Vango force 10 mk3 tent

Vango force 10 mk3 tent- an overview:

Talk about a classic tent, Vango Force 10 tents have always been on the list. Known for their minimalist classy design, stability and strength are the most popular traits of these tents. It has been decades since the very first Force 10 tents were introduced. The vango force 10 mk3 is the 3 person version of the Force 10 series.

Who is the vango force 10 mk3 3 man tent for?

This 3 man tent is suitable for a small family or a small group. When the Force 10 tents were initially introduced, these were popular choices of the participants of Duke of Edinburg, The British Army as well as the Scout Association. This is because the tent performs great even in rugged terrains offering a secure and comfortable stay. The Vango force 10 mk3 3 man tent is small when packed and comes in handy for a small group of hikers or campers.

Vango force 10 mk3 dimensions:

Here are the dimensions of the classic standard mk3 tents:

Height- 125 overall and 115 internal

Overall length- 330 and the overall width 155.

The tent when snugly packed in its packing bag measures 54 cm in length and 27cm in diameter.

The tent is not a very tall one and neither is it too roomy. It is just right for resting at night. In terms of the overall dimensions, the tent can be rated 4 on the scale of 5. The packing dimensions of the tent are however impressive. The tent takes up very less space when packed. But the tent is pretty heavy to carry once packed and thus can be rated 4 out of 5 in terms of the packing dimensions.

Understanding the good and the bad features about the tent from the force ten mk3 uk review:

  1. The simplicity of set-up– Evident from the design of the tent, the set-up process is straightforward.
  2. Ventilation– The breathable material of the tent allows proper ventilation and ensures that the interiors of the tent do not get heated up.
  3. Protection against wind and rain– The tent offers impressive protection against strong winds and rain. There are no leaks during the rain and the tent’s design is ideal to make it withstand heavy winds.
  4. DurabilityThis is one of the main aspects that people love about the Force 10 tents. The heavy-duty material of the tent makes it durable. The force ten mk3 uk review talk about how this tent can be a great long term investment.
  1. Heavy– The tent is a bit on the heavy side when packed.
  2. Not very roomy– the 3 man tent is just right for 3 people. Several contemporary tents often come with partitions for living and sleeping areas and can accommodate extra persons when needed. But this one is not like one of those fancy roomier tents.
Vango force 10 mk3

Vango force 10 mk3 footprint:

Force 10 tents have been known for their simple yet strong construction. This is what makes them popular among those who camp in savage terrains. The A-frame design of these tents adds to their stability. The Protex DWR cotton used to make the tent is both breathable and strong. There are however no ventilation systems or windows to let in extra air on warmer nights. The tent, in terms of the bad weather resistance, can be given a score of 4 on the scale of 5.

The durability of the vango force ten mk3 3-person tent:

The vango force ten mk3 3-person tent is made of patented Protex DWR cotton which is a heavy duty material that is responsible for the long life of Force 10 tents. The tent poles are made of PowerLite 7001-T6 alloy. This makes them durable besides being lightweight.

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Vango force 10 mk3 pitching:

The inner or flysheet first style of pitching offers versatility and ease of pitching. The tent can be set up in hardly a few minutes as it doesn’t come with any complex structures to assemble. This gives the tent another 5 on the scale of 5 in terms of the ease of pitching the tent.

Vango force 10 mk3 uk customer reviews:

The overall positive reviews of the Force 10 tents are mainly because of the all-weather performance this neat looking tent offers. The only negative some tell about the tent is the lack of separate windows and extra partitions for rooms which are now available in several tents. People like the durability of the Force 10 tents which make them a favorite choice among campers who are always out on some expedition.

customer reviews
I’ve had mine for around 25 years. It still gets used, and continues to be one of my favourite tents. February camping in Snowdonia? No problem. I’ve reproofed it twice over the years, and repaired a couple of minor tears in the groundheet. The zips have never been a problem. The plastic “A” apex joints can crack – but spares are easy enough to get. The build quality is great and the full cotton construction is such a luxury. Why? It doesn’t buzz & flap in the wind, doesn’t “sweat” (i.e allow excessive condensation to form) and in very hot weather, it tends to be a bit cooler than nasty thin nylon tents. It’s very stable in high winds….. there might be a clue there in the name. Yes, the bright orange colour on the flysheet fades with time, but I quite like this – like old Levis.

A full cotton tent also has a pleasant smell to it!

I own over 20 similar tents, as I organise group camping trips. At least 10 of these are the same Vango brand, but sadly all the rest are lighter, nylon items. Vango Omega 250s and 350s have served me well, although they are not the same heavy construction.

I know you pay for quality, but unfortunatley I feel these full cotton Force Tens are just too expensive now, compared to a market flooded with cheaper, more disposable items. They make a fairly large pack size and they are heavy – so far more suited to car camping, rather than cycling, motorcycling or backpacking. Heavy wet cotton also takes a little longer to dry out than nylon tents.

Vango force 10 mk3

Concluding the vango force 10 mk3 tent review:

If you are looking for a roomy tent which can be used for a family camping trip, this might not be the best choice. It doesn’t come with separate rooms and storage spaces, or with space to accommodate extra people.This, however, might not be the requirement if you setting a camp on a mountaineering expedition. So for such situations and for camping in extreme conditions, the Force 10 tents are great choices.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying vango force 10 mk3 tent …