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A note about Waterproof sleeping bag UK

Waterproof sleeping bags are a must if you are an outdoorsy person. While looking Waterproof sleeping bag UK seems to offer small, most lightweight and portable ones. They keep you snug and tight despite occupying less storage space and being super lightweight. There are sleeping bags which are designed for specific seasons; hence, you need to choose the one based on when you prefer travelling. Most bags have season ratings ranging from 1-4 each for a particular season. There are various types of sleeping bags – square sleeping bags, mummy sleeping bags and sleeping pods. Mummy sleeping bags are popular among professional mountaineers and trekkers. They are designed to retain the heat close to your body and do not let chillness seep from down. Mummy sleeping bags could be for a specific season or all four seasons.

Summer sleeping bags provide hollow fibre filling, hood and drawstring cord which let you get some air. They can be cosy on slightly chilly nights as well. The ones that are designed for extreme low temperatures usually have double insulations. These sleeping bags are built to endure tough conditions; hence, the material used is a combination of polyester /synthetic.

Temperature ratings are an important aspect to consider while investing in a backpack. If you are travelling or hiking in frosty conditions, then you need to choose the right sleeping bag to avoid hypothermia or frostbite. The other aspects which are generally used for assessment are waterproof technology used, carrying weight and pack size.

Which is the Warmest waterproof sleeping bag?

When you are out trekking in the coldest of mountains, all you need is the warmest waterproof sleeping bag! Not sleeping right in bad weather to be detrimental for life. The filling used in these sleeping bags will determine if it is suitable to resist bad weather. There is the synthetic fill and the natural fill. Understanding these could come in handy when you choose the sleeping bag that is best suited for your needs.

Synthetic fills remain warm even when the bag gets wet. It is also designed with the use of Hypoallergenic technology, thereby ensuring that the material does not cause allergies. It is also less costly compared to natural fill, since the physical quantity used is lesser compared to natural fill. Synthetic fills also have their downside, they are bulkier, they break down faster. If it is a long trek then you may end up with a heavier baggage to lug around.

Natural fills are considered as a better insulator than synthetic. They are lightweight and preferred by trekkers who do not venture out during extreme climates. It compresses down and is easier to pack. For snowy and rainy climates, they do not provide the required warmth. Some people tend to develop allergies by using these types of bags. The effort required for cleaning is relatively more.

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What you need to know about Waterproof sleeping bag customer review

Many of the waterproof sleeping bag customer review indicate that most users are particular about the weight of the bag. They are also keen on the bags ability to stay waterproof during extreme conditions. At times, they appreciate the subtle additions such as inbuilt mosquito nets, extra foot room, breathable nylon shell, internal pocket for valuables in some of the sleeping bags.

Best waterproof sleeping bag UK

Is a Lightweight waterproof sleeping bag better?

Ultra Light Down Sleeping Bags Outdoor Adult Camping Mummy Down Sleeping Bags Four Seasons No Sense Of Weight-Bearing

True to it’s name, the – Ultra Light Down Sleeping Bags  is a lightweight waterproof sleeping bag and is the best lightweight waterproof sleeping bag available. It weighs around 400 – 2100 grams. This mummy style sleeping bags is designed for young campers 5 feet, 5 inches tall. It is waterproof and comfortable. The sleeping bag is suited for camping, trekking in mountainous zones. The sleeping bag is suitable for all seasons, it is stuffed with high quality cotton to give a fuzzy warm feeling. The filler is white duck down, the lining provided is made of ultra light nylon.



  • Reasonably priced
  • Ultra light weight
  • Multiple covers available – Rocky gray, sapphire blue, red


  • No inbuilt mosquito net to brave mosquito prone zones
  • Not best suited for tall individuals

The dimension of the sleeping bag is 210*80*50(cm). It is quite compact and hence, gives the no sense of weight bearing.


This sleeping bag is most sought after by young teens, it is perfect for individuals with average height. Users are particularly appreciative of it’s super light feature. It does not tire trekkers or campers even after days of strenuous camping. The sleeping bag is also suitable for all four seasons; it is made with high quality materials. Customers feel that this sleeping bag is built for durability.

How is the Waterproof military sleeping bag different?

Andes Olive Green Waterproof Bivvy Bag Sleeping Bag Cover Camping Fishing New

Andes is a popular brand in this space. And the Andes Olive Green Waterproof Bivvy Bag Sleeping Bag is one of the best. It is a perfect waterproof military sleeping bag. They are reasonably priced and offer great features for the price. They add the extra warmth which is suitable for tough climatic conditions. The 3000m hydrostatic head and PVC taped seams offer a cosy feeling. They prevent the user from getting frostbite and hypothermia. There is a side zipper which can be accessed very easily.



  • High quality with trademark waterproof technology
  • Real value for money


  • No built in mosquito net or hidden pocket
  • Can become clammy during summer heat

The dimension of this sleeping bag is 92.5”*33.5”*21.5”. The bag offers great durability and is suited for extreme conditions.


Customers have preferred this sleeping bag for fishing expeditions where there is a possibility of the bag getting wet. It provides the right amount of warmth, suitable for extreme cold conditions. Users find the side zipper being quite handy.


Pick a Waterproof sleeping bag cheap if you are on a budget


300GSM Professional Mummy Sleeping Bag for Camping, Hiking and Outdoors. 3-4 Season. Drawstring Hood and Collar

If you want to buy waterproof sleeping bag cheap, look no further than the 300GSM Professional Mummy Sleeping Bag. This mummy style sleeping bag is suitable for camping, hiking and other such outdoor activities. This bag is suitable for 3-4 seasons.  The sleeping bag comes with a hood and collar. There is a drawstring provided which can be used to tie around. This will keep you warm during extreme cold conditions. The temperature rating is +10°C to 0°C, the extreme use down is upto -10°C. There is compression bag which offers easy carrying of the sleeping bag.



  • Internal pouch is available for keeping wallet, valuables
  • Wind=proof double zipper ensures that the zipper does not get undone
  • Drawstring is provided inwards for extreme comfort


  • No inbuilt mosquito net
  • May not be suitable for extreme  conditions

Customers have unanimously stated that this is a good value for money sleeping bag. It provides reasonable waterproof according to users. The inward drawstring hood and collar cover the face completely which provides warmth. It is an all season sleeping bag, hence users can use it for both summer and winter camping.

Which is the Best waterproof down sleeping bag in the market?

Mountaintop Summit 32°F Mummy Ultralight Goose Down Sleeping Bag for Camping and Hiking

The material used in Mountaintop Summit 32°F Mummy Ultralight Goose Down Sleeping Bag for Camping and Hiking sleeping bag is shell. It provides superior waterproof technology and is super light. To provide warmth the rip – stop 380T nylon is used. The filling is 95% above goose down, which makes it lightweight. It has a wind resistant build, which ensures that you stay warm even during extreme storm. It accumulates and retains heat. It is quite compact and can be easily put into the backpack. It is the best waterproof down sleeping bag.


  • Compact size makes it easy to carry – lightweight
  • Extra space for feet, suits taller individuals as well
  • Superior waterproof technology


  • No added features like hidden pocket and inbuilt mosquito net
  • Suitable for dry conditions and hot climate

Dimensions of the sleeping bag is 35cm * 18 cm * 18 cm. It is specifically designed for temperature range of 0°C – 10°C. It may be a good sleeping bag for your trekking or camping expedition during summer.


Customers have liked the compact design and the lightweight sleeping bag. However, this not being a four season’s bag comes as a disappointment. Although the waterproof technology is quite superior, the sleeping bag is suitable for summer. Most users have found the extra space for keeping your feet stretched a very thoughtful feature.


Points to note from the Waterproof sleeping bag reviews

Waterproof sleeping bag reviews are all over the internet. We have tried to provide an unbiased review on the best sleeping bags in specific categories. It is very important to buy the right sleeping bag for the right type of expedition. When you plan a camping, trekking or mountaineering expedition, one of the few things that you need to check is climate. Some places may have unpredictable climate, in such cases, always go for a four seasons sleeping bag. While going to zones with mosquito menace, inbuilt mosquito net can come in handy. Infact, this can keep many creepy crawly things out of the sleeping bag too! If you are visiting a crowded area, hidden pocket can be used to safeguard your valuables. All these things are added benefits, you need to ensure that your sleeping bag meets the basic need to keep you warm outdoors.

Hope this brief helps you assess the right type of sleeping bag suitable for the adventure you wish to embark on.