Outdoor activities have long since been marked as a luxury only afforded by those who have the time and the passion for the natural environment. In the current day and age, where the lives of people are so intricately woven with each other through technology, the need to appreciate alone time and the surrounding nature is quickly deteriorating. Hence, in the Vango Halo 300 review, we can deliberate its significance.

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People of all ages find themselves increasingly tethered to their electronic devices which acts as a certain dependency. What people need to understand is that spending quality time in nature fosters independence and helps to provide an escape from the daily noise of pressures and responsibilities.

People who are aware of these advantages of outdoor activities like camping, are also aware of how important it is to have the proper gear, in order to ensure maximum pleasure. This is why the Vango Halo 300 review discusses all the important factors needed to be considered. I, for one, am a great enthusiast of the outdoors and have had the chance to try out camping gear from different companies. However, my personal favorite still remains the Vango Halo 300 tent.

Why Vango Halo 300 Tent is so good choice 

The need for having proper gear has never been more pronounced than in the case of the Vango Halo 300 tent. What makes this tent rightly popular, is that this Vango Halo 300 tent model provides the opportunity of a stable and an innovative design, which still gives you enough porch space to store the rest of your gear. It so happens that all the poles are the same length, which makes this tent very simple and quick to pitch.

It is obvious that the company has taken great time and efforts in their research and development, to come up with the innovative concept of the Vango Halo 300 tent.

This is one of the most spacious hiking tents introduced to the market, with the comfortable capacity of accommodating three people, along with a good height. The Vango Halo 300 tent is a dual door, dome tent which takes functionality and simplicity to a whole new level. The Vango Halo 300 tent consists of three equal-length alloy poles, a breathable inner tent, and a flysheet that allows the tent to be pitched and in less than 10 minutes. The external pole sleeves make the adjustment of the pole through the flysheet, much easier and the tent can be pitched completely without much effort. This is why I have had such a good experience with my trips, as now I do not have to spend a lot of time in pitching and setting up.

Which customers in UK are buing Halo 300 Tent ?

The comfort and convenience offered by its practical design of the Halo 300 tent, allows this to be used by all kinds of people. The total pack size of the Halo 300 tent can be split between friends making this a strong favorite with groups of young individuals. As Vango has a long line of experience in the delivering of premium tents, sleeping bags and matts, they have the expertise to determine the right kinds of styles and designs to ensure the complete satisfaction of its customers. For the Halo 300 tent, the customers, themselves range from individual thrill-seekers to groups of friends and sometimes include families, that still believe in the necessity of an adventure.

Halo 300 Vango – Reasons to Buy it



All the poles are identical, which allows for an easy pitching procedure, saving time and effort for the Halo 300 Vango.

Dual door

The twin flysheet doors provide an easy access to the occupants, as it gives you the option of using one as a porch and the other for storage.
Waterproof – the polyester flysheet is highly waterproof, made of a durable and reliable fabric that guarantees to keep you dry and comfortable, while also providing a water tight seal in the Halo 300 Vango.


The continuous curve of the inner doors allows the door to be opened in one single movement. The door also has a mesh panel in the upper half of the tent to provide maximum ventilation.


The tent has a special compression stuff sac feature that allows it to be stuffed and carried easily, while dealing with Halo 300 Vango.


A separate storage area has been provided by the groundsheet, which offers to keep your things dry and clean in the Halo 300 Vango.



the space needs to be rightly allocated, for this to be an accommodating space for three people. However, if you have enough gear then it might be hard to fit more than two people.


The colors of this tent are limited to green and orange, however, I would have preferred to have more options in the Halo 300 Vango.


as the Halo 300 Vango has been expertly designed to save weight, it is rather thin, and has a threat of being damaged if placed on a sharp stone.

Reasonable Packing size of Vango halo 300

The space and comfort offered by the design in the Vango Halo 300 package, has quickly made this tent into a people favorite overnight. The breathable polyester makes inhabitation more desirable and enjoyable, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep in the Vango Halo 300 package. The Vango PowerLite 7001-T6 alloy poles, are extremely lightweight, durable and compact.  The optimum positions have been chosen for the guy lines, to provide the maximum amount of tension and stability. The packing dimensions come out to be 41cm by 19cm, which highlight its remarkably compact nature and use in portability, in the Vango Halo 300 package.

How weather have influance of Vango Halo 300 – 3 man tent

The Vango Halo 300 3 man tent has the special polyester material used allows the tent to be packed away easily, even when it is wet. The flysheet used in the Vango Halo 300 3 man tent, coupled with the mesh coverings allows the vapor to pass through, while keeping the bugs out, giving protection and durability at the same time.

Pitching time is very important for Vango Halo 300 hiking tent

The materials used in the making of this tent, in a combination of its practical design and functionality, allows the Vango Halo 300 pitching in a maximum of 12 minutes. This saves time and effort which can be placed elsewhere, instead of spending it on Vango Halo 300 pitching.

Vango halo 300 test of durability

The Vango Halo 300 test proves that the materials are able to endure extreme kinds of weather. The Vango Halo 300 test has been weather tested on the European EN5912 standard, which certifies it against the threat of wind and rain. From the other side we discovered that because of lightweight factor fabrics are rather thin and with few years of usage it could give you some problems. Also please use it rather carefully to avoid holes in groundsheet or other material.

Grab it and choose best price when you are buing Vango Halo 300 because according customers it’s worth

This incredible camping tent may take some time to get used to, but has the incredible features and specifications needed to make this the purchase of the year, having the Vango Halo 300 best price. Not only has this product provided me with great functionality and an amazing design, but has also given me the opportunity to set it up with considerable ease, providing a complete value for money in the form of Vango Halo 300 best price.

I bought one of these recently and must say it does as it says. It’s so easy to put up. Another good thing is it doesn’t get damp inside. The 2 storage areas are ample size for cooker, boots etc. It’s very sturdy although we haven’t tried it out yet in bad weather it did withstand heavy rain without a drop coming inside. The colour blends in well with the countryside and as we like to camp in quieter fields this is a bonus. This tent being so easy to erect has made us get out more. 10 minutes and it’s up and you can get on with sorting the rest of your kit! All in all I’d highly recommend this tent.

Bought this tent last year as we wanted something really light to carry on the motorbikes. There is plenty of room for two people and all our gear and with two doors we don’t have to stumble over each other to get in and out. It is incredibly quick and easy to put up and has already withstood some pretty horrendous weather. Tents around us were blowing away but this felt safe and solid. My only niggle is that the bit of groundsheet in the storage area just hooks in and on a couple of occasions in heavy rain it has pooled water on it.

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Summary for Vango Halo 300 review

We Like

Dual door



We dont like

Too thin


Customers say that tent is fantastic


Price is ok


Watch Out for every hooles in Fabrics

Vango Halo 300 Reviews – Conclusion

The Vango Halo 300 reviews state that it is a pro-choice tent for all the adventure seeking enthusiasts out there. The Vango Halo 300 reviews prove that this is the best 3 person tent that can be used to ensure a great time outdoors.

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