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An overview of Vango Planet 150 sleeping bag – 150

Vango Planet 150 sleeping bag is specifically designed for long distance travellers. It is very light weight and a compact size pack. They have an anti – bacterial shield which protects the sleeping bag against bacteria, insects and mould. There is also a mosquito net, which extends to the head and the foot. This keeps the creepy crawly creatures away while outdoors. There is a fleece lining inside, when reversed, this serves as a comfortable pillow. Clearly, comfort is the name of this sleeping bag.

Target Segment and Vango Planet 150 dimensions

As stated earlier, the design of the bag is made keeping in mind the long distance travellers. It can manage up to a -14c, which is quite impressive. It is pegged as a 2-3 season bag. The suggested weather range is 4c – 20c, with comfort level at 6c. It may not be the best bag for those travelling in extremely cold conditions.

The Vango Planet 150 dimensions are done keeping in mind the average build and height of individuals. The overall weight of the package is 1.3 kg, which makes it superlight. The maximum height it caters to is 190 cm, the width at the chest is 80 cm and the width at the foot is 53 cm. The overall length is 200 cm. It is shaped like a traditional mummy sleeping bag.

Benefits and drawbacks of Vango Planet 150

There are more benefits than drawbacks of Vango Planet 150; we take a brief look at the key benefits here –

  • Light weight – With a weight of 1.3kg, you can carry the pack forever! It is designed for the long distance traveller. Lugging a huge sackpack would be so tedious. It is made of materials which offer comfort and translate into light weight with equal elan.
  • Compression Sack – The compression sack makes it look like a small bundle, you can make enough space for other travel accessories. It is a 2-3 seasons bag; hence a person can travel with only one bag across these seasons.
  • Reasonably priced – There are ample extra features, such as anti-bacterial shield and mosquito net which come with a hefty price in other models. This bag offers these key features at a very reasonable price.
  • Not an all seasons’ bag – It was not meant to be an all season’s bag. But, an enthusiast who wants to own an all seasons’ bag may reserve himself from buying this. This limits the customer base for this bag severely.
  • Not suitable for people above 6.3” ft height – It is designed keeping in mind average build and height. It does not have any provision to accommodate someone with a height more than 6.3 ft.
Vango Planet 150 sleeping bags

Value adding Vango Planet 150 sleeping bag features

  • Most of Vango Planet 150 sleeping bag features have already been discussed. Most of the features are superior compared to its peers. The mosquito net feature and the reversible pillow along with the vango shield which creates an anti-bacterial filter needs a special mention. The pack is superlight and hence, can be carried without stress on the shoulders and back. The material may not suit sensitive skin. They may be prone to allergy since the pack uses synthetic and polyester to achieve the lightweight feature.

Assessment of comfort factor of Vango Planet 150 sleeping bags

This bag has an insulate superfine insulation which has a single layer stitch throughout the construction (sleeping bag). This ensures that the sleeping bag has an insulation which is evenly distributed. This is necessary to avoid any cold spots which if unavailable could cause severe frostbites. The sleeping bag has a fleece lining which when reversed acts like a pillow. This offers a good night’s sleep, sometimes it is very hard to sleep on a hard surface when there is no pillow available.

The sleeping Vango Planet 150 sleeping bags include an insulated zip baffle. This is used to conceal the sleeping bag’s zip. This keeps the drafts out, which lends certain warmth within the bag during the night. Although other bags offer this feature, they fall short of the superior finish and comfort provided by Vango planet bags.

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Assessing the quality and durability factor of Vango Planet 150

The lining is made with Polair 300 T silky micro polyester, which is extremely soft. It feels nice on the skin. The shield which keeps bacterial elements away is constructed from Polair 240T diamond ripstop polyester material. This offers great durability. This ripstop material prevents the bag from ripping and snagging. Even if a rip or snag appears, this material will control the damage by not allowing it to spread. The mosquito net feature is great, but for people who are claustrophobic, it could lead to a suffocated feeling. With this additional fabric, the noose around the neck gets too tight.

A quick look at Vango Planet 150 customer reviews

Customers who use the product have been extremely happy. They have specifically liked the mosquito net feature and the light weight of the pack. The product’s durability is another popular feature that customers have raved about.

customer reviews
This sleeping bag is as described, light and warm. It is not too warm, however, and will be excellent in summer, spring and early autumn in temperate climates. It would be excellent in sub tropical climates where the temperature drops at night, but would be too warm for tropical climates. It is very comfortable, soft, and there is room to move around inside it. The mosquito net is a good addition, and the mosquito net pocket and the additional pocket inside the bag are nice features. It is well made. The bag zips open completely and can also be used as a blanket. Finally, it is very light and packs down small. It is just what I was looking for and at a great price.
Lee Shea
Vango Planet 150

Our Vango Planet 150 review UK

Our Vango Planet 150 review UK suggests that this sleeping bag is great for enthusiasts who intend to use it across 2-3 seasons. It places comfort factor above everything else, which makes it a great buy for a reasonable price.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying Vango Planet 150 …