Vango Taiga 600XL is one of the best selling inflatable tents out there in the market. You need adventure well we can provide you with the best options of adventure with the help of Vango Taiga 600. Now you can enjoy your adventures like you have never done before. You want to get crazy in the wilderness well now you can with the help Vango Taiga 600XL. All it takes is like 10 minutes of your time to pitch this set so you can enjoy the wilderness in the safety of this comfortable home. With the help of Vango Taiga 600 you can finally enjoy the vacation with 6 people that you love and enjoy your time with. Vango Taiga 600XL provides you with a portable home in the middle of nature so you can see the beautiful scenery and enjoy yourself.


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To which customers Vango Taiga 600 XL family tent is directed?

Customers are always right Vango believe in that motto that’s why Vango Taiga 600XL has designed the tent for all ages and people. They do not discriminate to any customers and developed the best product in order to provide you with the best care possible. Producer want to fulfill your wilderness dream in the most spectacular way possible and also provide with the best health and safety procedures.

Biggest pros and Cons of Vango Taiga 600 XL Airbeam Tent


Rain Resistant

Vango Taiga 600XL airbeam tent is fully rain resistant and compliant according to your need even in the wilderness if you need a dry place in the rain, worry no more.

Tension Band System

Our patented tension band system help the tent to endure even in the strongest winds and you sleep easily in the wilderness without worrying about it too much.


Vango Taiga 600XL airbeam tent has fully sewn groundsheet which is attached to the roof and gives the total protection against drought, dust and bugs.

Air Ventilation

Vango Taiga 600XL airbeam tent has best air ventilation system due to which you always get breathable and clean air which helps you enjoy it even more.

Improved Air Valves

Vango Taiga 600XL airbeam tent has new and improved air valves which make the inflating and deflating of the tent much easily.

Vertigo Air Beam

Vango Taiga 600XL airbeam tent has a very strong air beam which gives a very good structural support and is very easy to pitch for DIY people.


Vango Taiga 600XL airbeam tent provides you with dark curtains so that your sleep can’t be disturbed due to sunrise.


Inflated Air

Due to some accident a hole can be created which can cause it to deflate and unless you have puncture with you the vacation will be ruined.

Fire Resistant

Vango Taiga 600XL airbeam tent does not feel it is fire resistant which can be dangerous because wilderness is much unexpected place to be and that can be dangerous and very risky.

Comfort in travel by Vango Taiga 600XL package

Your comfort is the one of our responsibility and we take our responsibility very seriously. Vango Taiga 600XL package provides you with enough room so that 6 people can sleep in there easily with an attached living room where you can gather for family meals and such. Vango Taiga 600 is made from polyester that is breathable and very comforting so the minerals of dangerous kinds can stay out and give you peaceful place to stay in. Vango Taiga 600XL is fully weather resistant which makes it comfortable in bad weather.

What Vango Taiga 600XL has bad weather resistance

Vango Taiga 600XL is highly waterproof and that is according to our customers. This is because we have a waterproof PE groundsheet that is able to stand against most of the rigors of active campers. It also has Protex 70 Denier flysheet which is water resistant. Also all of the fabrics are factory taped making them waterproof.

Vango Taiga 600 XL Pitching

Vango Taiga 600XL only takes like 10 minutes to pitch in all you have to do is place in on the floor where you want it be placed and then use the double pump system to pump in the air and it will be ready to be used. Unpitching Vango Taiga 600 is far easy than pitching you just need to open the air pump vent and it will deflate itself and then you just have to fold it and put it in the carrying bag and take it where ever you need.


Vango Taiga 600 XL test for durability

According to Vango Taiga 600XL test for durability, it is very durable with the tension band system, air ventilation and air beams making it one of the best tents out there and used by a lot of people. Vango Taiga 600XL is very durable for the people use and it’s very easy to handle unlike some tents that take 1 hour to just pitch in and after deflating it does not break or get damaged by sitting somewhere in the attic.

Vango Taiga 600 XL Customer  Reviews

By looking on all the Vango Taiga 600XL reviews it can be said that the tent is very good and durable and is one of the best choice for campers who want to have adventurous trips with the comfort of a great tent.

I have recently purchased a Vango Taiga 600XL. This is the first time I’m camping as I previously owned a Bailey Wyoming Caravan, so was looking for some comfort. I put the first tent up 2 weeks ago, but one of the tension beam straps was completely missing. Penrose Outdoor swiftly replaced my tent with a new one, with brilliant customer service. I put the new one up yesterday and I think I’m in love. I can’t wait to go away and enjoy the large bedroom area. I’m using the smaller bedroom as my ensuite (yes really I am). The porch area is perfect as this is where my kitchen unit will stand. It is so easy to put up and we took it down and got it back in it’s bag 2nd time running (we didn’t quite get all the air out 1st time lol.) A lovely large family tent, luckily my teenagers have their own tents, so this one is all for me.

Have had 2 good trips in this tent now and am very impressed it.

I took my time before buying this tent and looked at many other air beam tents and decided I liked the smaller pack size of polyester, even though this is still huge.

Has performed excellent in strong winds and heavy downpours and very hot weather too. (Typical UK summer)

I wanted an inflatable tent as I was tired of putting poled version up and especially down on my own. It takes 5 minutes to inflate and probably around 20 mins in total to erect and pitch fully. The best quality is how easy it is to put away, simply deflate, un-peg, roll and fold up in the bag.

We are a family of 4 and found the space perfect. The porch is great for storage and as a cooking area.

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Summary for Vango Taiga 600 XL review

We Like

Good Groundsheet

Really good Air Valves


We dont like

Fire Resistant


Airbeam tent with pross and cons


Airbeam tents are rather expensive


Fabrics and components are goodquality

Vango Taiga 600 XL Airbeam tent Summary

  • Vango Taiga 600 is very light and easy to take where ever you like and use it according to the need.
  • Pitching the Vango Taiga 600 only take a few minutes which is always welcome sight because in wilderness there are many other things we need to focus on.
  • Vango Taiga 600 helps you enjoy the vacation and camping trips without any hassle.
  • It’s a wonderful way to gather with your loved ones and helps you create more permanent bond with them.

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