The Vango airbeam® eclipse 600 has the potential to offer a luxurious experience with its impressive size and features. The pre-bent airbeams and large windows create an airy and bright living space, which is ideal for family gatherings. This tent comes along with the latest AirSpeed valves, which cater the needs of all the families who are seeking the comfort of home. If you want to stay away from the hassle that is associated with pitching a very large tent, this is the perfect solution available out there in the market. In addition, they have included an additional storage space, which is known as Tent Tidy. It is attached to the porch of Vango airbeam® eclipse 600.

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The Vango Eclipse 600 UK is a large tent and it is recommended for big families. Six people can easily get into this tent without much hassle. Moreover, it comes along with advanced comfort options. If you are looking forward to experience the home comfort at your camping site, you can think of purchasing Vango Eclipse 600 UK without any doubt on mind.

Biggest Pros and cons Vango Eclipse 600 – 6 man tent


Easy to pitch

The airbeam technology helps the users to pitch this tent with minimum hassle.

Durable construction

The Vango Eclipse 600 man tent is made out of ProTex 6000m, 70D, which is a reliable, durable and a waterproof fabric.

Maximum visibility

An excellent visibility is provided into the tent with large diamond shaped clear PVC windows.

User friendliness

This tent comes along with user friendly zip down curtains. As a result, people who buy it will be able to experience different levels of opening. They can also fit the flysheet leaving no gaps and roll it before they carry. You will not have to roll up the curtains because of this feature.

Patented Tension Band System

The patented Tension Band system that can be found in Vango Eclipse 600 man tent will ensure its performance even under adverse conditions such as strong winds. If there is a calm environment around, the users can simply disconnect the system. When it is connected, the bands will brace the poles and keep it away from moving sideways.


Collapsible rear beam

The rear beam of Vango Eclipse 600 man tent can easily get collapsed due to strong wind.

Leaky roofs

It is not possible to use this tent when it is raining heavily. That’s because the roofs leak all over and every beam will puddle around the bottoms on each side.

What Comfort it has and size after packing

Even though Vango Eclipse 600 is a tent that is equipped with large dimensions, it can easily be transported from one place to another. The pack size measures 75 * 35 * 49 in centimeters. In addition, the pack weighs about 36.2kg and you can simply place it on the trunk of your vehicle.

Bad Weather resistance of Vango Eclipse 600 tent

Vango eclipse 600 airbeam tent 2015 is not the best tunnel tent when it comes to rainy weather conditions. This tunnel tent can keep you and your belongings dry under a slight drizzle, but it leaks when there is a heavy rain. However, it has the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. The band system is associated with storm straps, which can be clipped towards the two sides of the tent, in order to create a strong triangular structure. Therefore, it will not lose the stability when heavy winds are blowing across.

Vango Eclipse 600 pitching instructions

It is extremely easy to pitch this tent on your own. In fact, you will receive all the Vango Eclipse 600 pitching instructions along with the package and you just need to follow them. First of all, you will need to peg the four main corners of this tent. Then you will be able to inflate all air beams with the help of supplied pump. Then the tent will pitch itself automatically and you will not have to worry about anything. The inner-tents are pre-pitched for your convenience. Therefore, you just need to inflate all the beams and it will take several minutes. Once you inflate all the beams, you can peg out of the remaining part of the tent along with guy lines. If you follow Vango Eclipse 600 pitching instructions, you will be able to pitch it in less than 12 minutes.

Do you need Vango eclipse 600 airbeam tent spares

The Vango eclipse 600 airbeam tent spares has contributed a lot towards its durability. The tent is made out of 150 Denier Fabric, which is known as one of the most durable materials available out there to manufacture tents. In addition, the designers have increased HH in this tent from 5000mm to 6000mm.

Vango airbeam eclipse 600 customers review

When you go through Vango airbeam eclipse 600 review, you will see that most of the people who have bought this tent are happy with their purchase. It offers plenty of space to the users and a family can easily get into the tent without any discomfort. The sun canopy has delivered a luxurious look to the tent as well. In addition, it can easily be zipped before packing. The large windows offer an excellent view of the outside as well. Even though this tent can withstand extreme wind, it can leak water inside under heavy rains.

Changed my previous airbeam for this model and love it. Easy to put up but the beams take alot longer than 30 seconds to inflate – expect backache! Other campers were impressed with how quickly we put up such a large tent and I could put this up with a couple of kids to help. The bed ends let alot of light in. For next season we will purchase an electric/12v air pump to get the tent up – then it sould be up in about 10 minutes easy. Putting away. Ohhh boy! took 3 goes at packing to get it back into the huge bag – and am a seasoned camper known for my ability to pack any tent back into its origional bag. The beams hold air and need rolling accross towards the exit plug to get the air out, then fold over and over to the correct width. The next fun part involves the kids going roly poly up the tent to squash out the air. Finally roll\fold up the tent squishing out the excess air by sitting or kneeling on the tent – you may need to do this twice. Check out ytube for useful demos of airbeam tents. Be patient and expect a learning curve to get this right. Have not used in heavy weather only dry in August. I do like the tent and would recommend it for lots of space and ease of use, take an air pump and finish the pressure with the hand pump to aviod back ache.

We purchased this tent as we wanted something quick and easy to put up for weekends. We’ve put it up 3 times over the summer and we can now put it up and peg it down in about 30 minutes.No arguments over which pole goes where – it doesn’t have any poles! It has a lovely large living area, which is very homely with the carpet down. The other main reason we purchased this model was the number and size of windows and doors. It is lovely to be able to sit inside of an evening and still see whats going on outside! We love this tent – the only reason it doesn’t get 10/10 is that the doors/bedrooms don’t have 2 way zips and also porch door on side entrance could be slightly larger, to be able to cook under in the rain. But overall we are very happy with the tent.

Great tent until it rained, every beam had a puddle around the bottoms each side and also the roof leaked all over. Woke up second morning to find a pools of water on top of the inner tent. Took it back to the supplier (Cotswold Outdoor) and they replaced it for another one. Yet to test the replacement but if it leaks like the first one I will be asking for my money back.


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Summary for Vango Eclipse 600 review

We Like

Durable construction


We dont like

Leaky roofs


Customers are happy with quality and design


Airbeam is quite expensive


Durable Design

Conclusion about Vango Eclipse 600 family tent – review

Most of the Vango Eclipse 600 family tent reviews are positive ones, so it can be concluded that this is one of the best tents available out there at the market. The airbeam inflation technology has contributed a lot towards the popularity of this tent. It helps all the users to pitch the tent with minimum hassle. In addition, it can withstand extreme wind and has shown positive results even under 75mph speedy winds. The product comes along with an inflation pump and a roller bag, which helps the users with transportation and usability.

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