Vango Farnham 600 Review – Is It The Best Tunnel Tent For You?

Vango Farnham 600 Tent

Fast Summary

83 – One of the best product from that producer in that area
74 – Ok price
77 – Maybe its too early to judge

Size- 68 cm x 32 cm x 33 cm

Weight – 22 kg

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Get outside with the Vango Farnham 600 tent

While you go camping, a sleeping bag may be the easiest thing to carry along to ensure a good night’s sleep. But imagine how much of a good night that would be if it started raining, or if the weather turns out to be too challenging for your sleeping bag? That is why taking a good tent along can make all the difference to your camping trip. Here, we review the Vango Farnham 600 tent for you, so that you can make an informed purchase.

The Vango Farnham 600 tent is an aesthetically designed, roomy tent that is ideal for your family holidays or short trips. Feel the comfort of your home when you are outdoors with this tent that comes with a porch, a living room and a bedroom.

The Vango Farnham 600 6 man tent is for families

Families can do with a lot of extra space especially with children around and works well for a family of four. The Vango Farnham 600 6 man tent is perfect for families who like a home-like space to take with them on their holiday. It can be set up in literally no time, as it would take two people a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes to get it ready.

It comes with features like a waterproof flysheet, tough groundsheet and an extra tough band system to keep you tent in its good shape even in extreme windy situations. Camp out in style with a canopy attachment in the front to enjoy an open space that is yet sheltered.

The living space is large and tall enough for standing inside. Clear and large windows allow enough light and ventilation panels allow maximum air flow for a clean and fresh feel inside the tent. A nice big front door opens to the porch. Toggled dividers for the bedrooms give you enough room for both adults and kids alike.

Is the Vango Farnham 600 six person really good?

The Vango Farnham 600 six person tent has some really good features to make your stay outdoors really enjoyable.

Vango Farnham 600 Tent Advantages and Disadvantages

  1. Large – A tunnel tent that is large enough for a family, with a living room, two bedrooms and a canopy in the front
  2. Weather proof – Water proof flysheet and ground sheet with tension bands makes it survive through rain and windy weather.
  3. Easy pitching – User friendly design with easy to assemble parts that make pitching much more easier. For E.g., the poles are colour coded to match with the pole sleeves on the tent.
  1. Weak poles – The poles are made of fiber glass and are prone to breakage if not handled carefully or if set up on an extremely windy day
  2. Flimsy zippers – The zipper on the door and the fabric around them are a little flimsy to use and can easily tear if not used with care.

How big is the Vango Farnham 600 package when packed?

You get a lot of space inside for a tent that hardly weighs 22 kg. This easy to construct tent can even be put together by a single person if required. The Vango Farnham 600 package size is L 68 x H 32 x W 33cm and is small enough to be carried in the Easypack carry bag that comes with it. Now that’s what you call portability!

Vango Farnham 600 Tent

Cozy up inside the Farnham 600 tent

Whether it is shining out there or pouring, you will feel nice and warm inside the Farnham 600 tent. The fire retardant and waterproof flysheet comes taped at the seams for extra protection from water. You can also be sure that the groundsheet stays nice and dry as it is fully sewn in and made of durable polyethylene that resists water up to 10,000mm. It is also attached to the flysheet externally by a storm skirt for additional protection.

How easy is the Vango Farnham 600 pitching?

The Vango Farnham 600 pitching is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The poles come with inner elastic and are colour coded for easy matching. The flysheet and the inner pitch are attached making pitching even more easier. It can easily done by two people under 20 minutes and it is user friendly enough to be even set up by a single person. It is much easier to put down after use.

Strong and sturdy Farnham 600

The Farnham 600 is quite sturdy made of polyester flysheet with taped seams and attached to the inner pitch for hassle-free assembly. The groundsheet is also in place and is in a bathtub design for maximum protection. Both the flysheet and the groundsheet are made of materials that conform to the European safety standards (EN5912).

The patented TBS II tension band system has a 3 point harness for the poles for extra strength of the tent structure in case of a windy situation.

What do the Vango Farnham 600 customer reviews tell us?

The tunnel style tent with the porch attachment, living room and bedroom is a great family size tent for outdoor use. Based on the reviews by customers online, it is a good tent with great features for its price and gets an overall star rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.

Have used the tent twice now and it’s great, really easy to put up by one person – takes about 25 minutes if you are on your own. It’s rained both times we’ve been away and had no leaks at all.
Issues? Would have been nice to have a insect mesh door on the side door as it creates a nice breeze through the tent with both open but unable to do this due to the amount of bugs that fly in.
All in all a great tent especially for the price!
Sold as a 6 man tent and holds the five of us comfortably. The two doors are lovely when the sun shines allowing some much needed airflow through the tent. When the sun doesn’t shine, I can vouch for the tent being completely waterproof. It has survived constant, day long rain as well as the odd cloudburst. The porch area is so handy, we use it for cooking and storage. A couple of niggles but not enough to take a star away when you take account of the price. The side door has no mesh to stop our flying friends and it would be nice to have an electric access point on both sides of the tent. Other than those two points, I can thoroughly recommend this tent.
The tent is roomy, and easy to put up, however we had a windy day and sadly 2 poles snapped, meaning we had to pack up and come home, leaving me with 3 dissapointed children, I had used the inside wind braces too! I honestly thought this tent would have been tougher, but it’s just left me feeling annoyed and now having to replace 2 poles, or possibly replacing the tent 😔

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Summary for Vango Farnham 600 review

We like

  1. Large – A tunnel tent that is large enough for a family, with a living room, two bedrooms and a canopy in the front
  2. Weather proof – Water proof flysheet and ground sheet with tension bands makes it survive through rain and windy weather.

We don’t like

1. Weak poles – The poles are made of fiber glass and are prone to breakage if not handled carefully or if set up on an extremely windy day

Vango Farnham 600
Best in class
Medium Range of cost
Highest level

What we can say on ending about Vango Farnham 600 tent review

If you are looking to invest in a good family size tent with lots of space, we suggest that you do your bit of research by going through the various Vango Farnham 600 reviews found on the internet. However, our review above should give you a fair idea of what to expect in the product and help you decide on your purchase.

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