Why you should get the Best Camping Toilet for your camping trip

Camping is a time off from your usual routine. It creates opportunities for lifetime adventure. A perfect camping site ensures you to have the best experience. The self and surrounding cleanliness plays a very critical role in camping. Before you start packing your camping bag, make a list of items which you will be requiring during camping. There could be many items but the most important and never to forget ones are those which aids in hygiene and emergencies. For such purposes portable camping toilets are available. This can be assembled easily at any location you camp.

Why is it good to have portable camping toilets in camp?

Definitely no one would like to walk for miles to use a bathroom. A portable camping toilet provides comfort in the camping site. Also since it’s portable it can also be assembled where ever you move on during the camp. If it’s not portable then there could be a problem when you move on to next location or for the future camps.

Why camping toilets portable is so important?

When it comes to camping, it is always best to take stuff that is easier to carry and move on with.  The bigger something is, the more space it occupies and the heavier your load is and consequently more tedious to handle it during the camping. While doing a purchase these points need to be definitely counted. Since this would interpret how you’re camping experience would be. A toilet for camping might occupy more space and weight. But there are many varieties available in market these days such as lightweight and foldable camping toilets to make the camping delightful.

Why is capacity of a folding camping toilet the so important?

The capacity of a folding camping toilet is very important since it would provide the basic storage space for the waste. A 22L or 14L whatever the capacity is, it just needs to be correct to avoid the spillage of waste. The capacity should be just right to ensure that cleaning process is not tedious. During a busy camp, campers find it very uncomfortable if the capacity of the toilet is not perfect. The campers have choices on the sizes and they can afford to buy the ones which suit their requirement. The folding camping toilet is a good option since the bags according to each camper’s requirement can be used

What is the importance of a portable toilet for camping?

Before buying the portable camping toilet price needs to be checked if it satisfies your budget. The decent camping toilet price ranges from £10 to £70. So as per your requirement and budget the best choice can be made.

What is a camping portable toilet? Its Pros and Cons

A camping as you know requires frequent movements. In such cases the toilet also needs to meet that constraint. Hence camping with a portable toilet is a necessary requirement. There are many types of portable toilet in the market.


  • It is light weight hence easy to carry around.
  • It compact design makes it suitable for camping purposes.
  • It does not require any steps to assemble. Hence it is easy to use.


  • Few are toilets not hygiene to use.
  • Few are not durable and sturdy. It might even topple while being used.
  • Few toilets are tedious to clean

Best Camping Toilets in UK

How about a camping toilet bucket? Try it!

Branq 22 litre Portable Camping Festival Toilet Bucket

The Branq 22 liter Portable Camping Festival Toilet Bucket with Seat Detachable Lid Outdoor Trip is ideal if you are looking for easy to handle and portable toilet. It is shaped like a bucket with detachable and profile seat. Its size is 33.5*37* 37 cm and weighs just 1 kg. It has a capacity of 22 liter. It is also easy to clean. It is sturdy and does not require much maintenance.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It is easy to move or carry alone.
  • It does not require any assembling


  • Users might have to think about options to avoid the odor
  • It is very small size. So might be uncomfortable if you lean on a side.
  • Disposal of waste is a bit tough especially for the beginners

Customer Say

Campers are mostly happy with it functionalities. It hardly occupies space or adds weight to your luggage. It is also very cheap, that’s an added advantage to the buyers. There are few campers who use it as a trash bin and also toilet.

Space is an issue? Try a compact camping toilet.

Sunncamp Lulu Portable Toilet

If you are looking for a compact camping toilet, then the Sunncamp Lulu Portable Toilet can be a good option to invest in. This not a very expensive product and is easily affordable. It is very sturdy and compact and is almost similar to the toilet at home. The disposing process is easier and also controls the smell in the tent. Just a few packets of disinfectants can keep the whole place look and smell clean. It is made of sturdy plastic reinforcements. Its weighs around 10 kgs.


  • It is very sturdy
  • It is portable and does not require any assembling.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It does not allow the smell to spread across the space.


  • It is of bigger size and occupies a solid space in the vehicle.
  • It is heavy so moving is tough.
  • Plastic reinforcements tend to break when it is not set correctly during use.

Customer Say

The very easy handling ways of this product makes it a good choice for campers. They are also highly satisfied with this product’s compact feature.

Heard of camping toilet bags? Allow us!

TopCamp Portable Folding Camping Outdoor Toilet

The TopCamp Portable Folding Camping Outdoor Toilet with 6 Bags is foldable and occupies very less space. It is an amazing product for campers who enjoy trekking. It can be carried in a back pack too. It has foldable frames with sturdy and comfortable toilet seat. Also has a ring to hold the bag in position. 6 camping toiletbags are also provided along with the purchase.


  • It is light weight and portable.
  • It is easy to clean and dispose the waste.
  • It works perfect for emergencies.


  • The frames are a bit flimsy and can collapse if you are too heavy.
  • The user might fall off the toilet seat if not placed at the leveled ground.
  • It is not durable.

Customer Say

While there are few negative complaints on this product regarding its weight handling capacity, there are also campers who find it very feasible for any kind of camping. It might not be durable, but works well when used correctly. Camping toilet bags are of enormous in size which also not a likely feature.

Ideally, portable toilet camping works best

Thetford Porta Potti Qube 165 portable toilet

A Thetford Porta PottiQube 165 portable toilet is light weight and hygienic to use. It is one of the best portable toilets that can be used during camping. It also occupies less space in the tent due to its compact design. It has two sections the lower section which holds the waste and the upper section which has the flush system. Its dimensions are 41.4 x 38.3 x 42.7 cm and weigh about 4 to 5 kgs.


  • It is very compact and durable.
  • It has the same feature as of a toilet at home. Hence gives the maximum comfort at a camping site.
  • It is light weight and hence portable.
  • Its design provides maximum hygiene.


  • The seat lid is very tight and is cannot be easily opened in case of emergencies.
  • The disposal pipe comes out very easily which is not a good feature.
  • It occupies a solid space in the vehicle.

Customer Say

Other than campers, this product’s main feature like durability, hygiene and comfort has attracted lot other customers too. Their major end users are medical and healthcare institutions.Few customers also use it for temporary purposes at home in case toilet malfunctions.

Try a small camping toilet for a change

14L Bucket With Lid Ideal Camping Toilet Nappy Bin

A 14L Bucket With Lid Ideal Camping Toilet, Nappy Bin is shaped like a bucket with a capacity of 14L. It is a small camping toilet with a feature of light weight and can be easily ported wherevernecessary. It also occupies very less storage space. Product dimension is 32*30*30 cm and weighs 640 grams. This is a very cheap product too. Campers who don’t want to invest more money on toilet disposal can buy this.


  • It is very easy to move due to its very light weight.
  • It can be cleaned easily.
  • It is a small camping toilet and does not require much space to store.


  • Its handle comes out very often. So care should be given when you are about to carry it to avoid unwanted circumstances.
  • Its seat lid is not tightly fit and opens up frequently.
  • Being a cheap product, quality is not that great.

Customer Say

Users are not very satisfied with this product due to the handle and lid malfunction. But you cannot expect a very high quality with such cheap products.

Obviously, an outdoor camping toilet is a must!

Leisurewize Need A Loo Portable Toilet

The Leisurewize Need A Loo Portable Toilet is bucket shaped with a seat. It is also cheap and easy to use. It is well suited as outdoor camping toilet. It is light weight and easy to carry. It has a capacity of 22 L and weighs about 1.2 kgs.


  • It is light weight and easy to carry.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It does not take a large store space.


  • It is not very hygienic
  • The disposal and cleaning process needs some patience and time.
  • The lid does not seal the bucket tightly.

Customer Say

This is a cheap product so not much durability is expected from it. Otherwise it works just fine when used carefully. It cannot be used by heavy people since it might topple upside down.

Don’t underestimate a Folding Camping Toilet and its convenience

Andes Portable Folding Camping Toilet

The Andes portable folding camping toilet has foldable steel frames with a sturdy seat. It provides good hygiene since the plastic bag will be covering the entire seat area too. This model is one of the best folding camping toilets.10 toilet bags are also provided during purchase.It is not very expensive too. Its dimensions are height: 50cm and seat size: 33 x 33cm, and weighs about 3kg


  • It can be folded and carried in a back pack during trekking.
  • It can be easily assembled and very hygienic too
  • It can be easily used and cleaned too.


  • It might collapse with heavy weight above 70 kgs
  • It is not very durable.
  • It requires a leveled ground to stand erect. This causes problems during emergencies.

Customer Say

Campers are very satisfied with this product when it comes to features like hygiene, foldable light weight and ease to use. But it is not a good solution for a complete family since it collapses with weight above 70kgs.

What is a chemical camping toilet and how is it different?


PYRAMID NEED A LOO PORTABLE CHEMICAL TOILET is compact, bucket shaped with sturdy seat. It has a water tight lid and strong handle to carry it along wherever you camp. Its height is 40cms approximately. It can be cleaned with chemicals.


  • It is sturdy.
  • It can be carried to camping site due to its light weight.
  • It is also durable.


  • The chemicals need to be purchased separately
  • Cleaning is a bit tedious post disposable of the waste.

Customer Say

It works well for family camping due to its sturdy structure to withstand heavy weight. It does a good work on a whole. Customers find the cleaning process tedious since it is a chemical camping toilet.

Which are the best camping toilets available?

Kampa Khazi Portable Toilet

The KampaKhazi Portable Toilet is the best of all the available options which has the exact home like toilet structure and functionality.It is compact, stylish and hygienic too. The dimension is 79 x 34 x 39 cm and weighs around 10 Kg. This is also similar to bucket with sturdy seat where the waste needs to be thrown out and it requires proper cleaning with good disinfectant. The price is also very affordable and makes it a good choice.


  • It is easy to use and hygienic.
  • It is portable too.
  • It is durable and can be used for the complete family.


  • It is tedious to clean.
  • It is occupies some a solid space in the vehicle

Customer Say

Users are very happy with its sturdy and durable feature. This can be a very good option for the entire family since it can withstand heavy weights too. Due to the hygienic feature, this product is not only used for camping but also for senior citizens and patients who needs medical attention.

The final word on portable camping toilets

Hygiene plays a very vital role in camping sites. Any health issues or rashes due to disgusting and untidy toilet might create a bad memory of camping. Hence hygiene can never be compensated at any time. Other features like capacity, functionality, durability and price also plays very important role while selecting a portable camping toilet. There are lots of positives in having a sturdy and durable toilet in camps. Depending on your requirement and price budget a perfect choice can be made for your camps.


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