Traveling and camping has become the leisure activity that has taken the world by a storm. People from all corners of the world have taken up a liking to travel and experience staying outdoors without the comfort of a warm bed in a cozy room. With the need to pick the right gear for the camping experience however, one could often be confused as to what are the best items to choose, from the wide choice that’s available. Vango has come up with Banshee 300, a tent that promises to deliver to everyday camping needs. As a result, it provokes ascertainment.

A tent is  pro-lazy camping, with the easy to pitch build up , and an ultra lightweight. The tent would be a good choice for a camper who likes to travel without too much of added weight.

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Vango Banshee 300 3 man tent Biggest Pros and Cons


Easy to set up

The tent wouldn’t take long to be set up , which comes as a solace for the backpack campers who are willing to invest their physical strength entirely on the travel rather than pitching the tent.

More space than the predecessor

The tent has more room in comparison to its predecessor by Vango. Which makes  extra storage a possibility.

Tension adjustable pegging points

The fly contains nine pegging points that are tension adjustable with reflective webbing and buckle arrangements, ,which makes sure that the tent can be dragged a bit more for more stable pitching.

Lantern hanging point

A lantern hanging point means that the light could be spread equally in all directions inside the tent without having to allocate precious ground space for the lantern.



Not enough room for 3

The tent is marketed as a tent that could facilitate three people. However, it’s difficult to do so unless it’s an emergency situation. The tent could comfortably house two with their equipment, and if room is made for a third person, that might mean that some of the equipment might be required to be kept outside.

No gear loft

The design is not equipped with a gear loft or hanging  loops, which means that storing the equipment might be troublesome.

Vango Banshee 300 weight –  Comfort and size after packing

Vango Banshee 300 tent carries a weight of 2.75 kilograms on paper. In comparison to some of the other models that are on offer by Vango’s competitors, the weight shouldn’t be much of an issue.

The tent is advertised as one that fits for 3 people. However, it seems to facilitate two whilst making room for a 3rd would be possible in an emergency situation. This becomes the situation with the necessity to pack other camping items and gear inside as well.

The inner groundsheet is made of waterproof polyester, which means there’s hardly a chance for a water leakage. The fabric is breathable and waterproof, which is capable of keeping the campers warm  and cozy.

Vango Banshee 300 test of Bad Weather Resistance

No matter how good a tent may look on paper,its real test is when it’s put to test in real conditions. Banshee 300 is capable of holding out heavy rains with the structural strength as well as the quality of the tent clothing  material that’s used. The fly is capable of keeping any moisture from leaking into the tent, keeping the inside perfectly dry. The pegs are flexible, yet, they are strong enough to withstand extreme conditions. Which makes the tent a good choice when  it comes to opting for a backpacking tent .

How easy is it to set up Vango Banshee 300 3 person lightweight hiking tent

The tent is designed to make sure that it suits the normal lazy camper who doesn’t want to be bothered with putting too much of an  effort into setting up the tent after a tiresome travelling session. The tent can be set up within 10 minutes and three pages of printed instructions for tent set up is sewn into the inside of the compression bag. The poles and pole sleeves are colour coded to make sure that nothing could go wrong when the tent is set up.

Vango Banshee 300 – General feelings according customer reviews

The tent is appealing to the backpackers who want as much comfort and breathing space as possible at the expense of a relatively lighter weight.   The tent is well applauded by customers for its durability and stability in tough conditions.  The asymmetrical design where one side is smaller than the other might not appeal to every camper, who wants as much room as he could afford in a camping mission. More facilitation towards storage is also a demand from Vango’s customers.  However, the ease in setting up has been an attractive point for the customers of Vango Banshee 300, just as the price of the tent is.

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Summary for Vango Banshee 300 review

We Like

Quite fast to set up


We dont like

Too small for 3 person


really lightweight


Price is ok


Quite hard to damaged

Vango banshee 300 tent review – General conclusion about it

With scores of tents on the market, consumers could opt to choose the tent that suits their needs perfectly. Vango Banshee 300 stands as a tent that’s made for the everyday backpack camper who wants to keep his weight down with a desire to spend as little time as possible setting up the tent. For an attractive price, Vango offers a quality product in Vango Banshee 300, with a durable tent that can always relate to the success of a camping endeavor.

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