To sum up, the Vango Tempest 200 tent is a lightweight yet sturdy tent designed to accommodate two people. The inner area is spacious and despite the small capacity, you don’t feel claustrophobic. A re-designed single flysheet door is now included to create a bigger porch area for gear storage or cooking. The Vango Tempest 200 tent is portable as you can easily pack it into a small compression stuffsack. For emergencies, there is a repair kit provided as well.


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Vango Tempest 200 available in UK – who can utilize it?

The Vango Tempest 200 (UK) is just what every couple needs to go away from the noise and chaos of the city. The tent offers a chance to escape the stress and tension of daily life by retreating to a great camping spot or in the wilderness. If you prefer to go on these trips solo, the Vango Tempest 200 (UK) can serve the purpose equally well, since you get more room to stretch your legs.

Pros and Cons of the Vango Tempest 200 2-man tent


Easy to manage

The flysheet and inner pitch in the Vango Tempest 200 2-man tent are together making it simple and quick to pitch and pack.


The Protex HC polyester outer, breathable inner with part-mesh door and Venturi Vent System regulate proper circulation inside so you don’t feel any unease.

Top quality

tunnel design with active ventilation gives excellent weight and space ratio.


Small scale

the Vango Tempest 200 2-man tent is designed for 2 people only, so if you want to go camping in a group, some extra tents will be required, which amount to additional expenses.

Vango Tempest 200 weight – it is compact and robust

The Vango Tempest 200 weight is, 2.9 kg and dimensions after packing are, 39cm x 15cm that makes transportation very easy . It offers a number of useful features such as:


  • The Tension Band System ensures that your tent performs in adverse conditions, especially strong, changeable winds.
  • Vango PowerLite alloy poles are lightweight, compact and durable.
  • There is mesh ventilation in the inner tent that reduces build up of condensation and also keeps the bugs and pests out.
  • Spacious and comfortable for two – you don’t have to feel uneasy in closed spaces because you get plenty of fresh air.
  • Seam taped flysheet and groundsheet for long lasting protection, which spares the hassle of messy seam sealing.
  • Powerflex alloy poles combine precision and strength with flexibility and are resistant to rust and corrosive deposits.
  • Flysheet vents provide comfort inside in all conditions.


Vango Tempest 200 weight guarantees that quick getaways are no longer an issue because all you have to do is pack up the lightweight camping gear and head out where no one can disturb you at all. This is a fabulous way to enjoy the company of your loved one without being interrupted by the constant ringing of your mobile or called in to work.

How does Vango Tempest 200 2 person tent fare during bad weather?

The weather can change in an instant, which could be a huge problem when you are out camping. If your tent isn’t strong and unable to withstand harsh conditions, it could be blown away and you would be left fending for yourselves! Thankfully the Vango Tempest 200 2 person tent is equipped with weather resistant features like the Tension Band system for stormy and windy conditions, bathtub inner groundsheet for total climate protection, waterproof flysheet, and adjustable flysheet attachment for variable tension during different conditions. The Tension Band System works in this way – bands brace the pole and inhibit sideways movement when tensioned. The buckles should be adjusted so that slack is removed, but not over tensioned, as this may deform the poles. In calm conditions, the system is generally disconnected.

Vango Tempest 200 instructions – setup in just 10 minutes!

The Vango Tempest 200 instructions for setting up the tent are user-friendly and easy to follow. To allow fast and dry pitching, flysheet first or “pitch-as-one” is implemented with the help of external continuous pole sleeves. Poles and sleeves are colour coded for convenience, so the correct poles are placed in the right sleeves.

Vango Tempest 200 spares – you don’t need them for a long time!

A common question by people who go on camping is “What is the availability of Vango Tempest 200 spares?” While spare parts and accessories can be bought in retail outlets and online stores that sell camping gear, this tent is extremely durable so you don’t have to buy spares for years. The Protex 5000mm flysheet and 6000mm lightweight polyester groundsheet made using taffeta polyester is an extraordinary blend of durability, reliability, and longevity.

How have customers reacted on Vango Tempest 200 tent ?

The multi-function door in the Vango Tempest 200 tent has pleased customers as it can be opened to the left or right or even rolled away completely for full porch access. Since it is a well-constructed tent with quite a few commendable features, it can be used to camp during both fair and trying conditions. The Venturi Vent System combined with the roomy design helps to keep the comfort factor intact.

Purchased this tent purely for use by me wilding camping. First time purchased a Vango tent and straight away you can see and feel the quality compared to cheaper own brand tents. First test pitch on garden took slightly longer then usual as I was getting use to it’s style of pitching and experimenting with the straps inside.

First time in the wild was up at Gaddings. Pitched up easily in the nearly darkness and was soon snug inside. Plenty of room for me, my bag and all my grub. Was very warm and tent stood up to wind well. Porch area offers extra space for boots and bag.

Fits well in the bag and wasn’t a pain to carry about. Bought it when it was on offer at gooutdoors so very happy with what the price is at moment. A very good tent and is serving me well.

I have just returned from using this great little tent in the New Forest in torrential downpours and high winds. When other campers were forced to pack up at 3.30 am and go home, I stood fast and dry in the Tempest 200. So heavy were the downpours at one point the ground sheet felt like a water bed and yet the inside remained dry. I did get the tiniest amount of condensation around the edges of the tub but this was due to the fact that I had some wet gear inside and had not opened the door vent to allow a good air flow, otherwise I don’t believe that it would have happened. My only gripe is that the tent pegs are too weak but once I have upgraded them I will be totally happy with this equipment. A very cosy fit for two but ample space for one camper and gear. Very nice staff and facilities at Holmsley Camp Site Thank you!

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Top Quality

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Quite big 2 person could have lack of space


Quality on highest level


One of the best choices on that price


Also on highest level

Vango Tempest 200 tent review – has it met expectations?

Even if a random Vango Tempest 200 tent review is examined in detail, it will definitely come to attention that customers are happy with the product. Some of them have listed a few demerits, but they are negligible when compared to the merits! So what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself right away!

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