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Are Army Goretex Bivi Bag quality is worth it?

The first army sleeping bags were issued to mountain soldiers in the early 1940s. An army bivi bag is sometimes used by sportsmen and hunters who are out in severe weather, in addition to regular army troops. These are very rugged, durable sleeping bags that have been designed to function in very cold weather. Nowadays, an army bivi bag is suitable for those who love adventure sports like mountaineering and trekking.

What is the Best 4 Man Tent in 2020 for You and Your Family?

You will come across many websites that have put a “best 4 man tent review”, but as discussed above, please don’t get too swayed by them. Conduct some research on your own and only when you are satisfied that a particular tent is ideal for your family or camping needs, should you think about buying it.

Why A Double Sleeping Bag Is Great For Camping

The military is known to design equipment that will last longer and withstand wear over extended periods of time. The same can be said about a military bag, which makes it a first choice for any one who goes on frequent camping trips. These sleeping bags have been designed to shield against the harshest of conditions and keep the user warm and comfortable at all time.