Best 4 Man Tents for You and Your Family?[January 2018 Update]

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Our Pick – Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe

Coastline 4 deluxe best tent - Our Pick

Best 4 Man tents Comparison Table

Weight (kg)
Unpacked (cm) / Packed (cm)
Pitching time (m)
Customer rating(0-5)

Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe



163 x 114 x 79 / 27 x 11 x 11






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Vango Alpha 400



98 x 83 x 53 / 22 x 7 x 7






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Coleman Instant Tourer 4



96 x 96 x 64 / 8 x 8 x 40






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CampFeuer® - Igloo/Dome 3-4



83 x 83 x 51 / 25 x 6






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North Gear Camping Mars 4



142 x 95 x 51 / 25 x 7x 7






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What is the Best 4 Man Tent available in UK in 2018 year?

Best 4 man tents – we recommend the Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe Tent

Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe Review

When it comes to best 4 man tents, a family’s comfort and convenience is the top priority, which is why the Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe Tent will be a fabulous purchase on your part. The design of this tent keeps you protected and sheltered in all types of weather. From the moment you set-up, ease-of-use becomes apparent thanks to the simple, quick-pitch tunnel design which will ensure you spend more time enjoying your holiday activities and less time grappling with a difficult tent structure. The tough construction provides excellent stability in tough weather conditions and also offers full head height throughout, optimally utilizing the internal space.


  • Patented self-rolling window covers from Coleman offer quick, single-handed access to the outside world.
  • Proper ventilation thanks to the cool air port and large adjustable ventilation panels.
  • One of the best 4 man tents, each individual bedroom sleeps 2 people, thereby giving better privacy.
  • Breathable polyester and no-see-um mesh inner is lightweight and bug-resistant.
  • A set of porch poles is supplied allowing one door to be created into a porch area.
  • Colour coded poles and pole sleeves and bedroom inner hooks minimise pitching errors.
Why we pick that tent as a best 4 person tentBEst choice as best four man tentDimension of good 4 person tents is importantWe choose as that Coleman Coasline 4 as best 4 man tent

How suitable is the Vango 4 man tent for your camping ventures? 

Second pick in 4 man tents How to choose best vango 4 man tentWe are choosing best 4 man vango tentBest Vango 4 man tent

Vango Alpha 400 Review:

The Vango Alpha is a dome-shaped tent that looks stylish, and is comfortable and stylish. This Vango 4 man tent, because of its design and functionality offers good headroom space, privacy and storage space for a family of 4 members. It comes highly recommended by camping tour operators and nature groups like the Scouts Association. The tent is easy to setup and remove and offers reliable protection from the elements.

The Vango Alpha 400 has a great utilitarian design and is easy to access and exit. The tent is sturdy and portable.

  • The Vango 4 man tent has adequate interior space for 4 adults. 
  • The tent is fairly simple to setup and dismantle in a short span of time. 
  • This is a tent that offers decent storage space, has conveniently placed pockets for storing knick-knacks and offers decent headroom as well. 
  • The Vango Alpha 400 is made of good quality fabric and weather-proofing. Therefore, it offers reliable protection in rough weather. The good quality materials used in the construction of the tent ensures that the tent’s endurability 
  • The tent offers good airy ventilation and easy access to the interiors of the tent.
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Coleman Instant Tourer Tent – looking for a 4 man tent pop up/instant?

Coleman Instant Tourer Review:

The Coleman Instant Tourer Tent combines revolutionary technology with strong steel poles already connected to the tent. This spider-like structure helps to make pitching extremely fast: the 4 man tent (pop up/instant) is up in just a minute. For campers who seek a reliable, small but convenient and comfortable tent, the Instant Tourer is a perfect buy! It makes camping easy so you can enjoy every moment of it. The spacious tent fits a queen-sized airbed, while the two inner storage pockets provide a place to put your necessities.


  • Sturdy polyguard fabric, the efficient WeatherTec system, and an integrated, vented rainfly keep you safe from the weather.
  • With robust steel poles already connected to the Coleman 4 man tent (pop up/instant), the spider like structure can be pitched in just one minute!
  • Fully integrated sewn-in groundsheet for clean, dry and bug-free camping, also fire retardant.
  • Reflective guy lines aid in visibility when it is dark.
  • Double layer windows provide utmost comfort without hampering privacy.
best 4 man tentsColeman Instant Tourer dimensionsColeman Instant Tourer outdoorGood choice for best 4 man tent pop up

Why is the Coleman 4 man tent a good choice for a family camping vacation? 

Coleman Ridgeline Tent Review:

The Coleman Ridgeline Tent is a popular choice for family outdoor adventures and exploration activities. It offers space and headroom that is adequate for a small 4-persons group of campers. The Coleman 4 man tent has a spacious living area and can even accommodate utilitarian furniture inside the tent. The domed design offers enough headroom for even tall people. This tent is a good buy in terms of comfort, space, design features and functions. 


  • The Coleman Ridgeline tent offers adequate space for a family or group of four people. The living area is spaced out well and offers decent privacy as well. 
  • This tent offers flexibility in terms of its frame and tent poles. 
  • The weather-proofing on the Coleman Ridgeline offers reliable protection to the campers from the rough and unpredictable weather conditions.  
  • This is a tent which can withstand the elements and when maintained carefully, remains usable for a long time. 
  • The Coleman 4 man tent is easy-to-carry. It is portable and very simple to pack. 
  • This is a well-designed tent which offers good ventilation, convenient storage space and thoughtfully-placed pockets for storing small items. Also, the pegs, poles, fly-mesh, guy lines used are made up of good quality materials and can sustain in the outdoors. 
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Its best 4 man tent from colemanColeman 4 man tent dimensionThis is look best 4 man coleman tent

The importance of a good 4 man waterproof tent: 

We know what 4 man tent is waterproof

North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof 4 Review:

A good 4 man waterproof tent provides comfortable and economical outdoor accommodation when camping or backpacking. The necessity of waterproofing tents is such that they offer dry interior space when the rains lash out on a camping holiday.

The North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof 4 tents are made of good-quality waterproof fabric and keeps the inhabitants and their belongings safe and dry when unexpected rains lash out. The North Gear tent brand is a popular waterproof tent brand, which gives a good hydrostatic head.


  • The North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof 4 tents offer effective shelter from the elements when you are camping outdoors.  
  • This 4 man waterproof tent is made of good quality polyester fabrics and excellent waterproofing. The tent poles and other accessories provided are of sustainable quality too. 

4 person tunnel tent – it doesn’t get better than the Gelert Atlantis 4 Tent!


Gelert Atlantis 4 Review:

The Gelert Atlantis 4 Tent benefits from an all in one pitching system with a generous four person capacity split between two bedrooms making this ideal for weekend family breaks. This flexible 4 person tunnel tent is great for both pros and starters. The inside is quite roomy so you can stretch your legs and relax without having to squeeze into small spaces. Moreover, it weights 10.6kg – the Gelert Atlantis tent is lightweight and convenient for packing purposes.

  • This 4 person tunnel tent features a fully sewn groundsheet that protects the interior from harsh elements and prevents insects from entering too.
  • It also acquires mesh panels for breathability.
  • Front and side doors provide fast and easy access when you want to go in or come out.
  • The sleeping area has button dividing panels, while the living room can house a small table and two foldable chairs.
  • Fabric used for this 4 person tunnel tent is fire-retardant.
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Gelert Atlantis 4 tent good 4 person tentGelert Atlantis 4 tent outdoorGelert Atlantis 4 tent dimensions

4 person dome tent – know more about CampFeuer – Igloo/Dome-Tent with Porch

CampFeuer - Igloo/Dome-Tent with Porch for 3-4 PersonsCampFeuer - Igloo/Dome-Tent with Porch for 3-4 Persons dimensionsCampFeuer - Igloo/Dome-Tent with Porch for 3-4 Persons outdoor

CampFeuer – Igloo/Dome-Tent with Porch for 3-4 Persons Review:

The CampFeuer – Igloo/Dome-Tent is very popular among buyers looking to buy a 4 person dome tent. It has some amazing features and offers true value for money.

  • The 4 person dome tent is incorporated with entrance and aspect entry.
  • Improved durability due to taped seams – the material doesn’t tear or fray.
  • Polyester groundsheet is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about water seepage inside during rains.
  • Carry bag is included with the package – portability is much simpler because of the pack size.

Searching for a 4 man tent (cheap)? Check out the Lichfield Navaho 4 Man Tent Dark Ivy!

Lichfield Navaho 4:

A simple easy to use 4 man tent (cheap, it is ideal for festival purposes, as the structure is small, compact and straightforward to pitch. The porch is incorporated for dual functionality – it provides shelter and acts as storage. The tent is manufactured using top quality fire retardant material for your protection.


  • The 4 man tent (cheap) has an “as-one pitching” mechanism – set up and take down with ease whatever the conditions.
  • Fire retardant – body, mesh and groundsheet have been treated with fire retardant solution which meets the CPAI-84 standard.
  • Single skin – taped seams ensure long lasting protection.
  • Protex polyester 1500 body – durable polyester, totally waterproof and reliable.
  • Polyethylene sewn-in groundsheet – strong, sturdy, maximum protection.
  • Fibreflex fibre glass poles – tough, sturdy, and reliable.
  • Zippered door with mesh ventilation – fast access as well as outside viewing.
Check the best price Lichfield Navaho 4 on Amazon
Lichfield Navaho 4 Man tent cheapLichfield Navaho 4 green versionLichfield Navaho 4 dimensions

Four Man Tent – How to Begin Shopping?

4 man family tent – who is it for?

Weekend getaways needn’t be at fancy resorts all the time. In fact, those who preferred going to hotels and similar places to unwind, are increasingly choosing camping these days. The 4 man family tent usually has interior areas that are divided to generate individual rooms. This makes it more convenient during sleeping, especially when there are teens in a family and everyone wishes for some privacy. This type of tent can be used by small groups of friends looking to spend quality time away from the noise of the city. A 4 man family tent generally provides enough space so you can store your own things and equipment within the tent instead of keeping it far away in your parked vehicle.

How important is pitching time in 4 person tents

What is the pitching time of a 4 person tent?

Always search for a 4 person tent that can be put up and taken apart in the fastest time possible. The quicker the tent can be set up, the sooner you can start to have fun and spend time with your family. Poles of a 4 person tent are mostly made of steel or fibreglass and colour coded so you don’t have to bother about which part goes where. No more poring through complex instructions that takes you hours to understand. Now you can accomplish the setup without needing any assistance!

How do size and weight of 4 man tents come into play?

Packing size of 4 man tents is a crucial factor that slips out of your mind, but when it is time to pack everything in the trunk of your car or the back of your minivan, this tiny aspect assumes enormous significance. What happens if you don’t have a truck or hatchback with extra packing space? Some 4 man tents come in small, easy-to-carry bags, so it is best to check if the bags are included along with the purchase. You should pay attention to the weight as well – avoid heavier varieties if you don’t have someone to help you carry camping gear when it is time to leave. But then again it is advisable to choose lighter versions over their bulkier counterparts.

dimensions in four man tents are very important
4 man tent reviews

Why is sleeping space important in 4 person tents?

4 person tents can have 1 to 2 rooms inside – so regardless of the model you buy, there should be space for gear as well as bedding and walking. Remember, you can’t go camping without carrying certain necessities, but they shouldn’t eat up half of the inner area of the tent as it defeats the purpose. You don’t want to spend hours de-cluttering the interiors when you have come on the trip to relax and spend time with loved ones. Keep in mind that adults should be able to walk or sit inside the 4 person tents without crouching or having to bend very little. Search for tents with higher ceilings so movements inside remain unrestricted, especially while getting dressed.

Do you need a 4 man tent with porch?

A 4 man tent with porch stretches beyond the entranceway so you have a dry clean spot to leave your camping gear or sit down and admire the surroundings. A screened-in porch increases being an extra resting room once the home windows are closed, while protecting from rain and strong winds at the same time. That is why a 4 man tent with porch is a good idea. It lets you enjoy the wilderness with family and friends without having to worry about work or face any stress. Some screened porches can be used for additional sleeping areas at times.

4 man tent with porch
best tents for family of 4

4 man tents with sewn in groundsheet – how is the ventilation and insect resistance?

4 man tents with sewn in groundsheet are amazing when it comes to ventilation and insulation. During summer, you will want as little solid fabric as possible to allow air to flow through the tent and cool it. However, in the winter, you will want insulation to protect you and your family against the cold. 4 man tents with sewn in groundsheet offers dual functionality in such cases. A mesh siding and windows ensure that insects, pests, and bugs stay away. The groundsheet is manufactured using special fabrics that are durable, but don’t hamper the circulation of air inside the tent, even if all 4 occupants are together.

What about the seasonal performance of these tents (4 man)?

Are you an avid camper but only during summers? Select a 1 season tent because the level of protection required is minimal and this type of camping gear easily fulfils it. This type of tent does a great job of shielding from the scorching sun rays. 2 season tents (4 man) can deal with mild rain and wind, but anything really heavy could cause problems, so it is advisable to use during relatively good weather in the sunnier parts of the year. The most frequently chosen ones are 3 season tents (4 man), which are are lightweight shelters designed for the relatively temperate conditions of spring, summer and fall. Properly pitched with a rigid rainfly, they can withstand downpours and light snow but are not the best choice for sustained exposure to harsh storms, violent winds or heavy snow. 4 season tents (4 man) are better suited for winter climates with lots of hail, snow, chilly winds, and so on.

best lightweight 4 man tent
best value 4 man tent

How different are the cheap 4 man tents when compared to the expensive ones? 

A good tent is the most important camping equipment needed for adventure holidays. A lot of campers do consider the cheap versus expensive camping equipment in their quest for a perfect tent which will be home-away-from-home in the wilderness.

The main points of comparison come down to the construction structure of the tent, its functionalities and features and most importantly the tent’s longevity and ability to withstand the different weather conditions.

Many a time a cheap tent may work well when maintained carefully. And, an expensive one may be more suited for rough weather and hence may have durability. The quality of fabric, and of the zippers, weather-proofing, poles quality also matter. The difference could also be in the quality of protective space that a tent can offer in the wilderness.

What are the important characteristics of a good four man tent for camping?

  • A good four man tent offers adequate interior functional space to its inhabitants, preferable headroom space and storage for a few camping essentials.
  • It offers more privacy to the adults and older children who wish to have an individual space during the camping holiday.
  • The tent is well-ventilated and offers good protection from the elements.
  • A good four man tent for camping provides easy access and exit to all the inhabitants of the tent.
  • It is easy-to-pitch and un-pitch, sturdy yet lightweight and comfortable to carry.
  • A good family tent is a convenient value-for-money product which has a good quality-build, is durable and reliable.
  • The ideal four man tents economize not only on the costs but transportation as well.
best 4 man pop up tent
4 man tents review

4 man tent sale time – what are people saying?

The best place to look for a “4 man tent sale” sale is online. Don’t be overwhelmed with the thousands of results and reviews. Your requirements and specifications should be the top priority here. You don’t have to buy a particular model because your friend has talked highly about it; doesn’t mean the same will work for you. The best way to go through a 4 man tent sale is to look at all models and brands objectively, weigh pros and cons before coming to a decision. Read through the reviews carefully – look at the features that appeal to you and find out what customers say about those functions. At the end of the day, it is your hard earned money, so you need to be totally sure about it.

Best 4 man tent review – putting it in perspective!

You will come across many websites that have put a “best 4 man tent review”, but as discussed above, please don’t get too swayed by them. Conduct some research on your own and only when you are satisfied that a particular tent is ideal for your family or camping needs, should you think about buying it. Always purchase from reputed dealers to prevent being saddled with inferior products that might get ripped in a few months! Keep the vital pointers in mind while buying – all the best for tent shopping.

Infographic about best 4 person tents available in UK


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