Would you love to spend your holidays with your family or gang of buddies? Isn’t it a great idea for spending your leisure time and if you are interested in adventures you will definitely need tents for passing those thrilling and exciting days.

General introduction to vango iris V 500

Vango iris v 500 can be ideal for fulfilling this purpose of yours as this is a tunnel tent that has originated by the manufacturing company for all the members of a family. Well, this is one of the exclusive creations of the Vango Exclusive and it is quite simple and easy enough to get packed. This doesn’t weigh much and the colour that it provides is really soothing as this is herbal greenish. There are so many positive traits for which it can certainly be considered as the perfect one for the group of campers.

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Easy packing

All the unique traits accessible with it imply that this item is quite easy to be moved and similarly there is not much effort required to set it up.

Great durability

The quality is never been compromised and hence, the item can be used for so many years without any tension.

Weather resistant

The materials and fabrics used to manufacture this tent provide great prevention from bad weather condition.


This is an ideal tent for almost 5 members of a family as the internal area is quite big and people can live their days quite comfortably.


Doors and windows allow the winds to pass through and, on the other hand, cold, heat, rain everything can be controlled as the materials are used in this way and thus, the users of this tent can feel a great level of comfort.


In spite of having so many essential qualities, this doesn’t demand a great amount of money and it’s quite reasonable.


None big problems was discovered


What are the comforts available with this tunnel tent?

Vango iris 500 tent proffers a complete suite of the comfort zone to its users not only through the eye-soothing colours but also through its size, weight and other major features. This is quite surprising, but that’s a fact that this tent only weighs 15 kg which is incredible as this is meant for 5 people. On the other, the front windows help the campers to stay lively and comfortably and they are also needful for getting rid of suffocation as the wind can pass through them smoothly. Well, the polyester used in making these tunnel tents are breathable and hence, the users don’t have to face any hassle while staying inside them.

In addition to these essential qualities, there are loads of others to be mentioned. This tunnel tent includes chairs and tables along with a big space. Well, there are front and side doors which would be able in providing a homely atmosphere. There are privacy curtains whichare zipped and cable entry points also. Thus, this item is totally flexible to use. Moreover, the Flysheet and internal pitch are useful to pack it quickly and simply too. Naturally, as the features indicate there are many beneficial facets attached to it which are going to be discussed below.

Can be used as a bad weather resistant

Well, the first query that may appear in our minds while buying a tent for a short family trip is whether it can be a saviour when the weather stands against us. In this case, vango iris v 500 tent can completely meet that point as it provides great prevention from worse climate. First of all, the outer structure is totally waterproof and the fabrics which are used to make these tents are fire retardant also. It’s strong enough and thus, can protect users from stormy and violent winds also. Moreover, there is the Tension Band System, which enables you to fight the adverse situation. Even, for giving you a great comfort darker fabric has been used so that the early morning light can’t break your sleep.

Easy to set

Though iris 500 vango is hard and possesses a great lasting quality, it doesn’t feature uncomfortable issues while to get set up. It is really easy and simple and can be done almost in no time. As mentioned before the Flysheet and inner pitch perform great deeds in setting it and for them, the tent can be placed quite easily.

Durability proffered by vango iris v 500 tent

These tents from Vango Exclusive have PE ground sheets which help them to stay hardened and thus, these tents offer a great durability or long-lastingness.

Vango iris 500 customers reviews

Reviews from the consumers are well enough as there are tons of positive facets included in it. Customers are highly pleased with the material it uses, the comfort zone that they have gotten and the tension free days that they can pass using this exclusive tunnel tent. In fact, according to some people there is nothing to be listed as its negative traits or disadvantages and they are satisfied enough for availing the best one for money.

It can be put up simply and can be carried easily and hence, users have felt great with it. According to most of the customers, its best part includes the money it demands which is quite less than the other similar kinds of items. So, in one word, Vango iris 500 review is all positive.

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Summary for Vango Iris V 500 review

We Like

Weather resistance at better than normal level

Fast and easy packing

We dont like


One of the best product on that price level


Price at medium level


Durability on very good level

Final verdict

As demonstrated by the Vango iris 500 review, this item may proffer every possible advantage to its users. If you are to spend some days with your family members or your buddies, this would probably be a unique choice. You can try it once and maybe you won’t get dissatisfied or disheartened.

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