the adventure campers. It features a great weather resistance while assuring a quick setup facility for users. Has enough ventilation inside with good light. It is ideal for 4 people to accommodate without any trouble at all. It also supports to organize your stuff methodically in the inner space provided.

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