Vango Omega 350

When it is time to have some fun outdoors, there is no better way to do it than getting up close with nature. Whether you decide to hike, trek or just camp, you need the perfect tent to do camp in style and comfort.

When you go out with friends or as a gang, where is the fun in staying in a tent all by yourself? The fun just increases when you do even that as a group. This is exactly what you will get from the Vango Omega 350 tent that can accommodate 3 full grown adults. A tent that will not only keep you together, but will also keep you safe from all weathers.

Who Is This Vango Omega 350 3 Man Tent For?

This spacious and high quality tent is the perfect gear for family camping or when a bunch of teenagers want to have fun outside the house. As it can house three separate mats, it can be used to gather around, sit and have a nice chat before each group disperses to their own tents.

If pitching a tent is a difficult task for you, this tent will save the day. The inner and flysheet are attached together, thus making it easy to pitch. This is just what one needs when they are out with friends and family, and have a lot of things to store as well.

When pitched, this tent measures 135 cm in height, 435 cm in length and 220 cm in width. This makes it very comfortable as it is roomy and can easily accommodate 3 adults as claimed by the manufacturers. When this tent is all packed, it measures just 48×20 cm. this makes it very easy to be carried around with rest of your gears.

What Are The Vango Omega 350 Dimensions

The Omega 350 UK Review Helps You Know More

This 3 man tent is very convenient and has a host of desirable features. However, it has its own share of negatives too.

Clear View – The mesh door allows you have a clear and great view of the outdoors, as well as has good ventilation. Hence when three people are camped inside, it will not get too hot.

Reflective Zips – These ensure you can find the zip even in the darkest night, when you are in a hurry to cover up. Whether you want to find the tent in the dark or open the door in the middle of the night, the reflective zips make it easy.

Easy Pitching – The all pitched in tent with the inner and the fly material attached together makes it very easy to pitch the tent without wasting much time. The color coded poles also make it easier, thus requiring no prior experience.

Large In Size – The tent is wide and spacious enough to fit in three adults comfortable and has enough storage room too. The perfect gear for a family camping trip.

Heavy – The tent weighs 5.15 kgs, which makes it quite a task to lug around, if you are trekking or going on a hike. It is not very convenient to carry around.

Fabric – Polyester can get too hot and stuffy when the sun is out bright. Especially when it is crowded on the inside, one can find it a little uncomfortable to stay indoors for long.

Thin Base – The groundsheet used in this tent is a little too thin and may not be comfortable if the tent is pitched on a rough terrain.

Vango Omega 350

What Is Vango Omega 350 Footprint?

The footprint groundsheet is designed in such a way that it fits the tent base perfectly. This sheet will protect the floor of the tent from various damages such as stones, water, etc that are bound to be present outdoors. When there is extra protection, the life of the tent is extended and you can use it for a long time. This sheet is made of 70D polyester. This sheet is not only durable but easy maintenance too, as it can be washed easily.

The Vango Omega 350 3-Person Tents Lasts Long

This tent uses breathable polyester for the inner sheet and 6000mm polyester for the ground sheet. The flysheet is made of 6000mm 70D hexagonal polyester sheet. This material ensures the tent is durable and does not easily get damaged in different weather conditions or terrains.

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The Vango Omega 350 350 Pitching Is Easy

As the inner and the flysheet are together, pitching this tent is extremely easy and can be done by anyone. The tension band system along with the external guying system offers stability to the tent when the weather gets rough. The poles are color coded and are just three in number. This makes it very easy to pitch the tent even without any prior experience. It takes all of 12 minutes to pitch this tent. Unpitching takes much lesser time as the sheet are together and you can easily fold it into one.

What Are The Vango Omega 350 UK Customer Reviews

The customers who use this tent are very happy with it as it can be pitched very quickly even in the rain, due to its “pitch as one” feature, where the sheet and the flysheet are attached together. The color coded poles also add to the ease of pitching the tent. The design and the space in the tent has also impressed many of its users. Though there are similar or better tents in the market, this is widely preferred for the features offered at the attractive price.

customer reviews
Just got this tent. Have just spent a night away with my boy. Fits nicely on top of a BMW / Touratech pannier. Very easy to put up, three poles which are colour coded to the tent markings. Big gap between the fly and inner and plenty of space inside. Had a very wet and blustery night in mid wales , mid october and tent was superb. Very stable and with a 5000mm head not a drop of rain getting into tent. Highly recommended as a two person motorcycle touring tent.
Andrew Griffiths
Vango Omega 350

What Does The Vango Omega 350 Tent Review Tell You?

This tent is perfect for a group camping, especially for youngsters who want a durable spacious tent at a pocket friendly cost. One does not need too much power or prior tent pitching experience to pitch this tent. Anyone in the group can do it. This is one product that delivers for the money paid. A worthy buy for some outdoor fun.

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